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Begusarai 10th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mitlesh comes to Bindya’s room. He says I wanna talk to you and you have to listen. he says i know your pain I know that you loved Priyom. And so did he. But Its neither easy for me. You came in his life now but I saw him growing up. I had reservations on bahu bali thing. But there is a difference between hate and reservations. How can you imagine I could do this with him. I went to fight my war I dont know when poonam and Priyom came there. Khera was fighting with me. Priyom came in between and tried to resolve. Khera tried to attack, i said move priyom but he didn’t listen. The shot I fired to save him, killed him instead. How you thought, he turns back and sees that bindya isn’t there. He says where are you bindya?
Mitlesh comes downstairs and tells badi amma

that bindya is nowhere.
Badi amma says go find her.

Bindya is on her way out. Poonam stops her. Bindya says let me go. You were there as well and you didn’t say anything. they say mitlesh made a mistake. His mistake ended my world. I wont forgive him. I dont care if someone is with me. I wont sit down unless my husband gets justice. Don’t try to stop me. he was your friend.

Rekha locks Lakhan and says I have to go find Bindya. Rekha says you can’t help her fate yours. I know where she is. Lakhan says what? Tell everyone. she says why? I know she has gone to police station. Priyom is dead. And Mitlesh is going to to jail. Lakhan says then what? she says dont you see? No one is left here to sit on Phulan’s spot. Handle this money and all. Mitlesh says i wont do any such thing. He goes out.

badi amma is sitting in front of Priyom’s picture. she says i woud give my life if that brought you back. I cant lose another son. I cant send mitlesh to jail. Bindya is not right. Maya says he lost his mind to seek revenge from khera and we lost priyom. Now Bindya is doing the same. We can’t burn everything in fire on vengeance. Poonam says could you forgive the person responsible for death of your husband? She has lost her husband. Tell me what should she do? And what would you do if you were in her shoes.
Poonam says choti amma you tell what should poonam do? Everyone is quite. Poonam says who are we to decide justice. If she wants law’s help then be it. I want to just say that at this time you should be with her. Lakhan says in heart I will be on your side, I promise.
In police station, cops also mock at bindya.
Bindya says to inspector I have to file a petition FIR. My husband priyom thakur was killed last night by mitlesh thakur and he confessed that. You have file an FIR. He says okay. its sensitive. I have to tell comissioner.
He calls badi amma and says you daughter in law wants to file an FIR against mitlesh thakur. Badi amma hangs up.
Inpsector says you have any proofs? Bindya says why is it needed when he accepted it. He says this doesn’t happen. We work on proofs. Bindya says you would do that. He says we have other work to do. I want to give you a suggestion. Forget all this. Thakur has a lot of money. One has died you can shot another one. they have a lot of money. Bindya says so you are sold out? Mitlesh shut your mouth with money? he says get out from here. She says i wont. unless you file the case i wont. Inspector says throw her out. He says you sold you conscious. He says get out.

Precap-Mitlesh says to dadda ji Bindya is in jail. Poonam says to lakhan doing this wont bring me back in your life.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. poonam is going towards her own end. so much arrogance always leads to end.

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