How They Become Kaanchi? Introduction

Hi guys! This is Anee and I am a huge fan of Kaanchi. That’s why I try to write fan fiction on my favorite Kaanchi. Hope u all like it if yes then please Comment.

This story is a Simple Love story. There is no Mishra and Agarwal concept. It’s just Love triangle between Saanchi, Kabir and Veer. First i want to introduce the characters.

Dr.Saanchi:-She is beautiful, simple, adorable and hardworking girl. Her first aim to accomplish her father n mother’s dream to becomes No.1 Doctor of Savitri Devi Collage and hospital. She also helps others and treats patients like her family members.

Dr.Kabir:-He is most prominent doctor of Savitri Devi collage and hospital. He is strict with Rules and Regulations.

His first aim is to make Savitri Devi collage and hospital top ranking hospital of the country. He is also most handsome person in the hospital. He is heartthrobs of thousands of girls. Sometimes he is confused between heart and brain. But he is very soft by heart even he don’t realized but have some special connections with Saanchi.
Dr.Veer:-He is a very big prankster. He leaves no chance to tease Saanchi. He the son of Dr.Anand Malhotra, who is the honor of Savitri Devi College of Hospital He, has no limit of his pranks. In his thoughts every think is Prank and Dr. Anand Malhotra is also worried about his son.

Dr.Riya:-She is veer’s Sister and Dr.Anand Malhotra ‘daughter. She is come in this field just because of Dr. Kabir. Because she likes Dr.Kabir and wants marry with him.

So guys how is my plot. If u like then please tell me comment. I really need your appreciations.


  1. Riya

    Characters r the same as shown in sdch.eagerly waiting to know what is the concept of ur story. Continue writing anee dear😊

  2. shreya

    yaar continue and bring little bit seen of love triangle too and ya most imp post regularly and soon. plsss

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