the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 6

Hey everyone iv only good one week until my exams wish me luck but i really wanted to write a ff enjoy and comment

Precap the mendhi and sangeet of suraj tina and chakor vivaan chakor palm had the letter s

Imli. get up didi get up its ur haldhi and wedding day didi! Imlu let me sleep im really tired. Imli, did i saw u u were looking at vivaan jiju name in your palm under the moonlight last night and you were smiling. Showme didi show me vivaan jiju name i want to see. Chakor gets anxious and thinks oh no imlu saw me i thought everyone was sleeping i cant show her my plam becasue its got the letter s… Chakor, forget that imlu come lets eat breakfast i wanna see what mai made.

Chakoria iv made ur favourite aloo ke pratha since its your last day. Kaustri cries. Mai dont worry im not leaving the country i will always be hear. Kaustri feeds chakor and they both cry. Her beautiful eyes, soft sparkly hair and that cute innocent smile… suraj bumps into vivaan and shouts chakor. Vivaan, bhai are you ok and why r u taking chakor name? Suraj get shocked and says oh i was muttering to my self that today is mine tinaand urs haldhi and wedding pur lives will change. Vivaan smiles and says yh bhai im really nervous atleast i know chakor but tina bhai u hardly know her how can you spend the rest of ur life with her. Suraj gets shocked and says life! Suraj suraj vivaan get ready its time for your haldhi tejwani was shouting. Bhai lets go and get ready. Suraj walks of looking worried. Vivaan and suraj get dressed and walk down stairs wow today both my sons look handsome i hope they dont get any evil eye. Suraj and vivaan sit down and the haldhi rassam starts tejwani comes and puts the haldhi on suraj. Tejwani goes by vivaan and puts the haldhi on ranjana stops her and says hes my son so its my right to put it first vivaan stops ranjana and says its tejswani right shes my true mother tejwani puts the haldhi on and the rasaam starts suraj didnt feel to well.

Flashback scene last night suraj friends through a bachelor party for suraj and vivaan. Suraj gets drunk and reaches chakor house. Chakor hears alot of noise and goes outside after looking at her palm in the moonlight she goes with a stick and suraj stops her. Ai jangli billie hum hai. Chakor gets shocked and says you!! What are you doing her suraj grabs chakor rist and hugs her from behind. Chak chakor.. i really felt like seeing you. Chakor you make me happy i feel… chakor lets dance. Suraj yeh tum kiya.. shushhh i want to dance suraj and chakor dance. They botg get lost in each others eyes. Vivaan shouts bhai where r u i need to find bhai hes drunk and tommrow is the haldhi. Chakor pushes suraj and runs in and falls asleep smiling. Vivaan, bhai there u r come in. Vivaan carries suraj bk to the haveli.

Suraj day dreams about yesterday night. A girl comes in and covers suraj and vivaan in haldhi. Ranjana gets happy and says ragini. Ragini says mom im back for suraj bhai and vivaan bhai wedding. My college gave me my holidays for my bothers wedding. Vivaan, ragini ur still the same now how will this haldhi come of. Ragini laughs. (Ragini is the child.of kamal and ranjana) ragini hugs tejwani and says ur still cause alot of mischief tejwani thinks that even though kamal and rajana had a child together ragini is not a fault shes just a innocent child. Suraj touches his remaining haldhi and thinks how can i spend my life with tina…

Tejwani says it time to take the haldhi of vivaan and suraj to tina and chakor house. Suraj and vivaan both go upstairs for a bath. Ranjana says she will take the haldhi for chakor and in anger she takes suraj haldhi and tejwani takes vivaan haldhi for tina. Tina is looking outside the windows and every1 tells tina to calm down. Tejwani comes with the haldhi and hugs tina saying today night u will become my bahu and leaves. Tina haldhi rasaam starts and she is happy. Ranjana comes with attitude and says hear is the haldhi and leaves. Chakor is wearing a plain white lengha with flower jewellery and looks stunning with her big shiney curly hair flying. Kaustri starts the rasaam and puts the haldhi on chakor. Chakor shivers and says suraj.. chakor felt as if suraj has touched her and feels anxious and werid her heart beats fast. Imli comes and asks what wrong didi u getting shy as this is ur final ritual before the marrige. Chup imlu u always tease me. Chakor haldhi rasaam is done and chakor goes for a bath. its evening Tina and chakor both leave thier house to get ready for the wedding at the rajvanshi haveli.

Tejswani, come in tina and chakor come in. Tejswani welcomes tina and chakor and hugs them saying welcome. She greets racihand and bhavan they both go in and sit down. Imli is angry seeing tina and says well one think i know is that today didi vivaan babu me and suraj babu are getting married today. Imli smirks.

Suraj wears his shirvani and thinks about chakor. Vivaan peaks in and says tina and chakor are hear suraj shouts chakor where is she? Vivaan says bahi its me. Vivaan is ready in his shirvani and says wow bhai you look dashing you look better then me tina bahabi will go mad overyou. Shut up vivaan u always tease me. Tejswani comes and says wow both my sons look beautiful just like princes. Vivaan, bari maa we are not princes i hate wen u call me that. Tejwani pulls vivaans ears and says quietyou will always be my princes.

Tina is getting ready and chakor is getting her make up done. Chakor looks stunning and tina get jealous. How can someone be so pretty. The make artist leaves and chakor goes to the bathroom to wear her lengha on. Tina smirks and says who cares how good looking she is because today i will be marrying the hoter dulha. Someone creeps up behind tina and forcefully feed tina a tablet tina gets unconscious. Hum agye suraj babu humara hai. Imli goons leave imli swaps her clothes with tinas and calls her goons who take tina away. Imli is decked up and by accident she wears chakor chunri. (Chakors scarf and covers her face).

Precap will vivaan marry chakor will imli acomplish her goal to marry her suraj
Will everyone find somthing fishy about tina missing

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  1. All the best tippu do well ur exams… ??
    Really enjoyed tis part…waiting for the next part…post it soon…

    Eagerly waiting for sukor moments more nd more????…continue ur good work dear…

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. I think sukor marriage will take place & imli’s plan will fail

    1. Sukorlover

      All the best for exams

    2. Sruthi nemo shreya sukorlover and lusukor thank u for allcthe support im glad u loved my ffs

  3. Shreya.

    Best of luck for ur xams dr…..dnt take too much of stress…prepare well nd do well…take care of ur health also…

    Abt dis FF…it’s asusual amazing part dr…I just loved it…especially that sukor dance nd haaldi….eagerly waiting for d nxt part…

  4. Awesome, I like how sukor are attracted to each other and how suraj affects chakor, loved their dance. Can’t wait for the next chapter to see what will happen in the wedding.

    Best of luck in your exams! Study hard.

  5. All the best for your exams my dear
    And as usual the update was superb…
    Finally sukors marriage will happen im glad..thw serial gave us pain but your ff makes me happy

  6. Sukorian

    gud luck for ur exams. Hope Sukor get married

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