the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 4

precap kamal naryan is in jail and vows to seek revenge from chakor and also vows to seek revenge from suraj as he has disobeyed him suraj agrees to marry tina

everyone hurry up and finish the work theres only 1 hour left till the engagment. sab jaldhi karo. vivaan was really excited and was telling everyone to hurry up. chakor and her family came in the haveli to get ready. rook jaau (stop right there) ranjana says how dare you come hear vivaan stops ranjana and says today he is getting engaged and he does not want any drama. ranjana paints a fake smile on her face and thinks that by making chakor her daughter in law i will gain the trust of my son. she holds chakor and takes her up to get ready vivaan stares at chakor and winks at her but chakor did not take notice as she was looking down.

tina and raichand also came in. tina was very anxious. tejswani came and took tina up to get ready. suraj was sitting on the staircase as tina and tejwani were going up tina asked how suraj looks like and tejwani says he is right hear sitting on the stairs tina stares at suraj and gets dazzled. yeh kitna hot hai(how hot is he) papa made the right choice im for sure gonna marry this handsome good looking guy. tejswani called suraj but suraj was busy day dreaming about yesterdays incident. tina and tejwani walk past but suraj didnt see.

vivaan comes. bhai are you ready for the engagment suraj looks and says well theres no going back now. did you see how tina babhi looks. suraj says no i had no time and she is not you bhabhi yet. bhai then go look at her what are you waiting for. suraj says how it will look bad and all the women will tease me then go through the window bhai. suraj agrees and goes. chakor is ready and is looking very beautiful with her pink lengha kaustri comes and puts tikka on her imli comes and hugs chakor she says today my didi is looking massth and i know i treated you badly but your my sister please forgive me. chakor cries and says imlu they both hug and kaustri gets happy. kaustri says to imli lets go down as the guests are arriving.

suraj says even though i agreed to this wedding in anger i should see how tina is. suraj jumps down and reaches in the room. suraj feels shy approaching tina and grabs her wrist and asks her why did you agree to this marrige. let go of me. chakor screams and suraj puts his hand around her mouth kaustri knocks the door and asks if chakor is fine and is she ready suraj moves his hand and chakor says yes kaustri says she will collect her in five minutes and goes. chakor screams and says yeh kya batameezi hai. kaustri knocks and says to chakor are you fine i heard you shouting. suraj picks chakor up and takes her to the bathroom chakor says put me down what are you doing. suraj says stop screaming otherwise the whole of azaadganj will end up hear. suraj says i came in by mistake as i thought my fiancée was in hear. chakor says well shes not and leave.

chakor leaves the bathroom and her doori opens. suraj walks after her. kaustri knocks and says its time chakor come out. chakor felt her doori untied and tries to knot it. she sees suraj and screams. buchwa kya hua. kaustri asks what happened and chakor says nothing mai. suraj tells chakor am i a ghost that everytime you see me you scream. suraj turns chakor around and says quiet. suraj holds chakor and slowly ties her doori chakor hair flies in suraj face and chakor closes her eyes. moore piyaa plays. chakor turns aronud and says what do you think you were doing. suraj says i was returning my ehsaan remember you saved me yesterday today i am saving you. they both have an eyelock. chakor pushes suraj in the bathroom and leaves the room. suraj laughs and says wow today this jungli billie has made me lose my senses without even drinking she is absolutelybeautiful. vivaan sees imli and says saali siaybah today in the haveli there is double the happiness as last night suraj also agreed on getting married. imli was crying and says no suraj babu is only mine and i cant see him with another women.

thats all guys and im sorry that it is late but after may i will be free from exams and will have alot of time to write more. guys please comment and share your thoughts as they inspire me to write

precap its time to exchange the rings tina is happy she is marrying suraj
chakor ring falls by suraj
its the mendhi of chakor and tina the artist writes the letter s on chakor palm chakor is nervous
imli hates tina and vows to kill her

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  1. Sukorlover

    Awesome, sukor are getting affected by each other.

  2. Supb dear.thnku for this lovly ff nd sory for late coment subha maine half padha tha sirf sukor k saath day begin krne k liye.thnku so much dear mera din hapy krne k liye.keep it up nd post next soon.

  3. Shreya.

    Woww it’s really amazing dr..eagerly waiting for d next part…whenever u got d tym kindly post ur nxt part dr..

  4. It’s superb dear.. And I’m really excited about the precap waiting for the next update… Whenever u get the time please update it soon

  5. Amazing, loved the dori scene and how Suraj was day dreaming about Chakor. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

  6. It’s awesome. Love how thy affect for each other. Eagerly waiting fr nxt part . Whenever u gt free, plz update the nxt part

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