“I would like to introduced my wife MRS TIA SINGH OBEROI ” as soon Shivay completed his world before media.The clapping sound’s echoed all over the oberoi mantion.Evil smiling face of TIA KAPOOR and her speech on fairytale life with Shivaay began infront of media.


Shivaay Singh Oberoi was particularly at staring hard at one MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN who is his real wife by all rituals in front god. ….ANIKA.

He didn’t care to see or even explain the reason of his harsh decision towards his shocked family.

His mom PINKY OBEROI was looking happy.
His dad SHAKTI OBEROI was not understanding anything but keeping patience as always.
His badi mom JANVI OBEROI is shocked and have disappointed look and same was with His Dadi ,His sister PRIYANKA OBEROI ,.
His bade papa TEJ SINGH OBEROI is satisfied .
His brotherS OMKARA AND RUDRA are gazing him with accusing eyes.thier face is in disbelief and the anger was visible.

But he SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI really not for once bothered for his family. Because his sole word turns upside down seeing the women who isin real his WIFE is not hurt ,shocked, not surprise, not accused,not angered ,not happy but smirking as shr won victory .

And that’s when SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI IS TOTALLY THROWN IN DISBELIEF LOOKING AT ANIKA SMIRKING AND CALM FACE .a. Winning look but how on the earth she can be not hurt !!!! By his decision he have hurt her ego and dignity which she deserved afterall tge women like her is can only deserved this .and now he wanted to see hurt or even anger ,shattered feeling but Anika is smirking and her eyes are filled with unknown mystery.

His thought disturbed by Tia as she asked him to tell about their future plans.

Anika smirk as she finally know that a certain OBEROI is been trapped. Her phone ringed .
On phone…

Anika – yes..SHIVAAY has announced Tia as her bride not me .now do two things first send Sahil vaghela to New york boarding school from evening flight and leak the photos which i have given you in 6hrs .
Caller – it would be done AK as per your order but are you sure about photos.?
Anika said deadly voice – Do as you are told because AK never think twice of her decision and its just start of certain OBEROI FAMILY DESTRUCTION .
Oberoi family is same as shown in serial.
Dadi elder of oberoi family.
Tej Oberoi – business man and father of Omkara and Rudra and Priyanka.
Janvi Oberoi – wife of Tej Oberoi.
Shakti Oberoi – business man and father of Shivaay .
Pinky Oberoi – wife of Shakti Oberoi.
Shivaay ,Omkara ,Rudra,Priyanka are same as in show.
Soumya is the same as show.


ANIKA – a very mysterious women recently came to work for SHIVAAY wedding planning. And turned up to getting wife of SHIVAAY .

But this is not what she is !

Guys if you wanted to carry on this ff please response.


  1. Bhagya

    Woho this seems very interesting….!
    Post next episode asap…looking forward for an arrogant annika

  2. lincy

    interesting…. pls continue ur ff. .. anika is little bold in ur ff which I liked❤… post next part soon

  3. Jana

    Interesting……I think anika as a mystery queen of the story……..continue…….. if you will get time try to post ur other ff too………..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.