the beginning of a new chapter for chakor Episode 10

Hey guys thank u for all the support since its Friday i really wanted to post the next epsiode please comment and enjoy

precap bahagya is worried to know that chakor got married in the rajvanshi house with suraj vimli get drunk and assume that they are with chakor and suraj they both consumate sukor have alot of nok joks and are embarssed to see vimli in thier bedroom

Bhagya; how is chakor living thier!! I want her back arjun do somthing i dont trust that rajvanshi house i dont want them harming my chakor shes like my daughter kamal narayan is a snake he wont spare my chakor after chakor put him in jail. Bhagya cries (flashback scene of bhagya wen she was a child) arjun you dont know kamal he locked suraj in his room all day i hardly know my little brother he was always isolated and all he was given was a gun to play with. My suraj my brother was a sophisticated as a child he was so bright happy, cheerful and was veey mischief.(bhagya laughs and tears drop down her eyes) he always wanted to be open and run his own business but kamal naryan snatched all our happiness after manhoor chacha passed away kamal married ranjana she wanted to get rid of me mummy and suraj. Kamal listened to everything she said. He divorced my mummy but suraj convinced kamal to let mummy stay as she will be known as our mummy and not kamal naryan wife and then arjun me mummy and suraj were touchered suraj was locked away to take over kamal naryan empire but this was all a trick of ranjana she wanted vivaan to be successful and suraj to be a goon mummy did all the household work to forget her sorrow and with what was happening to suraj but its not mummy’s fault and then there was me kamal didnt like me as he wanted to have a son first i really wanted to be a lawyer so i studied hard and then arjun i met u through chakor, chakor told me that you are a good person and you are her trainer and the rest is history we fell in love but kamal never wanted us together he wanted me to marry his friends son for his personal motives. He planned to kill chakor but adi’s father saved chakor he then killed adi’s family. Arjun i know u loved chakor to so you took adi and chakor with u and that night i also planned to run away and marry you but ranjana found out chains were wrapped around me kamal made the villagers stone me for going against me and annocened my marrige with his friends son but i was able to run away as dadi helped me. Bhagya cries alot . Dadi helped me escape and as dadi was running with me kamal found out and ran after us he found me and dadi. Kamal shooted me but dadi came infront and told me to run as far as i could i ran but with a broken heart and since then everyone thinks that kamal has killed me and dadi. This why arjun i cant let chakor stay there kamal is pure evil and he will make chakor suffer. Arjun hugs bhagya. Arjun; we wont let anything happen to chakor…

The wind is blowing mooree piyaa is playing. Chakor hair was flying on suraj face. Suraj shivered as chakor’s body touched his he felt as if someone was blowing cold air through his soul suraj closed his eyes. Chakor is tensed and ashamed of what she saw. Chakor; tum saach mai paakandhi hu!! Why couldnt you tell me that imli and vivaan needed privacy im traumatised with what i saw. Suraj was lost deep into chakor’s hug. Chakor realises she is hugging suraj and lets go. Chakor pushes suraj. Suraj; janglie billie wen u saw me running out i told you too not to go in but you are so stubborn i told you not to go in but do you ever listen. Chakor; gasps oh so im to blame you should have said but you were acting as if something horrfic had happened thats why i went in i even asked you. Suraj; they way you felt traumatised was the way i felt too and junglie billie there is no point arguing with you. Imli hears suraj shouting and vivaan hears chakor shouting. Imli and vivaan say, suraj babu chakor why are you shouting for now we are both one. Imli notices vivasn voice and vivaan notices imli’s voice they both wake up seeing each other in each others arms and realise they have consumated thier marrige. Imli and vivaan cry. Vimli; how did this happen how can we betray our love’s. Vivaan gets up. Imli; look whatever happened was a drunken mistake no one should know what happened espeically chakor she is mine. Imli; vivaan babu you are right and suraj babu should also not know as he is mine. Vivaan and imli hold hands. Vimli think and say; if i want chakor and you want suraj then we should work together to get out loves. Imli; vivaan babu you are right they both smirk.

Chakor; frowns how many times did i say dont call me junglie bille. Suraj; its not my fault you behave like one. Chakor gets angry and pushes suraj chakor trips and suraj catches her. They have an eyelock and get lost in one another. Vimli hear sukor voic vimli; i swear i heard chakor and suraj. They both wore thier clothes on and opened thier door. Vimli became all red and were filled with rage seeing sukor. Suraj notices vimli and helps chakor stand. Sukor; (chakor looks down with embarrassment and pokes suraj) suraj looks at chakor and frown. Suraj pov; i know this junglie bille wants me to talk but what can i say that i walked in seeing both of you”s in an intimacy moment. Vimli burn seeing chakor poking suraj. imli; (speaks in anger) Didi suraj babu what happened why are you here. Suraj; (heistates)well the thing is mummy was calling u guys for dinner for agesand no1 was answering so on our way down me and junglie billie… chakor frowns at suraj. I mean me and chakor were on our way down and mummy told us to call u guys to but me and chakor walked in ur private moment and we are sorry. Vimli are shocked to know that sukor found our about thier intimacy. Both couples looked on awkwardly. Sukor we embarssed and walked of. Chakor; (on her way downstaires) imli i need to talk to you after lunch vimli go back in thier room and are worried.

Precap will vimli try to seperate sukor will bhagya and arjun try to save chakor from the haveli what is kamal up too will sukor accept each other

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  1. Its too amazing yaar… I really loved it ..both vimli will try to separate sukor..but I know they will not succeed it

      1. Im so happy u enjoyed the epsiode and i didnt want vimli dragging the plot as i want focus on sukor

  2. Amazing, I’m glad vimli know that sukor saw them together, baghya’s story was interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next update.

    1. Thank u dear for the support im glad u enjoyed it and i will post another 1 tommorw

  3. Sukorlover

    Amazing update, bhayaya’s past was sad.
    Sukor are so cute. Vimli’s plan will fail for sure. Interesting precap

    1. Thank u im glad u enjoyed it and i have alot of ideas for upcoming episodes

  4. I’ve nothing to say.khuch bhi bolungi cm hi pdega jst lov to read ur ffs nd can’t forget these moments lovly dear waiting for next one.

    1. Thank u dear so much for the support and how r u dear u are bk after along time im happy u enjoyed it and i Will be updating quiet regularly from now on as i have alot of spare time after next week

  5. Shreya.

    Asusual amazing part dr…loved it…bhagya’s past was sad and her FB shows teju ji bhagya di nd suraj’s pain sufferings clearly..nd vimli know tat sukor saw them together….hope vimli moved on their life…nd hope sukor also accept each other…eagerly waiting for d next part…

  6. Thnku tippu for this favr i can’t xplain my hapiness.i wona read ur ff evryday spcly in the morning to start my day with toooo much hapiness.

  7. Sai

    Amazing part… For first hug first hug pic…super dr…
    Dono wat vimli are upto..waiting for next update…

  8. hmmmm!!!! I always like sukor fight their arguments….super episode….

  9. Sukorian

    wow i couldn’t stop reading ? please update soon.

  10. Awesome

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