the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 7

Guys i had time to squeez one last ff in before my exams enjoy

Precap it was the haldhi cermony of chakor suraj tina and vivaan imli kidnaps tina

Imli smirks under neath her gungaat. Aaj humari aur suraj babu ki shaadhi hai. Chakor comes and kaustri comes in. Imli gets shocked and nervous. Chakoria aaj thum buhaat kobsoorat lagri hoo. Kaustri cries and puts a kaala tikka on chakor. Chakor cires and says mai today my life will change and i have a werid feeling mai i dont think i can marry viva… chakroia this all happenes it stress dont worry marrige is a big thing in life and ur lucky as vivaan babu loves u alot. Imlu kaha hai mai. Imli gets really nervous and closes her eyes. Kaustri goes by imli assuming its tina, tina beta aaj tumhari shaadi hai aur hum cahaathai ki thum aur chakria humesha kush raho. Imli cries and thinks iv got the blessings of my mai and today i will marry suraj babu.

Bhai bari maa is calling us lets go to the mandaap its time the marrige is finally hear. Vivaan i cant do this no more i dont love tina i hardly know heri cant spend my life with her i need to stop this nonsense. Bhai what are you saying u cant bk out now u have to marry tina u have given ur word. Suraj bhai vivaan bhai come on. Ragini comes in and drags vivaan and suraj to the mandaap. Suraj is anxious and vivaan tells him to marry tina otherwise raichand will kill him. Kaustri cover chakor with tina’s chunri as imli by mistake wears chakors.

Kaustri kisses chakor and says its time for ur marrige buchua. Kaustri cries and ranjana along with tejswani come in. Ranjana takes imli and tejwani takes chakor. Ranjana makes imli sit with vivaan. Vivaa getsreally happy and starts touching imli hand. I knew suraj babu loves me look at the way ge is touching me. They both hold hands tightly as vivaan assumes its chakor and imli assumes its suraj. Tejswani comes and makes chakor sit next to suraj. Why do i feel relieved why is my heart beating fast why has my mood changed why do i want to marry tina. Chakor shivers and thinks whydo i feel as if this is my destiny its the right thing for me to get married why do i feel relieved sitting next to vivaaniv never got this feeling before. Chakor feels confused. Everyone is happy and the marrige cermony begins richanad comes to give chakor hand to suraj they both shiver and both get anxious. Suraj; this is the feeling i get wen i touch chakor..

chakor; this is the feeling i get wen i touch suraj.. its the touch that makes me feel crazy its makes me feel relaxed its the feeling of security and love… what am i saying. This cant be suraj he is marrying tina. Kaustri and bhavan give imli hand away to vivaan vivaan and imli both smile. Chakor and suraj get up for the phare suraj holds chakors hand and feels relieved they both go around 7 times. Vivaan andimli go around the fire 7 times the pandith then gives suraj the sindoor and maglasoothea suraj ties the manglassothra on chakor.

Chakor closes her eyes and the wind blows suraj fills her maang and chakor cries with happiness. The pandith says the marrige is sucessful and is now complete. Vivaan puts the manglassothra and sindoor on imli imli laughs with exicitment aaj suraj babu humara hua. Vivaan imli suraj and chakor get up. Richanad grabs chakor and hugs her chakor lifts her ghungaat and gets shocked to see richand. Tejwanai shouts chakor. Imli lifts her gunghaat and gets shocked seeing chakor with suraj. Vivaan cries seeing that he is married to imli and chakor his love is married to suraj. Suraj stares into chakors eyes and is lost for words.

Yeh kesi hua. Chakoria thuhari shaadi suraj babu ki saath hogyi. Aur imli thum yaha? Imli cries and says nahi suraj babu humara hai. Everyone gets shocked. Richanad says what is this joke where is tina what have you done to my daughter. Kaustri slaps imli and says what is this what have you done. You married your sisters fiancee you shameful girl. No mai i swapped with tina i wanted to marry suraj babu but i wore the wrong chunri i wore didi chunri. Imli falls on the floor and cries vivaan drags imli and says look whatyou have done you have become my wife and my love is now suraj wife. Tejswani scolds imli and says u haverunied both of my sons lifes you are disgusting.

Vivaan goes by chakor who is in shock and hugs her. Chakor i waited for10 years for this day and iv lost you to my own brother. Suraj grabs imli and says u were only my employee iv never loved you iv never looked at you in that way today you have ruined many lifes. Suraj walks away. Suraj hears tina screaming for help. Suraj opens the door and tina hugs him. Suraj thanl god ur hear some1 tried to lock me up come lets go to the mandip. Tina drags suraj and sees imli in her clothes tina smacks imli but gets shocked seeing vivaan with imli. Suraj stands withchakor and tina gets angry tina realises that the marrige has happened. Tina raises her hand on chakor but suraj stops her.

Woaaw finally chakor you married my hero my love i knew you loved my suraj and was jealous of our relationship you always wanted him. Papa chakor kidnapped me and locked me then she took my suraj and got her loser sister married to her own fiancee. This chakor has no class or self respect. Enough vivaan screams my chakor did nothing neither did my bhai this is all becoz of imli. Richanad dragstina and warns rajvanshi family that he will be bk tinascreams for suraj. Kaustri kisses chakor and leaves she says the marrige has happened suraj is chakors husband and imli is vivaans wife.

Tejswani hugs chakor and says marrige is a big think and whatever Destiny had for you has been doneyou are now the oldest bahu of rajwanshi family and imli you are the small babu we haveto complete the rassams. Vivaan gets furious and tejswani tells him to stay calm. Tejswani welcomes chakor for her garaamparvesh and tells chakor to tip the rice and place her feet in the thaal and walk in chakor does the ritual. Tejswani awkwardly says that thier is another ritual in which surajhas to pick you up and carry you to the kitchen. Suraj holds chakor and they both look into each others eye’s wow how can some1 be so beautiful and this jangli bille is loking at me as if she will attack me. Vivaan gets angry and says i cant do this ritual vivasn walks of and imli enters herself. The finally ritual was conducted in finding the rings suraj and chakor put thier hands in suraj grabs chakors hand and smirks they both find the ringat the same time. Imli stands crying. Tejwani says its time forthe suhaagraatm chakor ger nervous and suraj leaves.

Ranjana screamsthat i will never accept imli bundua as my babu. Tejswani takes imli to vivaan room get out. Vivaan screams. Viviaan beta she’s ur wife she has to stay in ur room now. Vivaan drags imli and says u finallyseperated me from my love now u will suffer enjoy sleeping on the floornfor the rest of ur life. Vivaan closes the light and sleeps on the bed. Tejswani brings chakor to suraj room and makes her sit in the middle of the bed. Chakor beta whatever happened was not right but u know.our tradition you are nowmarried to suraj and haveto accept him as ur husband. Chakor gets nervous as tejswani leaves and suraj enters suraj locks the door and walks towards chakor… moore piya plays the wind blows suraj sits next to chakor chakor gets shy and closes her eyes.

Precap what will happen to imli will sukor havethier sughaarat and accept each other as husband and wife what willtina do

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved the twist. It was better than the serial. Finally sukor are married

  2. Sukorian

    I realky hope sukor will forget vimli n have a happy life. If u find time write the Next update now weekend start i will try too. GUD LUCK FOR UR EXAMS???

  3. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr….loved it…eagerly waiting for d next part…nd best of luck for ur xams dr….

  4. Amazing update! so fast paced. Loved how sukor sensed each other during the wedding, and suraj carrying chakor. It’s good that everyone knows Imli is responsible. Looking forward to the next update but take your time. Best wishes for your exams.

  5. loved it….finally sukors marriage…ye..
    Waiting for the next update.
    All the best for your exam dear.. Take ur time for the next update..

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