the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 5

guys im really sorry for the late update hear in the uk its exam season so i will be free in june and will write alot of ffs then but until then this is all i can do

precap vivaan tells suraj to meet tina. suraj goes in but it is chakor. suraj ties chakor doori and they have a romantic eyelock.

imli; suraj babu is only mine and who ever this tina ki baceehi is she will never ever get my suraj babu. imli walks of. vivaan and all the guests are waiting downstairs. kaustri brings chakor and everyone stares and chakor. all the guests praise chakor and are amazed by her beauty. chakor comes down and the pandith says its time for the engagment. vivaan stares at chakor and says chakor im lost for words wow… chakor smiles. imli gets the rings and gives vivaan the ring and says make my didi yours put the ring on her. everyone laughs. tina says stop. everyone gets shocked vivaan says why what is the problem tina says in relation suraj is the big son making me the big bahu so it is our right to get engaged first. tejwanai; yes tina your right but where is suraj. hum yaha hai(im hear) suraj walks down the stairs and stares at chakor they both get lost in each others eyes.

suraj comes down and winks at chakor. chakor; yeh kitna baadmash gunnda hai. chakor gets shy and looks down. the pindit says that we should hurry up as the shubmoorat is running out. imli fumes in anger seeing suraj and tina. suraj puts the ring on tina and chakor looks on. tina takes her ring out but suraj refuses and says that his finger is cut so he cant put the ring on the engagment finger. tina gets angry and starts to cry. tejwani says dont cry tina beta put it on the other finger but the pundith says that the engagment cannot happen this way… richand says quiet to the pundit and says you are getting paid to do your job not to talk. tina puts the ring on the other finger imli smirks and says tina and suraj babu are not even engaged and smiles thoughout the ceremony.

vivaan; aab humari bahri hai(now its my turn) chakor is looking down and imli passes her the ring. chakor slides the ring on to vivaan finger and everyone claps. imli gives vivaan the ring and the ring falls landing on suraj foot. suraj looks down and picks the ring up. everyone is shocked. suraj gets the ring and walks towards chakor. chakor panics and thinks what is suraj doing so close to me what is everyone thinking. suraj takes chakor hand and everyone looks on. chakor; suraj yeh thum kya kare hu( what are you doing..) suraj slides the ring on chakor hand and everyone gets shocked. the pundit says it does not matter as the ring is from the grooms side. everyone gets relieved. vivaan looks on and thinks that he should have been me but it does not matter as chakor is only mine. everyone claps and vivaan says now its time for the sangeet and mendhi. suraj and chakor are lost in each others eyes and the girls take chakor away for the mendhi cermony.

tina sits down next to chakor and says wow you have made your way to a rich house hats of to you. chakor; wow tina hats of to you to after losing the race you are also becoming the bahu of a big house. tina; shut up chakor and stay away from my suraj i see the way you look at him. chako; i dont see suraj in that way its your thoughts that are cheap. tejwani comes and says that the mendhi rassam starts with your going to be husbands applying the mendhi on you first. suraj and vivaan come. suraj walks towards tina and trips, he falls on top of chakor and the mendhi suraj was carrying touches chakor palm the both stare in each others eyes. vivaan; bhai are you ok let me help you up and chakor are you ok to. chakor nods and sees the mendhi on her palm suraj smiles seeing the mendhi on chakor palm chakor wipes the mendhi qucikly but the color of the mendhi stayed and chakor becomes anxious. tina fumes and calls suraj to put the mendhi on her palm suraj comes and puts it but tina mendhi gets smudged by her duppta and it comes of.

vivaan sits down and puts a dot on chakor tejwani says enough now let the small and big bahu put thier mendhi on you two go an enjoy your sangeet. vivaan gets shy and runs of suraj also goes. tejwani says the darker your mendhi is the more your patner loves you. chakor and tina put mendhi on. imli comes and says wow didi your mendhi design is amazing tina looks on chakor is day dreaming and the designer says what is your going to be husband name.. imli says i cant believe suraj babu nver told me that he is getting married to. the designer writes the letter s on chakor palm assuming that chakor is gonna marry suraj. the desiger says the mendhi is all done. vivaan comes towards chakor and drags suraj to walk with him. tejwani says come come see my going to be bahus mendhi and try to find your name. suraj and vivaan sit down. suraj looks on but did not have an interest and was looking elsewhere. vivaan tries to find his name and says barhi maa i cant find it. chakor looks down and spots the letter s and gets anxious. suraj stares at chakor and thinks why is chakor anxious. suraj spots the letter s on chakor palm they both get up. chakor says i should wash my mendhi suraj smirks and winks at chakor. chakor runs of by her mai. tejwani laughs and says that dont worry vivaan you can find it on your suhagraat. vivaan gets shy and walks of. ranjana looks on and says if kamal jee was hear none of this would be happening. tejwani comes and goes by chakor and tina and looks at thier mendhi. tejwani is shocked to see chakor mendhi so dark and says wow your going to be husband will be loving you for all 7 lives. tina fumes in anger as her mendhi has not come out dark. tejwani comes and says it is now time to dance.

chakor comes and vivaan grabs her. chakor; vivaan i dont feel like dancing please let me go. suraj sees vivaan holding chakor and grabs tina. tina gets happy and starts dancing with suraj. chakor sees tina and suraj and says ok but only one dance vivaan gets happy. imli; i have to do somthing about this tina look at this cheap woman dancing with my suraj babu. suraj twists tina and tina lands by vivaan. tina; so you are my going to be brother in law. you are handsome but not as my suraj. vivaan laughs and says babhi jee how can you say that i know suraj is gonna be your husband but im also gonna be your brother in law they both laugh. chakor lands on suraj and they both stare at each other. suraj holds chakor waist very tight and stares at her. chakor; why are you holding me so tight let me go i only said one dance with vivaan now let me go. suraj; why did you write my name on your palm. chakor; how do you know that… suraj; i saw it on your palm. chakor; it was that idiot deisgner she did it and dont get any misconceptions. suraj holds chakor really tightly by the waist and grabs her arm. suraj; then why is my name the darkest on your palm. the song finshes and everryone claps. suraj lets go of chakor and chakor walks of. the guests eat the food and leave. tejwani; thank you raichand jee and bhavan for attending the sangeet and mendhi i cant beleive tommorw is the haldhi and wedding day.

kausrti; yes tejswani jee we should leave as we have lots to prepare. riachand; you are right kausrti ecen i have to prepare for my only childs wedding both familes leave the rajwanshi house. suraj waves at chakor and chakor walks of getting shy. suraj smiles and walks of. vivaan; bahi where are you going? suraj; bed im tired today was a very long day everyone in the rajvanshi family go to bed. the full moon is out kaustri kisses chakor forehead and says buchwa tommrow you will be leaving us and vivaan babu will give you so much love iv never seen someones mendhi as dark as yours. chakor gets anxious and says good night mai. kaustri turns of the lights. the moonlight shines on chakor. chakor gets up and looks at her mendhi she opens her palm and smiles at her letter s.

guys please comment and share your thoughts as the motivate me and write down ideas of what you want so i can include them.

precap imli vows to destroy tina, its the day of the haldhi will the marriage preparations go ahead

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  1. Superb sukor romance soooo cute amazing??????????? next post soooooooon pls pls pls

    1. Thank u so much il try to most more

  2. Sukor

    Amazing can’t wait for the next one.

    1. Thank u for the support dear

  3. Sukorlover

    Awesome, loved sukor’s cute romantic moment. Let’s see how sukor endup together

    1. Itwill be veey intersting how the get (hint)married to each other thank u for thr support

  4. As usual amazing dear.precap also sounds to good.lvly update.nd dear i lov ur thoughts.i lov to read all sukor ffs.thnku so much dear.nd no prob.u can write when u got time ok.m always ready to read bt please try to post soon ok.lov ur ffs nd u.thnku so much for this lvly ff.

    1. Thank u dear for the love and support im really happy u guys enjoy it and il try to update atleast once a week

  5. Shreya.

    Amazing part dr…I just loved it.. waiting for d nxt part…nd no prbm dr whenever u got d tym kindly post ur ff.. nd concentrate on ur studies also best of luck for ur xams….

    1. Thank u dear for the support im glad everyone likes my ff

  6. Awesome. Loved this part . Sukors moments r so cute. Post soon as u cn . Take ur time n gv us a lovely part like this. Gd luck fr ur exams

    1. Thank you dear for thr support il try to post if i get time

  7. Amazing, Sukor can’t take their eyes off each other. I loved Suraj’s intensity when he was dancing with Chakor. Looking forward to more Sukor scenes during haldi ceremony.
    Take your time, we understand. Best wishes for your exams.

    1. Thank u so much for the love and support will try to update as much as i can

  8. Annabeth

    Tippu its awesome ?

    1. thank you dear

  9. Sukorian

    sprry for my late comment we had the same Thinking of the mehndi color ?
    Like it n also the Previous part

    1. I know i read ur ff is well and im doing the marrige track too ?its ok dear thank u for the support

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