the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 9

Hey everyone iv finished my first exam and thank u every1 for the support i had some time to squeez a epsiode before my final examenjoy and comment ur thoughts

Precap sukor have tons of nok joks vivaan angry seeing sukor getting close.

Everyone was looking at vivaan. Vivaan; (walks down the staries and grabs chakor wrist) chakor are you really happy with this marrige its a joke and most of all its a lie. Chakor feels hurt and upset with vivaan words she stares at suraj. Suraj gets angry and bangs the table. Suraj; look vivaan none of this was ment to happen at thier is one person to blame for this your wife imli. Its neither mine or chakor fault that we ended up marrying each other. Chakor; vivaan marrige is not a joke its not a childs game i cant change the fact that the sindoor and maglassothra that i wear is on suraj name and as his wife i have to respect that. Tejswani; chakor beta u are right, vivaan you need to forget chakor and move on with imli she is your wife chakor belongs to suraj. Sukor have a eyelock moore piya play. (Wind blows) vivaan; wife this cheap woman can never be called my wife. Iv had enough of this vivaan leaves in anger. Imli cries and runsto her room. Ranjana; these people thought that they will stay happy whilst kamal jee is in jail not a chance. Ranjana smirks and takes ragini to her room.

The phone rings. Bijli; baari bahu some1 called bhagya and arjun are phoning you. Chakor; bhagya and arjun. Chakor runs to the phone and is happy hearing arjun and bhagya chakor cries. Bhagya; whats the matter chakor i miss you alot and how is life in azaadganj are you having your meals on time are you practising with your running… arjun; how many questions will you ask at once chakor adi told us that you got married. Chakor; yh i did but im upset with both of you’s u never came neither did adi. Bagya, arjun; chakor you know we love u alot and u know adi couldnt come as he is training and well the reason we couldn’t come is becasue… chakor; because what! Arjun, bhagya; because bhagya is pregnant!! And the doctor has advised us not to go aboard. Chakor; what are you really oh my god im gonna get a little brother or sister. Bhagya; chakor i dont want you to tell any1 from the rajvanshi family that im pregnant and that me and arjun raised you. Chakor; bagya di for your happiness i will never tell but i will come to visit you!! Arjun; no chakor no!! You have to focus on training for your asian games even though they have been postponed you need practise you can come after the baby is born witg your husband. Bhagya; who is ur husband chakor and im angry with u too did usend any pictures of you and ur husband? Chakor; bagya di i married.. suraj. Bhagya; suraj, my little brother suraj bhagya cries as she has never had a bond with her mother or her brother. Bhagya; chakor il talk later. Bhagya hangs up and cries. Bhagya; what has happened my innocent chakor in that evil rajvanshi haveli my brother and mother have suffered thierlong enough but i wont let chakor be another victim of kamal naryan(flashback scene of bhagya and the her hidden truth revealed in next episode) arjun tells bhagya not to worry as chakor is a intelligent girl and knows what she is doing.

Chakor gets upset with bhagya hanging up her phone. Chakor walks inside her room and sits down on the sofa. Vivaan is angry and only sees chakor everywhere. Vivaan stops his car and goes to a club vivaan drinks alot and comes back home drunk. Imli also sees suraj everywhere and takes out some alcohol she drinks alot and loses her state. Vivaan bangs the door open and walks into his room. Vivaan and imli smile at each other. Vivaan; chak chakor there you are!!! Iv been looking everywhere for you i knew u would never leave me. Imli; suraj babu thier u are i knew u would acceptmy love. Vivaan and imli both assume that they are talking to chakor andsuraj as they are drunk. Vivaan; yesterday our sughaagraat got ruined cuz of a mistake but now you are only mine. Vivaan goes by imli and grabs her. Imli; suraj babu finally u are accepting me i love u so much. Vivaan; i love u soo much chakor. Vivaan puts imli on his bed assuming its chakor. Imli gets happy assuming suraj is with her. Vivaan grabs imli waist and slowly takes her doori of he touches imli and starts to kiss her neck. Imli gets shy and hugs vivaan. Vivaan takes all of imli clothes of and gets intimate with her. Imli and vivaan end up consumating with each other (guys i wanted to get vimli scene out the way)

Tejswani comes to chakor room and asks her what she would like to eat. Chakor; tejswani maa u dont need to take the trouble il cook myself. Tejswani i consider you my daughter and anything i do for u is for my daughter ul be known as my daughter not bahu chakor and tejswani hug. Tejswani; beta where is suraj. Chakor; i dont know i haven’t seen him since the morning incident. Suraj is seen at a unknown location. (Flash back suraj remembers the time kamal left tejswani for ranjana and how ragini was born suraj felt isolated as kamal gave all his time to ragini and vivaan and tejswanigave her time looking after the household to forget her sorrow. Suraj remembers the isolation wen being at home as if he was a prisoner locked up) suraj gets upand goes by the haveli. Chakor; since u always cook why dont i cook you somthing tejswani maa. Suraj comes in and stands by the door peeking at chakor and tejswani.chakor was lying on tejswani lap and tejswaniwas strocking her hair. Tejswani; chakor!! Your mendhi is still so dark and how can i let you cook they both laugh. Suraj smiles seeing tejswani and chakor conversation. Suraj; after 18 years iv seen my mom laugh and smile all becoz of chakor… suraj comes in. Tejswani; what time do u call this chakor was all alone look at the time!! Suraj; yeah chakor is a baby girl that she needed protection in my room. Chakor; baby girl? Protection? From you. Tejswani; ( laughs) stop both of you’s im leaving you guys carry on. Chakor; you can hardly protect yourself ur always drunk paakandhi. Suraj; what did you say jangli bille you always ready to attack with your claws. Chakor; im not a junglie bille stop calling me that otherwise… suraj; otherwise what no tell me what will you do. Chakor gets up and grabs suraj collors. Suraj gets angry and grabs chakor waist.. theyhave a eyelock and the wind blows. Chakor; let go of me suraj you are hurting me. Suraj starts holdinh chakor really tightlythat chakor could feel suraj breath. Suraj; janglie bille ur always ready to attack know lets so how you free yourself now. Chakor tries pushing suraj but he grabs chakor even tighter whilst chakor was pushing suraj he notices the letter s on her palm and has a fb of the sangeet. Suraj smirks. Chakor; oh you find this funny only a janvaar wouldfind this amussing. Ragini walks past and sees suraj holding chakor in a tight grip. Ragini; bahiya baabhi at least close the door. Suraj lets go of chakor and they both get red. Ragini laughs and runs away. Suraj and chakor find the situation akward and turn around. Chakor and suraj smile and close thier eyes. Tejswani;suraj chakor dinner is ready and guys call vivaan and imli on theway iv been calling them for ages but they arenot responding. Suraj; ok mummy. Chakor; this is not like imlu and sincethe marriagei havent really talked to imli il go see her. Suraj; come junglie bille lets go. Chakor frowns and suraj smirks. Chakor and suraj are standing outside vivaan room. Suraj knocks the door but no1 answers but the door opens. Suraj walksin and is shocked to see imli and vivaan naked in each others arms. Suraj gets shocked and runsout. Chakor; what has happened to him he is acting as if he has seen a ghost, anyways il go to see imli. Chakor walks towards thedoor suraj is horrified with what he has seen and pulls chakor back. Chakor; what are you doing let me go.suraj; how will i make this junglie bille understand.. chakor youcant go in becoz… suraj feels to ashamed to say.chakor; what why cant i go chakor walks of and suraj runs behind her chakor walks in but suraj covers her eyes suraj pulls chakorback but she is to hesitant to go bk in chakor goes back and sees imli and vivaan in each others arms naked but with a blanket only protecting thier modestyc hakor gets scared and runs into suraj chakor quicklyhugs suraj amd thinks what have i just seen. Suraj is mesmerized by chakor hug as it is thefirst hug he has had since being a child. Suraj feels the warmth of chakor and closes his eyes. Mooree piyaa plays…

Precap what will be the outcome of vimli drunk mistake and will sukor start developing a soft bond

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  1. Sukorian

    oh interesting in drunken state they had n intimate moment n sukor what awkward way hahah. but I like the hug n i want to know abt bhagya…? great.

    Bestluck of luck

    1. Thank you sukorian dear and i will try to add more sukor moments

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Vimli got intimate in drunken state. Don’t know what will happen next. Sukor got awkward. Loved their nok jhok & hug. Want to know more about bhaya

    1. Thank u for ur support and i will update further on about bhagya and im happy u guys like my ideas about sukor

  3. As usual amazing.. Amazing.. Amazing.. ??? finally vimli consumate their marriage without actually knowing who the other one is.. ?that awkard moments of sukor And their first hug… So scene..
    Waiting for the best update every to know what vimli do after they become conscious.
    All the very best for ur exam dear…. Do well in exam..?.

    1. Thank u so much dear and i wanted to get vimli love moment out the way so its all about sukor vimli will be a villan couple and thank u for the support

  4. Awesome update, thanks! vimli are stuck together because of their drunken mistake, hope they fall for each other.
    Liked Teju and Chakor’s bonding but felt sad for Suraj because of his unhappy past, he isn’t as bad as Chakor thinks.
    Sukor scenes were awesome, loved their smile when Ragini saw them and Suraj’s feeling when Chakor hugged him at the end.
    Looking forward to knowing Baghya’s past.
    Best wishes for your exams.

    1. Thank u nemo dear for the luck and i havr Lots of thoughts about vimli now they are stuck together and they wont be able to seperate im really happy u enjoyed this episode

  5. great update yrr.I think imli is going to bcom a mother.surj en chokor they will gradually fall for eachother…nice updat

    1. Thank u im happy u enjoyed it but i dont want imli pregnant yet unless it fits in with my storyline in the futre glad u liked it

  6. ShanayaKhan

    Hey I’m new here and I read your story it’s really awesome and hope if it could have been the same in the serial but anyways coming back to the story Sukor scenes were amazing and chakor hugging him after what she saw in Vivaan’s room. Plz try making sukor’s soft bond after ‘whatever’ they saw..

    1. Thank u dear for the support im really happy to know u like my storyline i keep it the same concept of the real storyline but with more sukor in it and dear i will try to create a soft bond in upcoming episodes

  7. Shreya.

    Simply superb Dr…hope vimli fall for each other…ND I loved teju nd chakor’s bonding….nyc…ND I loved sukor scenes…their first hug also nyc…loved it…eagerly waiting for d next part…

    Tippu hw was ur xam Dr??

    1. Thank u dear so much for the support my exam was hard hopefully i pass i wanted tejswani to be a postive character as they are so much villians in the real storyline

  8. Awesome

    1. Thank u dear

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