How They Become Kaanchi? Episode 2

Hi Guys I’m back with new episode hope you would like it as well and also thanks for your reviews, lovely comments and appreciations. So guys let’s start the story.
Kabir (To Interns): Now go and get back to your work. Don’t forget that is your Last day to prove yourself.
All interns: (who stands there) yes sir.
In Kabir’s cabin Saanchi Knock the door

Kabir: come in.
Saanchi: (enters in cabin) Sir, this is kusum ant’s tests reports.
Kabir: Give me.
Saanchi: sir, these reports are normal but some more tests are required.
Kabir: (He looking in file) Hmm.
Saanchi: (looking at Kabir’s face)
Kabir: Now, you may leave.
Saanchi: ok sir

She moves then suddenly collides with Riya and going to slip but this time Kabir holds her from waist and they both share romantic eye lock while Riya fumes.
Riya: Excuse me.
They both Kabir and Saanchi comes in their senses Then separated from each other.
Kabir: Don’t you know that how to walk properly.
Riya 🙁 smiled)

Kabir: Now, both of may leave.
Both Saanchi and Riya come out from Kabir’s cabin.
Riya: How cheap are you Saanchi? At the same time you want to trap two men. How disgusting are you?
Saanchi: Listen Riya I’m not you.
Riya: what you mean that how am I?
Saanchi: Just forget it Riya I have lots of work to do than you. (She moves)
Riya: (Pushed her) wait Saanchi I think you don’t know that is my father’s hospital and here you can’t talk me like that got it?
Saanchi: So just wait and watch.

3rd day is finished successfully.
In the Classroom:
All interns are sits on their seats as usual.
Kabir: So, guys as know that your three days are finished and you all were performed well. I’m happy to see your concern towards work and I’m glad to announce that who will assist me in surgery.
Riya (Smiles and thinks) I know Dr. Kabir takes my name because dad also told him to take my name.
Riya: (with happy face try to stands)

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi will assist me in a surgery.
All interns looking towards Saanchi and claps while Riya is in shock and also fumes.
Kabir: Ok, Dr. Saanchi, You will ready for tonight’s surgery.
Saanchi: (nodded and Smiled) Yes sir.
Kabir: Ok (leaves from there)
Veer: Ok Miss Golgappa finally congratulations.
Saanchi: Thank you veer.

Veer: after surgery I will drop you Hostel don’t forget it.
Saanchi: ok (smiled)
Isha: Congratulations Saanchi.
Saanchi: (with big smile) thank you sweaty.
Pragya: ok Saanchi best of luck yaar.

Saanchi: (Hugs both of them)
Veer: Arrey Waa, What about me Saanchi this is not fair. Don’t you think that should you need to hug me?
Saanchi: I don’t think veer.
Pragya: Abe yaar Saanchi give him hug otherwise this naliak will always stands here with this hope that when Saanchi will coming and hugs him.
Veer: Ohh Waaooo Pragya how much you know me na? (He turns towards Pragya)
Saanchi: Ok Pragya Just you told me that is why.

Pragya: (nodded) ok.
Then Saanchi give hug to veer then Kabir comes towards classroom and saw the Scene and feels some bad.
Surgery is finished successfully:
Saanchi and Kabir both come out from OT.

Kabir: well done Dr.Saanchi.
Saanchi: thank you sir.
Kabir Go and het changed I will drop you hostel.
Saanchi: sir….
Kabir: What? It’s too late Saanchi I can’t leave you alone. So don’t waste of time go and get change, got it?
Saanchi (in just two words) yes sir.
Kabir: ok (moved)

Saanchi and Kabir they are going towards car then veer sees them and thinks.
Veer: Arrey what’s going on her mind. She should have to go with me not Kabir sir. This is not fair Saanchi you will heady for this. Saanchi was also saw veer in the car.
Saanchi: (in mind) now, veer will not leave me again and how I’ll explain him that why I was went with Kabir sir.

Saanchi and Kabir both reach the hostel:
Kabir: Good night Dr. Saanchi.
Saanchi: thank you sir and good night to you.
Next day in the hospital:
Saanchi: veer try to understand me…
Veer: (interrupt) No other words Saanchi I know this is your intension to hurt me.
Saanchi: what rubbish Veer. Why I will hurting you. In fact I, I… (She quite)
Veer: In fact what?

Saanchi: (to veer) nothing.
Veer: No, Saanchi don’t stop complete your sentence.
Saanchi: (Moved) No veer I have nothing to tell you
Veer: (comes in front) No Saanchi I don’t believe that u has nothing to tell me i think I’m right.
Then Saanchi gets call from home. That is her mother jaya’s call.
Saanchi 🙁 Attend the call leaves from there) hello Maa how are you?
Jaya fine beta how are you?
Saanchi: Don’t worry Maa I’ am absolutely fine.

Jaya: how are going your studies?
Saanchi: Yeahaa Maa that’s going well.

Jaya: Ok beta takes care.
Saanchi: Yeahaa Maa you also take care.
Veer 🙁 Comes) let’s go with me
Saanchi: where veer?
Veer holds Saanchi’s hand and they both are going.
Saanchi is continuing ask a question from veer but veer is not giving any answer.
Saanchi: where we are going veer tell me? I have to do work please leave me.
They both reaches on the hospitals terrace:
Veer leaves Saanchi’s hand.
Saanchi: (thinks) why veer bring me here. Now what will he do?

Veer: Come on Saanchi now you tell me what is in your heart for me? I eagerly want to know.
Tell me anything otherwise you will pay heady amount for that.
Saanchi: What! What’s this going on veer? Don’t be a child veer.
Veer: No Saanchi I am not a child. Are You really don’t know why I am doing that?
Saanchi: No veer why?

Veer: Come on Miss Golgappa at least this time you have to take me serious.
Saanchi: I’m serious Veer.
Veer: (comes towards Saanchi and put hands on her shoulders) Because I love you.
Saanchi (in shock) Veer? Veer
Veer: Yes, Saanchi I love you.

Saanchi: Veer kuch bhi? (She tries to move)
But Veer holds her shoulders tightly She failed to move.
Saanchi: leave me I need to go.
Veer: You do not give me answer of my question.
Saanchi: what veer?
Then Saanchi gets message from Dr. Kabir.
Saanchi: Oh! Its Dr. Kabir’s message now I have to go. Leave me veer.
Veer: Ok done, Go but before going listen carefully one thing.
Saanchi: what?

Veer: I challenge you that you will confess your feelings of love to me in front of Dr. Kabir.
Saanchi: (laughs) Are you made veer?
Veer: Yes.
Saanchi: veer no.
Veer: Really Dr. Saanchi You mean to say no. You are very diffident Saanchi so why you act so brave but actually you are diffident.
Saanchi: Ok fine, I accept the challenge but don’t you dare to tell me diffident again.
Veer 🙁 smiles) Ok I will wait.

Saanchi: Hmm (she leaves).

Precap: Saanchi invites to Dr. Kabir for the party, Saanchi falls on Dr.Kabir Riya fumes.

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