Begusarai 10th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Begusarai 10th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Priyom says to Lakhan that this is your friendship? Lakhan ask what you mean? Priyom says you are getting married and you are not even drinking wine with me? Lakhan says no i will have hangover tomorrow, Priyom says when did you start getting afraid of wine? you have changed before marriage only, Lakhan says i am not afraid nor did i change, tomorrow is marriage thats why not drinking but will drink for you.. what if anything happen, Priyom says have faith, i will do good only, i will play band of your marriage, i mean i will play band in your marriage, i will see that no problem comes in your marriage, he says cheers, Lakhan drinks wine with Priyom.
Its morning, banners are being put on sign boards about Lakhan’s marriage, Phulan is in car and sees the banner of Lakhan marrying

Poonam on road and gets angry, he sit back in car and leaves.
Birla comes to manjeeta and gives him tea, he says tomorrow is daughter’s marriage, why are you not smiling, smile, she says i will go and check Poonam, he says dont think and waste time, she says yes, she takes medicine to Poonams room, she comes to Poonam and ask her if you are fine? you had high fever whole night, she ask why did you wake up so soon, there is time in marriage, Poonam ask are you afraid of father? Poonam says whenever i look at Lakhan, i get afraid of him, Birla says i got used to that fear in 30 years, Poonam says so you want to me live with that fear too whole life? Birla says no mother want this but we women can think but cant fulfill our thoughts, Poonam says how can i love the one whom i am afraid of, birla says we have fear of God too but love him too, Poonam says but God doesnt punish without mistake, whats my fault that i am being punished? you asked me to not smile much then i didnt smile, i always followed so whats my fault? i always followed Lakhan, used to talk according to him, used to walk according him, he kept giving orders and i kept following, but he also never asked me what i want, in which thing i am happy, he cant see my happiness its fine but cant he see tears of my eyes too? i am trying to find happiness in this relation from childhood but i am not happy, is it my fault? Birla says you didnt do any mistake, Poonam says then why punishment for me? this is one sided relation, i always understood Lakhan but he never understood, Birla says women have to understand always, Poonam says why? relation was set by Phulan, relation was agreed by Manjeeta but i will have to follow this relation, and i tried too, Birla says we are in debt of Thakurs, your father has promised them for marriage, Poonam says i will do this marriage today, i have never said no to elders and will not do that today, i will do what you have made me learn but Lakhan will never change then how will i handle this marriage alone whole life? make me understand, i will do that like always, Birla ask her to have medicine, Poonam takes it.

Scene 2
Bhushan and Rekha comes to Phulan’s house, Mitlaish looks at them from balcony, Bhushan says to Rekha that your son has gone mad, Rekha says you are not with your son, Bhushan says the mistake is done by Lakhan and now we have to ashamed, Rekha says i will handle everything, she goes in. Piddi says to Badi amma that i am confused, should i call my friends in marriage, Badi Amma says i wll beat you, he leaves, Rekha and Bhushan comes and greets her, Badi Amma taunts her that someone else needs to get beaten up too, Rekha ask what i did? Mitlaish comes there too, Badi amma says this marriage idea was of yours? Rekha says i got to know about marriage now only, i was about to beat him but he said something that i stopped, she sit in her feet and says you will reward Lakhan if i tell you his thoughts, Badi Amma ask to tell what Lakhan said, Rekha says Lakhan said that he is marrying so Mitlaish and Maya’s relation doesnt break, Mitlaish says one more rubbish talk, Badi Amma says let her speak, Rekha says Lakhan respects Mitlaish and Maya, Mitlaish was fooled by that dancer and he promised her that she will stay here till marriage which was in 1 month, is she had stayed her for 1 month then Maya and Mitlaish’s marriage would have broke so he sacrificed and decided to marry soon, he did this so Mitlaish’s promise get fulfilled and Bindya also leaves Begusarai, lakhan cant see Mitlaish going crazy and getting fooled by that dancer Bindya and Maya suffering, he has love for his elder brother so i was shut, i said do marriage, if by marrying you, problems will solve then do marriage, tell me did Lakhan do wrong? Mitlaish says what a way of love Lakhan has learned, i had seen his love when he pushed me that day, i understand everything, Rekha says listen to me, you also want that dancer to leave Begusarai as soon as possible so give yur nod for this marriage, Badi Amma says thinks that bit*c has twisted whole matter like this that people will think Lakhan is doing all this for for love of his brother, my decision will make one hurt, if i stop marriage then it will not be good for Maya, and if i dont stop marriage then it will be bad for Poonam, Phulan will be insulted too.

PRECAP- Mitlaish says to Bhushan that if Lakhan brings baraat today then i will shoot him, Bhushan gets angry and says the much bullets you have seen in your life, i have fired more bullets than it in life. Manjeeta says to Birla that Baraat will coming in sometime. Mitlaish gives gun to Priyom and ask him to find Lakhan, Priyom is in tears. otherside Lakhan gets ready for marriage and loads his gun.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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