The beginning of a new chapter for chakor – Episode 11

Precap bhagya does not want chakor to stay in the haveli sukor walk in on vimli intmacy moment

Vivaan; (with a shocked face) noo what has happened chak chakor and suraj bhai have found out now they will think that we have accepted one another. Imli; (cries) but vivaan babu i only love suraj babu i cant live without him this one mistake cant ruin my love that iv had for 10 years. Vivaan; imli u are right we have to do somthing.

Tejswani; suraj, chakor have you called vivaan and imli for lunch. Suraj (looks down and pokes chakor to tell) chakor (frowns) tejswani maa me and paakandi (suraj stares at chakor) i mean me and suraj went to vivaan and imli room and they said that they will be here. Tejswani; okay beta u guys start ur lunch. Ranjana looks on and everyone starts to eat in the dining table.

Ranjana gets a phone call and disconnects it. Everyone looks at ranjana. Vimli come downstairs and are nervous. Chakor and suraj lok down as they are embarssed about the whole situation. Tejswani; vivaan beta im happy that you and imli have sorted out your differences and have accepted one another. Vimli; smile but with distress. Ragini; finally everything is normal my 2 bhai’s are now happy with keeping thier wife’s sukor look at each other. Lets make this lunch interesting suraj bahi, vivaan bhai i want you to feed chakor and imli babhi with yourhands and my 2 babhiya i want you to do the same. Sukor both get up and say no! Tejwani (gets shocked) but why? Chakor realises that everyone was around the table. Chakor; tejswani maa i didnt mean that its ok i will feed suraj. Chakor takes the aloo pratha and feeds it to suraj.. moore piya plays chakor hair flies on suraj they both have an eyelock. Vimli burn seeing this and they both walk of. Suraj takes the pratha and stuffes it in chakor and smirks. Chakor bites suraj hand and suraj gets up. Suraj; mummy im done and i need to talk to chakor in private. He grabs chakor hand and leaves.

Tejswani smiles and goes. Ranjana; what are you doing playing happy families ragini we have to help kamal jee. Ragini; mummy you dont understand. They both leave. Ragini and ranjana are shown walking towards a jail. Ragini; papa i missed you i cant beleive this chakor papa i will avenge you. Ranjana; kamal jee since the day you went i cant sleep and eat. Kamal hugs ragini and ranjana. Kamal; iv phoned the chief minster and i hope you get rid of all the evidence next week is my hearing and then i will be back and chipkali you dont know what you have done… all trio smirk. Ragini; mummy this was what i was talking about im only pretending to make suraj and chakor not doubt me. Kamal; suraj and chakor… what are you talking about. Ranjana; (explains what happened sukor got married and vimli got married) kamal; what that chipkali is my bahu noo this cant happen. Kamal then thinks and laughs (evil kamal laugh) no no thats good even though im upset with suraj he is still my son and will surely listen to me now chipkali watch watch what happenes to you.

Chakor; let me go you janvaar. Suraj; im the janvaar your the janvaar your the one who bited me! Chakor pushes suraj because she saw imli. Suraj; junglie bille dont you dare walk off suraj sees chakor going by imli and walks of by his room. Chakor; imlu imlu wait. Imli wipes her tears and turns around. Chakor; alot has happened since the wedding you got married to vivaan and i got married to suraj but imlu why did you do all that to tina. Imli; didi i never wanted to marry vivaan babu i loved suraj babu and wantes him didi i loved suraj all my life i cant live without him and i wanted him. Chakor; imli if you loved suraj then why didnt u say. Imli; if i said that i want to marry suraj babu every1 would laugh look and me and look and suraj babu we are worlds apart. Chakor; imli i didnt know you loved suraj that deep… but you and vivaan have become one though i thought you and vivaan have accepted one another since you have consummated. Before imli could say anything tejswani comes and takes chakor.

Tejswani tells chakor that her friends are here to meet her. Chakor comes and greets everyone. Tejswani’s friends; wow tejswani look how pretty your bahu is she is one in a million. Chakor smiles and accepts thier gifts. Suraj comes down and tejswani drags him by her friends. Suraj; mummy what are you doing i dont want to be here between your friends. Tejswanipushes suraj to sit next to chakor. Suraj and chakor look at each other with a frown. Tejswani friends; wow tejswani you are a lucky lady look and your son and bahu look at thier joori they are so cute. Suraj gets up. Suraj; thank you every1 for the compliments but i need to go.

Suraj walks of and meets his friends in the club. Suraj friends; where is babhi jee we want to meet her. Suraj; guys come on i dont wanna talk about her please dont talk about her otherwise our night will get runied. Suraj friends; fine then tell us her name atleast. Suraj ; her name is janglie bille. Suraj friends; junglie bille?? What kind of name is that looks like suraj wife has him on locks. Suraj; its nothing like that her name is chakor. Suraj friends; chakor your married to sports star chakor arjun daughter well the man that raised her. Suraj; arjun her fathers name is not arjun and yh iv married chakor. Suraj friends; if you dont know arjun then we wont believe that you have married chakor. Suraj; whatever. Suraj gets really drunk and heads back home. Suraj makes alot of noise and sleeps on his bed. Chakor wakes up and sees suraj by her. Chakor pushes suraj and tells him to get of the bed. Suraj; junglie bille stop pushing me i wont leave my bed and today i will sleep here. Chakor; your so disgusting look how drunk you are and no i wont let you sleep with me. Suraj; its 1 am in the night jaagathmaatha i dont want to listen to your baashan plz let me sleep. Chakor; my bashan did i tell you to drink till this late at night you are the one who woke me up now let me sleep as i have to practise running tommrow. Suraj; then fine lets both go sleep then why are you creating a ruckus. Suraj; junglie bille looks you wont listen this way suraj grabs chakor and falls asleep. Suraj holds a tight grip on chakor. Chakor; what is this janvaar doing chakor tries to realise her self but slowly starts to fade out and falls asleep in suraj arms.

Precap will kamal get realesed from jail will suraj find out about chakor past

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  1. Sukorlover

    Interesting update. Sukor are so adorable. Waiting for them to accept each other. Hate the evil trio

  2. Its amazing or pdna tha pdte rehna tha ples or lenghty likh do ples tippu i can’t wait for this awsm awsm awsm ff.ples likh do pleeeeees.itna wait mtt krvao ples ples.

  3. As usual amazing I loved their nokjhokes…sukor sleeping on the same bed..he.he ..
    Waiting for the next update

  4. Awesome

  5. Awesome, love sukor moments, the scene where they’re feeding each other is so funny , loved their fight about sharing the bed. Precap is very interesting, looking forward to the next update.

  6. Bidisha Karar

    Nice update.
    Waiting for your next part.

  7. Thank u every1 that commented i appreciate ur support and ur comments motivate me to write as i feel u guys have an interest after 8 june i think i can update everyday if im bothered

  8. ShanayaKhan

    Nice update. Waiting to know Chakor’s past. Update soon.

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