The beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 23

Recap chakor helps suraj from kamal who gets arrested ajay has his love at first sight seeing chakor sukor realise they love each other

Mahiya plays……
Chakor and suraj have a deep hug….
Suraj; i knew jagathmatha would save me after all i did save u from alot
Chakor pushes suraj paakandi i went through all this for you and you…..
Suraj smirks and holds chakor hand and walks towards the haveli…
Chakor;suraj where are you taking me…
Suraj;to our house….
Chakor smiles and walks with suraj…
They enter the house
Ragini;mom what are we going to do this chakor and suraj will kick us out
Ranjana holds ragini hands…
Moore piya plays sukor walk in suraj gets ?
Where is vivaan!!!!
Chakor olv suraj needs to control his anger we need to punish ranjana and her family by the law…
Chakor;suraj i did alot for you but i want one thing in return
Suraj; holds chakor face for you i can do anything i can even give my life if you say so…
Chakor gets surprised wow ? this paakandi has really changed
Chakor; i do want you to say or do anything to ranjana and vivaan i wanna handle them my own way….
Ranjana falls on sukor feet and begs them she drags ragini down vivaan and imli beg chakor suraj gets angry and walks of
Chakor; its ok you dont need to beg
Ranjana; chakor please forgive us and i wanted ur premission to host a party of vimli pregnancy…
Chakor walks of ranjana vimli and ragini are suprised that sukor have not sed anything against them…

Precap its the party vimli spike sukor so that vivaan ends up with chakor and imli with suraj but a mix up leads to loved up drunk sukor locked up in a room together….

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  1. Awesome! Loved Sukor scene and how Suraj said he could give his life for Chakor. Chakor shouldn’t trust vimli, ranjana and ragini. Can’t wait for drunk Sukor.

    1. Thank u and chakor does not its a plan chakOr will take revenge

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Loved sukor moment. Waiting for drunk sukor moment

    1. Thank u glad u liked it

  3. Aap to bhut jldi sunti ho haa thnku so much n precap is amazing m waiting for next part.

    1. Thank u for the support u have given me and i wanted to update cuz i have my holidays now too write

  4. Sukorian

    Suraj change is great waiting for next part

    1. Thank u glad u enjoyed it

  5. Shreya.

    Wowww such a lovely part… totally loved it….totally loved sukor conversation nd everything.. nd I loved hw dis ranjana nd everyone begs sukor…nd wat abt tejaswini ji nd her grand child….precap is too interesting…vimli r cheap….eagerly waiting for the next part dr…

    1. Yh lol i wanted vimli etc to beg cuz in the serial its always chakor runnnig after every1

  6. Amazing Di. Cant wait for drunk sukor. Surj’s dialogue was bang on! Keep going and update soon. ?

    1. Thank u im glad u enjoyed it

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