the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 28

recap suraj accidentally tells chakor about his feelings chakor is happy to know that suraj feels the same way about her and decides to tease him kamal has returned as he has lost his mental state vimli are getting worried by seeing sukor coming closer….

ranjana; ragini we dont have much time chakor has given us a month but suraj did you see him he cannot tolerate us for one second what are we going to do?
ragini;mummy dont worry if we keep up this charade of being innocent im sure chakor will fall for it and the rest of the job chakor will do it for us she will convince suraj…. dont worry chakor thinks that we are all good… ragini and ranjana smirk kamal is shown sleeping in his bed…
imli(has a flashback of suraj holding chakor and how they both stared at each other)…
vivaan is tensed with what he had witnessed between sukor and gets very angry…
imli; vivaan babu i think suraj babu and chakor have fallen in love…
vivaan:(holds his ears) shut up!! shut up!! dont say anything more i dont want to hear chakor is only mine mine! i need to stop this…
imli;vivaan babu! I to am suffering do you think i love seeing chakor with my suraj babu no he is mine and as i said we need to create misunderstandings between the 2 instead of claiming our rights on them otherwise they will think that we are to possessive and will ignore us
vivaan;imli you are right they both clap hands and smirk..
vimli olv;only a few more days then chakor will be mine and suraj will be imli’s..
suraj bangs the door in anger… chakor walks in and is tensed as she dosent know what suraj reaction will be…
suraj hears chakor footsteps and turns around he stares at chakor in anger…
chakor olv oh no today im gone…
chakor shuts the door and creeps behind suraj..

suraj turns around in anger what! no tell me why did you do this why did you let kamal naryan back in only for your sake im tolerating ranjana,ragini,vivaan and imli and now you have given premission for kamal to stay this is to much..
chakor; suraj! do you think im mad i hate kamal maybe i hate him more than you do! he has tried to ruin my life since i was born he killed my parents and left my brother without having his parents thats why tejswani maa escaped from these animals so that she can take care of her grandchild and do you think i wanna forgive them im doing all this to for a reason im gonna punish each and everyone of them…
suraj grabs chakor waist..
chakor;let go you are hurting me…(guys this is kinda a copy of yesterdays episode i had to include it 😉
suraj grabs his hand and places it on his hand..
suraj; what about the pain in my heart of seeing this monster that gave you, me and the whole of azaadganj this pain! you dont care about the pain in my heart!
chakor; of course i do because your my heart your my love…. mahiya plays…

chakor olv oh no i was suppose to tease the paakandi
chakor; i mean i have the same passion and love to destroy kamal but we have to do it with our brains this kamal is poison we need to act clever and let go you are hurting me..
suraj lets go and calms down…
suraj olv thier was me thinking that junglie billie loves me…
chakor sees the disappointment in suraj and smirks
chakor olv dont worry mr suraj rajvnashi il tell you soon the words you are dying to hear…
inspector ajay comes to rajvanshi haveli to inspect kamal..
he goes to his room and records his mental state..
ajay; his condition is still the same after coming home il come back next week to observe his mentality…
ajay leaves and day dreams about chakor… and utters her name…
bijli walks past oh inspector saab why are you uttering the malkins name…
ajay olv malkin ohh so chakor jee owns the house i will meet her some day and will tell her my feelings…no next week il come with a formal proposal

precap sukor romantic proposal they finally tell each other!

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  1. Sukorlover

    Amazing update. Happy that chakor did not trust kn. Loved sukor’s intense moment. Waiting for sukor proposal

    1. Thank u il update soon? and guys in the scene it ment to say suraj grabs his hand and places it on his heart i was typing fast so i misspelled

  2. waiting for sukor confession but don’t know what ajay can do? plz update soon.
    loves today’s episode.

    1. il update soon glad you enjoyed it

  3. Sukorian

    I’m waiting for the confession y she had to tease him…?

    1. confession will be uploaded soon and i thought it would be funny for chakor to tease suraj

  4. Amazing update! poor Suraj, he didn’t realize Chakor loves him. I like how you included that scene, loved it. Ajay is in for a shock. Can’t wait for the next part.

    1. thank you i will try update fast enough and that scene came into my mind at that time so i included it

  5. best ff ever my all time fav

    1. thank you glad u love it so much @anu thank you and il try post soon 🙂

  6. love it so much cant wait for next people need to read ur ffs they to good

  7. Sorry 4 the late comment di. Coming bak to the ff, Wow ? This was absolutely SUPERB. Sukor part was so cute. Just wish Chakr wasn’t teasing him. Poor Surj. He really needs 2 know her feelings. Cabt wait 4 the proposal. What will Ajay do

  8. Thnk God u r back with ur ff m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much happy.

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