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Begusarai 10th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rekha brings tea for Badi Amma, she says i will first check how you made this, Rekha ask why you are getting angry on me? Badi Amma says i will be angry if tea is not fine, she drinks tea and says good, she shows her 1000rs note and says keep up good work, i will give it in evening, she ask did you give breakfast to others? Rekha says my DIL Poonam is giving, Badi Amma says you are lucky that she your DIL.
Lakhan is on call, setting meeting, Rekha bangs into him, Lakhan scolds her that you spilled tea on me, Rekha says i was bringing it for you, Lakhan says i am already late and you.. he goes to change, Rekha finds Priyom standing on terrace, Rekha gets idea and says now bomb will explode.
Bhushan ask Phulan what to do with Lakhan? Phulan says Badi Amma will handle him, have

faith in her, women take care of house.
Rekha comes to Poonam and ask where are you going? she says going to give tea to Phulan, Rekha says they are on terrace, go, Poonam goes, Rekha says i have planted bomb, now i have to find my match stick to explode it, where is Lakhan?
Poonam comes on terrace, doesnt find and starts to leave, Priyom calls Poonam, she stops, he comes to her and says if you have brought tea then give it, he takes one cup from tray.
Rekha comes to Lakhan, Lakhan is on call, Rekha ends call, he ask have you gone mad? i was setting meeting with contractor, Rekha says your women is maligning your respect and you are thinking about business, he ask what are you saying? she says come with me, she brings him on terrace, Poonam and Priyom are talking there, he is stunned seeing them from far. Priyom ask Poonam why Lakhan is doing all this? Rekha says to Lakhan that they have no shame, they are meeting like long lost lovers. Priyom says to Poonam that where life is taking you? Poonam says i am going to my destination and i have faith that soon i will pacify Lakhan and will remove his doubt that i still love you.. Rekha says to Lakhan that she still love him that she doesnt forget him even after marriage, Lakhan goes to stop them but Rekha stops him and says see how much far she can go, listen to me once, see her. Priyom says i always wanted to see you happy but unintentionally i am becoming reason for your sadness, what to do? Poonam says keep smiling and everything will become fine, i have to leave now, she smiles and turns to leave but her saree Pallu gets stuck in pillar, Lakhan doesnt see pillar and thinks Priyom is holding her Pallu, Poonam ask Priyom to leave her pallu, she turns to see it stuck in pillar, Priyom removes it and is holding her pallu, Poonam shares eyelock with him, Priyom leaves it, and goes from there, Lakhan is fuming in anger, Poonam turns to find Lakhan standing there, she is shocked,

Scene 2
Lakhan comes down, Poonam comes behind him, he comes in kitchen, Poonam says you are thinking wrong, my pallu was stuck in pillar, he just helped me, Lakhan brings Poonam in hall, puts diesel on himself and Poonam, all are shocked, Phulan ask him to stop but he doesnt, Lakhan shouts to shut up, he says no one will come inbetween us, he brings out pistol, Poonam cries and says listen to me, you are mistaken, Lakhan gives her match box and ask her to burn it, Poonam says no, he ask her to burn it, she says no, he takes it from her and starts to burn it, it doesnt burn, Priyom comes there and ask Lakhan to stop it, Lakhan says i will not stop, match stick burns, Lakhan holds Poonam, all are stunned… it all turns out to be Poonam’s imagination, they are still on terrace, Poonam ask Lakhan to listen her once, Lakhan leaves from there, Poonam goes behind him, Rekha says my bomb didnt explode, all my plans are failing, maybe Poonam is doing magic on Lakhan, i have to think something soon.
Lakhan is leaving, Poonam ask him to listen once, Lakhan sit in jeep and leaves from there, Poonam cries and thinks atleast give me chance to explain, what to do, she turns to go in house and strikes with guddi who is on call with Dolt, Poonam ask are you talking with dolt? Guddi says why will i talk to him? are you spying on me? Poonam says you used to tell me everything, Guddi says time is changed, Poonam says i am your bhabhi now, Guddi says you are in this house but not in my heart, be away from me, she leaves, Poonam get in tears, Vimla sees her from her house and gets tensed for her, Poonam looks down.
Poonam comes in Vimla’s house, Vimla says i have made sweets, eat, Poonam recalls Lakhan’s ill treating and doesnt it, Vimla says i should not ask about your personal life but i am not satisfied, is everything fine? Poonam hugs her and cries, Vimla says i am your friend, share with me, Poonam says i told Lakhan on nuptial night that i loved Priyom but i told him that he was my past and my present is only my husband but Lakhan doesnt understand me and wants to hurt Priyom like he is hurt thats why he has brought me in Haveli, how to make him understand, today morning i was giving tea to Priyom and my saree Pallu got stuck in pillar and Lakhan thought Priyom was.. he got upset and left, how to remove his doubt? Vimla says doubt can end in two ways, either prove that doubt right or be so honest that doubt cannot stand stand infront of it, i believe Lakhan’s doubt will end too and he will love you, Poonam is determined.

PRECAP- Lakhan strangles Poonam by holding her neck and says you are liar women who always lie to me, Priyom comes and pushes Lakhan away, he says have you gone mad, he punches Lakhan, Poonam gets angry on Priyom and slaps him hard, Priyom is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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