the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 8

Thank u for the support guys and i wrote this final ff before my exams but im submitting it now otherswise the previous episode whould have been very long. Thank u all for the good luck u wished me for my exams.

Precap imli plan fails sukor get married imli gets married to vivaan instead.

Noooo!!! This cant be happening first i lost kamal jee because of chakor and then when vivaan wanted to marry her i happily excepted her becoz of how famous she is but this imli shes a cheap bundua she has no class or status how is she my daughter in law. Ranjana smashes her room and vows to kick imli out. Mumma what are you doing. I know what happened was really unfortunate but imli and chakor are now my bhabhis. Chuup ragini. You dont know anything kamal jee is in jail beocz of chakor. Ragini; kiya papa is in jail but every1 told me he was abroad on a buisness trip. Ranjana; you fool they lied to u we need to get kamal jee back. Ragini; i miss papa mumma i want papa back. Ranjana; then we will get kamal jee back. Ragini and ranjana hold hands and vow to realse kamal back.

Papa im gonna kill my self let go of me papa!!! Tina what are you doing!! Richanad smacks tina as she was going to commit sucide. Stop this nonsense how am i gonna live without you your my only child. Papa i want suraj i love suraj he is only mine how can he marry that chakor papa i hate her i want her destroyed she cant have whats mine i want suraj noww!!! Richanad; you want suraj then il make sure you get suraj now stop crying we need to calm down and think about this situation properly tina hugs her dad and smirks aab suraj seh huume koy nahi rooksaat hai suraj humara hai.

Vivaan was turning and tossing tears dripped down his cheeks as he imgained chakor lying down besides him. Vivaan day dreams about chakor and gets up. Vivaan; chakor is mine she is my love no iv got to go see her. Vivaan gets up and leaves his room. Imli notices the door open. Imli; humara suraj babu hum suraj babu sai pyaar kathi hoo wou humara hai. Iv got to see suraj babu imli leaves her room to see suraj. Suraj sits besides chakor. Her eyes were closed as she was really shy suraj starred and her and was lost in her innocent face. Chakor noticed that suraj is just sitting besides her and slowly opens her eyes. Chakor slowly opens her eyes and both have an eye lock. Chakor looks at suraj in a confused mannor. Chakor; havent you seen a human before why are you loking at me likethat. Suraj; oh hello do you think im starring at you you think to much of yourself thousands of girls dream of marrying suraj rajwanshi and today from those thousands of girls you have shattered thier dreams as you are know my wife. Chakor; excuse me you think im dying over you have you ever seen you self and those girls that dont want you all they wanted was your money and dont think so highly over yourself and you know what i never wanted to marry you paakandi. Suraj; what did you call no repeat that your a jungli billie first you crash under my motor cycle then the next day you land stright on to my bed and now you have become my wife. Chakor; lok you idiot i never wanted to marry you whatever happened was what desitny had in store for us and you think that i like you you seriously have issues. Suraj goes close by chakor and grabs her wrist. Janglie billie we can never be civil you will always be my enemy. Chakor; let go of me you idiot and who even wants to be civil with you your an animal. Suraj; animal im the animal!!! Vivaan hears suraj and chakor shouting but couldnt see whats happening. Suraj; thats it get out of my bed. Chakor; your bed this bed is also mine now i own 50% of this room so this is my bed and you will sleep on the floor im staying hear on the bed. Suraj; (with arrgoance) me suraj rajvanshi sleeping on the floor never im never gonna leave my bed. Suraj gets up but his button gets stuck to chakor duppta and as suraj walks away from chakor he is pulled back by his button and falls ontop of chakor bright red roses fall ontop of chakor and suraj they both get lost in each others eyes and the wind blows.

Vivaan; i wonder whats happening inside i cant go throw the door. Vivaan sees the window open and peeks through he sees suraj ontop of chakor and cries. Chak chakor how is this possible you have moved on so quickly with suraj and suraj you are by bhai even though we fight as most brothers do i cant believe that you and my love have fallen for each other. But chakor is mine bhai only mine and im gonna make sure i get her back. Vivaan leaves in anger. Imli sees vivaan and also peaks through the window suraj babu aur didi nahi i cant let this happen suraj babu is only.mine and iv moved tina out the way and now i have to get rid of didi imli leaves and goes back to sleep on the floor in vivaans room.

Suraj gets up and tries to untie his button but falls ontop of chakor again. Chakor tells him to wait and slowly takes the button of suraj stares into her eyes. Suraj; look at your cheap antics to get me to stay with you! Chakor my cheap antics your button got stuck on to my clothes and you fell ontop of me. Chakoe pushes suraj and throws a pilow. Suraj; theres no point arguing with this stubborn girl il sleep on the sofa suraj walks of angrily and chakor smirks she turns the lights of and they both go sleep.

Its morning chakor wakes up and sees suraj uncomfortable on the sofa he is also shivering chakor brings a blanket towards suraj and puts in on him suraj turn around and grabs chakor hand chakor slowly releases her hand and goes by her suitcase she takes out her towel and clothes and goes towards the bathroom she touches the door and feels a hand ontop of her its suraj. Thum!! What are you doing a minute ago you were sleeping. Suraj; that was a minute ago and now its time for me to have a bath.chakor; bath no im going in first as i woke up first. Suraj; no im going in first its my bathroom. Chakor; its mine to. Suraj; it was mine first they both have a nok jok and both go inside the bathroom. Chakor; get out becoz im not leaving. Suraj; no you get out im not leaving. They both stand thier for 10 minutes arguing. Suraj; fine lets have a bath together then that way both our wishes will get fufiled. Chakor; no i would never in a million years take a bath with you. Suraj; fine dont but im doing a bath and im not leaving so you cant stay and watch. Chakor; no im doing a bath first leave. Suraj starts taking of his clothes. Chakor closes her eyes and turns around. Chakor; thum kitne baatmeezi hu. What are you doing. Suraj; cant you see im doing a bath. Suraj jumps in the hot tub. Chakor turns around. Chakor; you are so stubborn cover yourself. Chakor covers her eyes. Suraj; are you stupid does anyone take a bath with thier clothes on. Chakor; fine you have won the challange im leaving il do a bath after your done but next time i will do a bath first. Suraj smirks and looks on. Suraj splashes water everywhere chakorgets fustrated she covers her eyes and slowly walks towards thedoor. Chakor couldnt see the water was everywhere and slips as she covered her eyes with her hands she falls into the hot tub and suraj catches her. Chakor screams. Chakor is all wet and gets very angry. Suraj is holding chakor in his arms. Suraj; thum saach mai jungli bille huo. Chakor; shut up suraj i hate you chakor punches suraj and he laughs so loud. Tejswani comes with tea for suraj and chakor. Tejswani knocks the door and sees it open she walks in and sees no one. Tejswani; where are suraj and chakor gone?? Chakor; i hate you suraj i hate you!!! Tejswani walks towards the bathroom as she heard noises. Suraj beta is that you. Suraj and chakor get anxious. Chakor gets really scared and thinks what will happen and mutters at suraj to do somthing. Suraj pisses chakor of and suraj screams mummy im doing a bath and chakor is… tejswani; chakor where is she?? Mummy chakor is… chakor closes her eyes and begs surajnot to say anything what will people think about them. Suraj teases chakor and laughs. Suraj; mummy chakor is gone for her jog. Chakor gets relieved and frowns at suraj. Tejswani; ok suraj beta im going to checkon vivaan now but hurry today is the moodikiya rasaam. Suraj; okay mummy il tell chakor. Suraj smirks. Tejswani earring drops on the floor she kneels down and sees through the hole chakor and suraj in the bath tub. Tejswani gets embarssed and starts laughing shes teases suraj to enjoy his bath and runs out the room. Chakor gets up in anger and leaves the room. Vivaan comes into the roomand hugs chakor. Chakor; vivaan what are you doing? Vivaan; chakor i cant live without you i love you alot!!! Vivaan sees chakor soaking wet and asks why are you wet. Chakor feels embrassed and blushes. Just then suraj came out with his wet hair. Vivaan sees chakor and suraj both wet and gets angry he leaves the room. Chakor tries to stop vivaan and tries to explain the situation but vivaan left. Suraj smirks and walks past chakor. Chakor looks on with a frown. Suraj; where are my.clothes gone!! Chakor; i moved them to the otherside as i needed spacefor my clothes. Suraj; with whose permission did you touch my clothes. Chakor; i dont need permission to touch your things as i have a right on then. Suraj walks towards chakor and grabs her waist. Suraj; right you have rights then i have some rights to. Suraj holds chakors face and goes closer and closer. Chakor; what are you doing you janvaar let go of me stop it. Suraj was so close to chakor she could feel his breath. Chakor closed her eyes. Imli witnesses all this and gets very angry she leaves the room crying. Tejswani knocks the door. Chakor pushes suraj and runs in the bathroom. Tejswani comes in and laughs. Suraj is chakor back. Suraj; yeah mummy shes doing a bath now she came back. Mummy why are you laughing?? Tejswani; no suraj i thought chakor already had a bath before?? suraj gets confused and says mummy im coming downstairs. Chakor comes out and wears the clothes tejswani gave to chakor for her moodikiya chakor looks stunning and walks down the staries. Vivaan cries starring at chakor. The rasaam starts and everyone praises chakor beauty chakor recieves gifts. The media come in and want to take chakor statment for her wedding chakor agrees and goes by the media. Imli brings imli down for her moodikiya ranjana and vivaan both leave imli cries tejswani tells her to stay calm imli recives praises and gifts too. But everyone admired chakor more imli gets jealous and angry.

The media question chakor about her marrige. Vivaan comes and walks towards chakor. The media ask chakor who is your husband. Suraj enters they eyes starring at chakor he gets lost in her eyes seeing her in this dress. Chakor; my husband name is… vivaan gets happy and walks towards chakor. Chakor; suraj rajvanshi i married to suraj rajvanshi. Vivaan cries and is shattered not to hear his name. Vivaan; dont worry chakor next time you will be known as chakor vivaan rajvanshi. Suraj comes and stands with chakor the media praise thier jooriey vivaan fumes in anger. Media; so mrs chakor suraj rajvanshi we came to wish you happy marietal life but will this mean you will stop running. Chakor; no runnibis my passion my love my life and il never stop running. The media praise chakor and leave. Tejswani takes chakor to get dressed more comfortably.

Its time for breakfast everyone is sitting on the dining table chakor walks down the stairs. The wind blows suraj feels chakor presence and turns around to lok at her. Chakor hair is flying and suraj thinks this pagal larkhi looks beautiful in anything. Tejwani waits for imli and vivaan but no one comes. Tejswani takes chakor to the kitchen and explains the finally ritual and that is to cook something. Chakor makes white rice pudding and the aroma goes around the whole house. Chakor brings the pudding outside. Everyone eats the pudding tejswani praises chakor. Ranjana says its ok and makes a face. Tesjwani brings her neeck it was the rajvanshi traditional bangles. Tejswani blesses chakor and tells her to put these on. Ragini stops tejswani and insists suraj to put them on. Ranjana smacks ragini underthe table ragini goes quiet. Vivaan and imli walk down stairs they see suraj holding chakors hand and slowly sliding the bangles the wind blows chakors hair touch suraj face and suraj stares into chakors eyes whilst putting the bangles on. Vivaan gets furious and says stop all this nonsence!!! Everyonegets shocked and look at vivaan.

Guys plzz tell me your ideas so i can use them in future episodes plzz comment and share your feelings.

Precap what will tina do what will be the outcome of vivaans anger will sukor start accepting each other

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  1. Amazing update, their cute fights and romantic moments are fabulous. I don’t have a specific scene that i want to see but I’d like to see more of their nok jhoks. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

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    Awesome. Loved sukor nok jhok & their sweet moments. Interesting precap. Waiting for next

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      Best of luck for exams

  3. Amazing… Amazing…. Amazing..
    Loved it..muaah
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  4. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr..can’t describe how much I loved dis part…loved it dr….interesting precap too…honestly Dr plzz end dis tina’s character r freeze her evil plans for some parts..dnt mine Dr.. actly I fed up bcz of udaan upcoming scenes…tats y only I told lyk dis…dnt mine yaar…

    Once again best of luck for ur xams Dr…

  5. All d best for ur exam Dr and loved Surj Chkr nok jhok. Hope they start accepting each other soon. Beautiful. Keep going. ??

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