The beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 25

Recap vimli spike sukor sukor get drunk..

Ranjana;did u see that suraj he wont let us stay in the haveli
Ragini;mumma i think we should run away before he does something to us
Ranjana;but i dont want to leave
Ragini;mumma its late at night we should think about a plan tommrow
Imli goes by her cuboard and pulls on suraj picture and cries
Imli;suraj babu dont leave for me for didi please i love you so much and if this child is the reason we cant be together then this child has to die
Vivaan cries chakor you are mine i need to find you!!!
Suraj lays ontop of chakor
Chakor gets nervous and closes her eyes
Suraj;jangli billi why are you getting ☺️
Chakor;shy? No im not…

Suraj goes really close to chakor who can feel feel his breath towards her body
Vivaan olv theres only one room left in the haveli to check sukor room
Vivaan walks in anger and bangs sukor door
Suraj holds chakor face and was about to kiss her but they here vivaan
Chakor opens her eyes and whispers
Suraj laughs
Suraj;looks like some1 has been very naughty otherwise this vivaan is going mad come lets hide
Chakor; yes i wanna play hide and seek to
They bOth laugh
Suraj grabs chakor and they both hide in the bathroom
Vivaan sees the window open and climbs in
Vivaan;chakor? Are you in here
Suraj giggles and chakor covers his mouth
Vivaan;what was that??? He searches the whole room and is not able to find chakor and leaves in fustration
Vivaan goes by imli and screams
Vivaan;if chakor does something inappropriate with someone else imli mark my way words i will not spare you
Sukor laugh

Chakor;i think the monster is gone
Suraj; i dont think he has i tink he is jealous that you….
Suraj grabs chakor
Suraj; that you…
Suraj goes by chakor ear
Suraj; that you are mine…
Chakor smiles and gets shy she slips and the shower comes on sukor get wet and start to throw water on one another
Chakor;stop!! I hate getting wet
Suraj; you started it
Chakor runs out and suraj follows her
Suraj;this is all your fault what did u do that the idiot vivaan is after you
Chakor;me?? Its my fault how can you blame me
Suraj;it is your fault you never accept that you’re wrong because your jagaathmatha
Chakor; well your a paakandi

Suraj gets frustrated im the paakandi i save u from that monster vivaan and ur blaming me!!
Fine if he comes again i wont save you…
(Suraj starts to get his senses back as he can handle alcohol but chakor is really drunk as she has never drunk alcohol before)
Suraj olv why is vivaan after chakor?
Vivaan gets anxious and knocks on sukor door again chakor gets scared and hugs suraj
Suraj holds chakor
Suraj;oh i thought u didnt need to me
Chakor;pleaze make him go
Suraj;nope lets just ignore him
Suraj puts chakor to bed but chakor grabs his arm
Mahiya plays…
Chakor pulls suraj who falls ontop of her
Chakor smiles
Suraj olv i know what to do….

Recap; suraj teases chakor that something happened between them as chakor was not ready to listen…

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  1. Super episods going on.I love it so much.SURAJ AND CHAKOR nokjokwala. romance is so cute.VIVAN AND imli are so evil.PLZ UPDATE SOON .all the best.

    1. Thank u for the support so glad u enjoyed it il try updating soon ?

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome. Sukor moment was cute. Waiting for next

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it☺

  3. Lovly n long thnku sooooo much m hapy tippu is back with her lvly ffs.waiting for next part.

    1. Aww thank u for all ur support and im glad u enjoy my ffs☺☺

  4. Amazing! sukor are so cute. can’t wait for the next update!

    1. Thank u so much il try updating soon?

  5. Shreya.

    Loved it….such an amazing part…. eagerly waiting for the next part dr…vimli r Soo cheap hope they’ll realize their mistake soon

    1. Thamk u so glad u enjoyed it lol im using vimli to make sukor close what ever they do backfires?

  6. Sukorian

    very cute part waiting for the next

    1. Thank u il try updating soon

  7. Woww! Soooo cute. ? loved their romance but most of all loved their nok jhoks. Love ur ff Di. Keep going. Update soon.

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it so much?

  8. Its great yaar…and I liked the precap.. I know suraj will tease chakor eventhogh nothing happened between them..
    Waiting for the next update

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it

  9. ShanayaKhan

    It was so awesome. That idiot Vivaan why did he come on a wrong time. Precap seems very interesting. Update soon.

    1. Thank u il try updating soon

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