The beginning of a new chapter for chakor – Episode 12

Precap ranjana and ragini visit kamal in jail sukor have lots of nok joks suraj comes back home drunk.

Vivaan; imli this is not good!!! Suraj and chakor are starting to devlop a bond and that bond will lead to love noo. Imli; vivaan babu speak auspiciously i dont think suraj babu will ever love didi they have always hated each other since childhood its not long before they will seperate vivaan babu all we have to do is plant the seeds. Vivaan; imli you are right we have to make suraj and chakor realize that they are enemy’s. Vimli smirk.

Bahgya; arjun arjun!!! Im getting a weird feeling that my chakor is in danger arjun do somthing everyone is gonna find out about me and you and then kamal will harm ny daughter. Bhagya cries. Arjun; bhagya dont worry i wont let anything happen to my daughter somthing will be done. (Tina room is shown filled with suraj pictures) tina; suraj suraj suraj!!! Dont worry my love you will be mine its only a matter of time once ur papa will be out of jail you will be mine my goons have informed me that ur papa never liked chakor meaning that you dont like chakor and soon suraj i will get you either if its by hook or crook.

Ranjana; ragini next week is the one day we can prove kamal jee’s innocence and we have to make sure we prove him innocent. Ragini; mummy your right but for know we have to play happy families so that no one finds out. Ranjana; your right i need to control my self for just one week then ragini kamal jee will be back.

Vivaan; i dont have a good feeling. I need to speak to chakor. Imli; vivaan babu you need to calm down we need to find a solution in which suraj babu and didi will seperate for ever. Vivaan; no i need to see my chakor i cant handle it anymore she is my love. Vivaan runs out his room and stands outside sukor room imli follows vivaan.

The sun rised and was shining on suraj face. The wind blow smoothly through the curtains and hallowed all around the room with a light breeze. Suraj slowly opens his eyes and the first thing he saw was chakor brown shiny hair flying on his face. Suraj touches chakor hair and stares and her face. Suraj; day and night this junglie bille always has rows with me but right know she looks so innocent as if she couldn’t even hurt a fly. Suraj smiles and strokes chakor’s hair. Chakor feels uncomfortable by the sun and opens her eyes. Chakor; thum!!! Chakor pushes suraj. First of all you drink all night and come in a drunk state and then you sleep on my bed. Suraj; your bed no what do you mean my bed this bed is suraj rajvanshi’s everything in here is suraj rajvanshi’s even you… chakor; well let me tell you somthing mr suraj rajvanshi you dont own me. Suraj; but you cant deny the fact that you are mine you are now known as chakor suraj rajvanshi.

Chakor; i dont have time for your bakwass if you ever try to hold me like that again then watch what i will do to you. Suraj; what no tell me junglie bille what will you do. Do you think i eye you?? Chakor; you are so cheap i dont know who else you eye you always look at excuses to touch me. Suraj; touch you!! Are you serious. And even if i was to touch you i can because i have a right isnt that what you always say about everything that is mine!! ( suraj comes closer to chakor) chakor; what are you doing paakandi back of otherwise… suraj; otherwise what… chakor walks of and suraj grabs chakor from the back. Chakor; what are you doing you animal let go of me. Suraj; i need to control you junglie bille day by day you are getting wild. Chakor; im getting wiled you are the wild one who drinks all day and night.

Suraj; then try to release your self then junglie bille. Chakor stumps on suraj foot. Chakor; there you go paakandi iv released myself. Suraj gets angry and grabs chakor holding her against the wall. Chakor closes her eyes. Vivaan opens the door and sees suraj holding chakor agianst the wall.

Vivaan;(gets angry seeing suraj touching chakor) chakor i need to talk to you. Suraj lets go of chakor. Chakor opens her eyes. Chakor olv thank god vivaan came otherwise i dont know what this janvaar would have done to me. Ok vivaan il meet you after breakfast. Vivaan walks of. Imli; vivaan babu what happened why are you crying. Vivaan; i was right they are starting to form a bond and we need to break it fast. Imli nods and they both walk downstairs. Chakor brushes her hair and suraj comes out the shower. Suraj walks towards the mirror and chakor see’s suraj walking towards her through the mirror chakor closes her eyes. Suraj stands above chakor and water droplets drop on chakoe suraj leans over chakor to get his watch and walks of. Chakor olv this isn’t like paakandi he never said anything and walked of. Tejswani; suraj, chakor come down. Chakor; im coming tejswani maa but im not sure if paakandi is coming… suraj stares at chakor and walks of.

Chakor; this budoo is really angry but i dont care he is the one that is torturing me. Chakor walks downstairs. Tejswani pulls the chair next suraj out for chakor. Chakor olv im only sitting on this chair becoz tejswani maa pulled it out for me otherwise… chakor sits down next to suraj. Suraj; look at this junglie bille now wait watch i do. Suraj grabs chakor’s hand under the table. Chakor shouts suraj! Suraj; what chakor why are you shouting im right here. Chakor; whispers you know why im shouting let me go. Suraj; then release yourself like before but this time try doing it infront of every1. Chakor pushes suraj but he doesnt let go. Tejswani; chakor beta can you pass me the jam. Suraj; and chakor pass me the toast too.

Chakor gets angry. Here tejswani maa and here suraj! Chakor passes the toast and jam. Suraj; chakor pass me the jam too and the orange juice and the milk and the cereal. Tejswani; gets confused suraj the milk and orange juice is right by you why are you asking chakor. Suraj; mummy is it wrong for me to ask my wife this way she is able to cater for me as she is to busy with her professional life. Tejswani smiles ok suraj beta as you wish. Chakor fumes in anger. Chakor; here suraj iv even mixed the cereal and the milk for you. Chakor passes everything suraj wanted suraj smirks. Chakor pinches suraj to let go but his grip gets tighter. Suraj; chakor! Chakor; now what does this janvaar want. Chakor you never mixed sugar with this cereal i want sugar know. Tejswani; let poor chakor eat she has bearly even touched her plate. Suraj; mummy who is stopping chakor she can serve me and eat her self using her other hand. Chakor holds her breath. No tejswani maa today i will serve my husband i will not eat brekfast today. So paathi dev tell me what else you want. Tejswani laughs with embarrassment. Vivaan walks down gritting his teeth. Tejwani; vivaan imli beta come come sit and eat with us. Imli today you shall serve vivaan just like chakor is serving her paathi. Vimli fume with anger. Imli paints a fake smile and serves vivaan. Suraj smiles looking and chakor knowing that chakor is fustrated.

Imli stares at suraj and the spoon falls imli neels down and sees suraj holding chakor. Imli gets shocked and runs upstaris saying shes going to use the toliet. Imli smashes the flower vase on the wall. Imli; suraj babu is mine only mine nooo didi he is mine i wont let you have him didi imli screams in fustration. Tejswani;vivaan what was that noise? From your room. Vivaan; maa i will go check. Vivaan runs upstairs and sees his room. Imli pulls her hair vivaan babu you were right they are growing a bond he is my suraj babu mine. Vivaan; what happened what did you see. Imli; vivaan babu under the table they were holding hands. Vivaan; hands!! I knew it imli i was right we need to do somthing fast. Suraj finshed eating. Tejswani; chakor can you help me carry the dishes to the kitchen. Chakor; sure maa chakor steps on suraj foot again and relaeses her hand. Chakor smirks and walks of. Chakor trips and suraj quickly catches her.

Suraj smirks. Junglie bille look whats happened now you do know you can never win me if i let go you will fall down and all the dishes will break. Chakor; then let go paakandi anyways you are to drunk to even help yourself how will you help me suraj gets angry and slowly starts to let go of chakor. Chakor closes her eyes. Tejswani; chakor beta i hope your not hurt suraj help chakor up. Seeing his mother suraj helps chakor. They both stare at each other. Vivaan; what is this no chakor im gonna have to do somthing i cant see this bond increasing day by day. Tina gets ready in a bridal outfit. Tina has a big picture of suraj on the wall. Tina; suraj only 7 more days then you will be mine…

Precap what will tina do what will vimli do will kamal get out of jail what will bhagya and arjun do

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  1. Hey dear its awsm awsm nd aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeesm.n yahan to ktne vilns ho gye trio,vimli nd tina.intresting to know wt hapen next wish suraj ka gussa i mean romantic gussa kafi der tk chale.lov their nok-jok.if u don’t min i want nthing.

    1. Thank u dear for the support and iv just noticed that there are so many villians

  2. Tina n vimli are too dangerous for sukor. Loving the tashan nok jhoks between sukor.
    this is a favourite fan fiction. I keep waiting for your updates

    1. Im so glad u loved it thank u for the support il try update regularly

  3. Great….and thanks dear for the long update..I want to see what vimli do to separate sukor.. Sukor s nokjhokes are too cute and poor chakor she cant get out of suraj ha haa

    1. Thank u dear il try to post soon and yh sukor dont realise that they are coming closer and (hint ) vimli evil plan will make the aware that they enjoy each other’s company

  4. Sukorlover

    Awesome update. Love sukor’s cute nok jhok romance. So many villains in sukor life, vimli, trio & tina. Eliminate some villains in next part

    1. Thanks for the suppoti too noticed there are too many villians but i will not use them together like vimli and tina plan will all fail and cuz of thier plans sukor will come closer thats why arjun, bhagya and tejswani are good and by the next 2 episodes il try getting rid of tina

  5. Nicee

    1. Thank u for the support glad u liked it

  6. Awesome, sukor are so feisty, tina seems to be crazy. Looking forward to the next update.

    1. Thank u for the support and i too realised tina seems abit to crazy? and il try updating soon maybe today

  7. ShanayaKhan

    OMG there are so many villains I Sukor’s life. Tina Imvaan KN and don’t know how many…and Tina seems to be really crazy. Interesting update. Continue soon.

  8. O it means vimli m bhi lv bonding start hoga i jst try to guss ur hint bt actualy this is wt i want.vilns mai trio he kafi ur ff.

  9. Love the ff. I loved how u matched ur ff with the pic. Its soo cute. Everybody is bent on ruining Sukor life. Keep going. I love reading ur ffs.

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