Befikre (Ishani, Ranveer, Ritvik, Shivanya) – Part 1


Hy guyz i am going to write my first ff on this page hope you like it.

So ishani ranveer and ritvik shivanya are study in same college ishani ritvik and shivanya ranveer are boyfriend girlfriend.
Befikre(Ishveer) fan fiction Episode 1.

At college.
Ishani and ritvik are kissing in classroom.
Ritvik bits ishani on shoulders and lips.
Ishani holds him from back.
Ranveer comes.
Rv: hi guyz you both starts kissing again.
Ritvik: we can’t stay from kissing eachother.
Shivanya comes.
Shivanya holds ranveer from back ranveer turns his face and kiss shivanya and holds him tightly.
Shivanya comes and sits on ranveer legs and ranveer is kissing her from back and holds her from belly.
Ritshani do’s the same.
Shi: hi ishani hi ritvik.
Ish: hi tomorrow is our english paper so i have an idea for boys as wer know that ranveer and ritvik are our boyfriends and nevere see another girl so the idea is today in evening all of you comes in my house and i take ranveer in my room and shivanya takes ritvik in other room and the game is in every wrong answer of boys we take out our one cloth so boys have to learn english bcoz i know boys don’t want to see their girlfrnds throughout their clothes from other boys so how was my idea.
Shiv: that’s great i like it.
Ritvik kiss ishani and lips hardly and ranveer kiss shivanya on neck.

At evening.
Ishani is wearing jacket than a shirt than a t-shirt and then an short shirt ,shivanya wears the same.
Rit: i have to passed in this test bcoz i don’t want to see another girl is taking out her clothes.
Rv: me too.
Ishani and shivanya comes to their bf .
Shivanya kisses ranveer on lips.
Shi: good luck baby i love you.
Rv: i love you too baby .
They shares a liplock.
Ish: good luck baby love u.
Ritvik kiss her on lip.
Rit: i love you too baby.
Shivanya goes with ritvik and ishani goes with ranveer.

At ishveer room.
Ishani ask first questions from ranveer.
Ranveer don’t knows that answer.
Ishani takes out his jacket.
So line by line ranveer didn’t know any answer and ishani takes out his shirt t-shirt short shirt.
Ish: plz don’t give more answers wrong i didn’t take out other clothes.
Rv goes to ishani and says you wear everything of yours bcoz a girl respect is everything for her and i don’t want your respect so wear it all.
Ishani and ranveer hugs ones.
Ish: truly you are my best frnd.
Ishani breaks hugs and give him a little kiss.
Ishani shouts ouch.
Rv: what happens to your hands.
Ishani: ac temperature is high that’s why my hand are not moving and paining so much.
Rv : ok then i make you wear you clothes.
Ishani sits in bed.
Ranveer sits.

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  1. mouni roy fan

    why ranveer wid shivanya and ishani wid ritik?

  2. Loved it but plzz make ishveer together

  3. Maya-Shelly

    Different dr
    Update next soon

  4. Only rivanya should be together

  5. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    its good , but pls reduce liplock scences since it is too much otherwise it is good dear

  6. Nandana

    A different one dear And plz make ishveer together

  7. Jasminerahul

    college story.that’s cool.Ritik Ishani n Ranveer shivanya r a pair.Nice romance.Girls r so bold in their punishment 4 boys if they dont study.loved ranveer gives imp 2 ishani’s self will rivanya n Ishveer unite?

  8. Siddhi

    Awesome concept dear loved it do continue

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