The beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 13

Precap kamal court date is coming closer and closer vimli burn seeing sukor come closer.

Chakor and suraj stare at each other and walk past each other. Chakor; for what this paakandi has done today im gonna get him back. Suraj; junglie bille this is the outcome if you mess with me. Suraj goes to the baasti. Suraj; so is my work done. Baasti people; yes malik and thank u for being so humble towards us with the money we recieve we are now able to buy food and water thank you so much malik and this is all becoz of chakoria for sending kamal narayan to jail. Suraj; chakor chakor chakor everywhere i go i hear that name. Villagers ( get confused) suraj; no the only reason u are getting your share of the money is becoz of me and thats only becoz of the children otherwise you would have the same living condition as before. ( Suraj flashback as a child ragini and vivaan would get anything they would want to eat suraj had to eat what ever kamal said everything suraj did was on the command of kamal) suraj gets angry and walks of.

Chakor; oh yeah vivaan wanted to see me. But where did he go? Il go check his room. Vivaan walks in and is in extreme anger he sees imli and holds her by the waist pushing her against the wall. Imli; vivaan babu what is this?? Vivaan; no chakor you are only mine! Vivaan imagines chakor everywhere and assumes imli to be chakor. Chakor walks towards vivaan room and sees the door open she walks in to see vimli veey intimate. Chakor; imli vivaan im so sorry i forgot to knock again il wait outside. Vimli get shocked. Imli; oh no didi saw this again she know thinks that we are truly in love vivaan babu i told u to control urself. Vimli rush outside to talk to chakor. Chakor; vivaan, imli i know with the circumstances that we all got married was wrong but im happy that both of you’s have accepted each other and now you both love each other maybe what destiny planned for us was right this is why you 2 lovers ended up by each other and i ended up with paakandi… i mean suraj. Vimli get anxious and are horrified with chakor statement. Vivaan; chak…. kaustri; chakoria chakoria where are you?? Chakor; mai is here chakor runs downstairs. Vivaan; chakor listen to me…

Chakor sees kaustri and bhavan and hugs them. Chakor; mai, baapu what are you both doing here all of a sudden. Kaustri; to meet my beautiful daughter and because of what happened we forget an important ritual the baakfereha ritual in which you need to come back home with us. Tejswani; kaustri you are right but i want by daughter back as soon as possible. Kaustri; sure sure tejswani jee i can see that you and chakoria have formed a bond. Tejswani; we didnt form a bond we have formed a mother daughter relationship, and kaustri take imli with you too as it is her baakfehera too. Before kaustri said anything bhavan agrees. Ranjana; tejawani jee enjoy the companyof your babu for 4 more days as everything will change.

Chakor and imli go with thier parents to the baasti. Chakoria ki jai, chakoria ki jai! All the villagers chanted for chakor. Chakor was surprised and happy to see everyone. Chakor; this was my dream to see you all happy and free from bundua geeri this is what i was working for it took me 10 years and seeing the smiles on your faces are worth it. Everyone wishes chakor luck and go back home. Chakor goes inside and does the ritual she places her hand print to the wall and sits down. Bhavan tells chakor to go to the other room chakor gets sad and goes. Kaustri; chakoria ki baapu why did you send chakoria to the other room you know how sad that will make her feel she will think we dont love her as she has been away. Bhavan; kaustriya we need to forgive imli she is our daughter we have a stronger bond with her shes been with us our whole life. Imli gets happy that her parents will forgive her. Kaustri; your right chakoria ki baapu but chakor is still my child and thiers no way i will forgive imli but since she has gotten married i will allow her to conduct this ritual. Imli gets happy and hugs herparents. Chakor hears all this and gets shattered. Chakor; mai and baapu have forgotten me. Chakor cries as she peeks through seeing bhavan and kaustri feeding and pampering imli. Chakor; mai and baapu dont want me here thats why they told me to sit here i need to leave i cant stay here longer. Chakor; mai i need to go for practise, chakor runs out. Bhavan does not take notice and says ok chakoria and kaustri was to busy hugging imli.

Chakor cries on the road and misses arjun and bhagya. Chakor; arjun papa, bhagya mumma i miss you alot i feel empty without you guys. Chakor walks towards the haveli but was walking on the middle of the road. Suraj was driving in his jeep and chakor comes under it. Suraj quickly puts his breaks on and sees chakor. Suraj; junglie bille what are you doing do you want to die!! Chakor was to upset to notice suraj. Suraj gets of his jeep and sees chakor crying. Suraj gets worried for chakor. Suraj; chakor whats wrong why are you crying. Chakor sees suraj and runs towards him. Chakor hugs suraj and cries. Suraj gets really worried seeing chakor crying. Suraj; chak chakor what happened why are you walking on the middle of the road has some said somthing? Who is i will break thier face just tell me. Chakor carried on crying suraj lifts chakor up and puts her in the jeep. Suraj reaches the haveli. Suraj olv i wonder whats happened to chakor in the morning she seemed fine was becuase of what iv done. Suraj; chakor we have reached the haveli. Chakor comes out of her shock. Chakor; thum! What am i doing in your car i was coming walking. Suraj; oh hello you were gonna crash under my jeep i saved your life and instead your blaming me. Tejswani; chakor beta your back. Tejswani runs outside and hugs chakor. Tejswani; suraj it looks like you missed chakor more thats why you got her back by urself. Suraj; mummy its nothing like that i… suraj gets shy and walks of. Tejswnai laughs. Tejswani; come in chakor beta iv made u some milk. Chakor walks of inside with tejswani. Vivaan witnesses all this. I was right suraj and chakor and developing a bond they have forgotten that they are enemy’s and i need to make suraj realize this. Vivaan smirks and walks of.

Suraj was standing in the garden and looked very worried. Suraj olv what was all that why was chakor crying iv never seen chakor like this and why was i angry seeing those tears coming out why was i getting affected to. Vivaan; suraj bhai what are you doing outside in the sun?? Suraj; nothing. Vivaan; i see you and chakor are getting close… suraj; what do you mean vivaan and its nothing like that chakor is a wild cat no one can develop a bond with a junglie billie suraj smiles thinking about chakor. Vivaan gets relieved and walks of. Thank god suraj does not like chakor meaning i can start planting the seeds for their separation. Suraj; but she isnt that bad… suraj sees vivaan gone and gets a weird feeling he walks back in the haveli. Chakor hugs tejswani. Tejawani; whats wrong chakor? Chakor; i just needed a mothers hug. Tejswani; chakor beta im always here for you know hurry and drink this milk. Im still surprised that suraj collected anyways im happy that you and suraj and moving foward with your marrige and are trying to make it work. ( Chakor has a flashback when she was crying and how suraj was also worried for her) chakor olv maybe tejswani maa is right maybe this paakandi does have a heart somewhere in that stone body… chakor smiles. Vivaan burns seeing this, dont worry tejswani maa soon mrs chakor vivaan rajvanshi will belong to me. Chakor; maa im going for my practise and will be back within an hour. Tejswani; okay beta see you then and take care of yourself. Chakor practises on the azaadganj highway. Chakor f, for focus g, for goal chakor runs around in circuit’s to improve her staminer. Some guns are seen and phone someone. Goond; the girl is here madam shall we lay the trap. The girl takes of her mask its tina, do it then what are you waiting for dewali? Goons; ok madam. The goons lay out the trap and chakor is running towards the trap. Tina sees chakor and smirks. Tina; once she dies no1 can stop me from becoming Tina suraj rajvanshi. Chakor sees the trap but falls and sprains her ankle. Tina fumes that chakor has mananged to save herself. Chakor tires to get up but het fails as her ankle has swollen. Tina wears her mask and walks towards chakor. Tina attacks chakor from the back and tries taking chakor, magalsoothra chakor attacks tina back and manages to save herself and the magalsoothra. Tina gets up and attacks chakor with a stick. Tina smirks and runs of. Tina; rot chakor and die and the best thing is that no1 will suspect me not even chakor will thanks to this mask.

Chakor is lying down ans is unconscious. Suraj comes in his room and notices chakor is not there. Suraj; junglie billie where is she gone? Suraj checks the bathroom and the whole room but cant find chakor. Suraj runs downstairs and cant see chakor. Suraj is seen anxious. Suraj olv where is this paagal laarki gone in the state that she was in this morning it is not safe for her to be alone at this time and especially since its evening. Tejswani; suraj beta whats wrong why do you seem so worried? Suraj; have you seen chakor? Tejswani; yh chakor told me she is going for her practise and will be back within an hour but its been 3 hours since shes been gone suraj im worried go look out for chakor beta she normally practices by azaadganj high way hurry. Suraj gets worried and rushes towards his car. Tejswani gets happy seeing suraj worry for chakor.

Suraj reaches the highway its dark and its starts to rain. Suraj; chakor chakor!!! Can you hear me suraj rushes all around the the highway to find chakor. Suraj finally sees a body and walks towards it. He turns the body and is shocked. Suraj; chakor!!!! Suraj grabs chakor and gets really anxious. Suraj; chakor get up chakor can you hear me!!! Suraj lifts chakor and takes her by his car. Suraj puts chakor in his car but his car stops working. Suraj; did this car had to stop working know!! Suraj sees a small hut and takes chakor in thier. Suraj sees chakor wounds and feels angry seeing chakor in this state. Chakor is soaking wet and suraj tries to find chakor a blanket. Suraj finds a blanket but when he rushes back to chakor he see’s a snake. Suraj; oh no i need to protect chakor. Chakor is in deep pain and suffercates. The snake bits chakor and runs away. Suraj; chakor!! Suraj runs by chakor and hesitates on what to do. Suraj; what do i do what do i do yes i need to suck the blood out. Suraj slowly lifts chakor leg and sucks the blood out. Suraj sees that no white substance has come out of chakor and is relieved knowing that the poison has not affected chakor. Suraj hugs chakor and tears drop. Suraj; who would do something like this?? Who ever it was im gonna make sure they pay. Suraj feels chakor shivering. Suraj; chakor has a high temperature i need to do something otherwise her health will go worse. I have no choice i have to take her clothes of. Suraj gasps iv have no choice even though this junglie bille will kill me when she finds out right know nothing is more important than her life. Suraj turns around and slowly starts to take chakor clothes of. ( Mooee piyaa plays…) suraj wraps chakor in a blanket. Suraj stares at chakor and is lost in her beauty. Suraj sees some sticks and starts a fire. He lifts chakor by the fire. Chakor shivers and hugs suraj. Suraj storkes chakor’s hair they both fall asleep hugging each other.

Tejswani; its been 4 hours i wonder what has happened to my suraj and my chakor?? Tejswnai cries. Vimli listen to tejswani and worry about sukor as they both miss suraj and chakor.

Precap will chakor get better will chakor see how much suraj care suraj has for her will suraj find out about tina

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  1. Hey everyone i hope u guys enjoy this episdoe and im sorry about all the spelling mistakes it was becoz i was typing fast on my phone and i realised the mistakes

    Spolier for tommrow epsiode tina is going

  2. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Hate chakor’s parents, how can think like that. Sukor have started understanding each other. Loved Tejaswani & chakor bond. Hate tina. Loved how suraj took care of chakor. Interesting precap. Hoping that chakor see suraj’s concern for her

  3. Hate Tina. I always did. Wonder how she will get caught. What will KN do when he comes back.

  4. Hope they will fall fir each other soon. But still have their nok jhoks. Ur ff reminded me of d epi when Chakr got accused of taking drugs and she became so sad. Surj took so much care fir her. They are soooo cute.??
    Teju- Chakr duo is so sweet. Normally Chakrs mum cares fir her but here they completely ignored her.

  5. Amazing

  6. Amazing tippu no prob with spelings.bcz i lv ur ff.i lv teju maa n chakor bonding.n ples vimli ka khuch kro vilns k liye tina n trio he kafi jldi finish ho gya or pdna tha.waiting for next part.

  7. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr….just loved it…eagerly waiting for d next part…

  8. ShanayaKhan

    Amazing update. Sukor are getting close. Plz make Chakor come to know how much Aur care about her. Update soon.

  9. Amazing tippu, loved it, my favorite is sukor jungle scene. Love suraj’s protectiveness towards chakor. Felt sorry for chakor because of her parents’ treatment but love her bond with teju. Hope chakor realizes that suraj has a kind heart and cares for her. Eagerly waiting for the next part.

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