How They Become Kaanchi? Episode 11

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……………………………………………………………………….Episode 11……………………………………………………………………..

Kabir: Vivak how are you? And what is doing here?

Vivak Kabir’s school’s friend.

Vivak: I’m fine dude. How is aunt…………..wait who is she? Ask excitingly

Kabir: she…

Vivak: (interrupts) Kabir you got married you not invites me.

Kabir: no no.

Saanchi hears it and in little shock and looking to Kabir.

Vivak: Hello bhabhi ji you are lucky girl that you got Kabir. U knows in the school days every girl wants to do friendship with him.But this sahab he was pretty shy in the school days.

He says to Kabir,Man’na parega teri choice ko chhupe rustom haan he giggles Kabir.

Kabir: look Vivak let me tell you. She is not my wife she is an intern in my hospital.her name is Dr. Saanchi Mishra.

Vivak embarrasses and looks to her from head to toe. Oops sorry Devi ji. It’s not my mistake you both are looking so adorable and charming with each other anyone says that you are a perfect couple.
Saanchi still quite and stare to him.

Kabir: Ok leave this at all. Now tell me what are you doing here?

Vivak: Kabir tu na sahi par main sahadi kar raha hun. Kabir not you but I’m going to get married.

Kabir: congratulations Dude But who is lucky girl?

Vivak: You familiar with her.

Kabir: I know her?

Vaivak: yes

Kabir instantaneously…. wait a minute you mean to say neha??

Vivak smiles yes my bro neha my school’s girlfriend.

Kabir: hey dude! Dual congratulations.

Vivak: are you delighted not anxious?

Saanchi: anxious??

Vivak: You know in the school days kabir likes so much but he secrified his ardour for me.

Saanchi: (stares to him)

Kabir: (Smiles) Vivak Tu bhi na That was not my love.

Saanchi: (facetiously) Sir You Didn’t told about neha? Why sir?

Kabir: Saanchi tum bhi Iss ki baat ka bharosa kar rahi ho? He was devil of our school (He nodes and smiles)

Vivak: That’s not fair Kabir; And Saanchi she is so beautiful like you and this maharaj he was sang song for her in school.

Saanchi starring to Kabir with big shocked eyes also smiled was appeared on her face.

Kabir noticed that and said what?

Saanchi: sir, are you also sing the song .how mysterious are you.

Vivak: Kabir what is this you didn’t tell him anything.

Kabir: leave it tell me about yourself?

Vivak: actually I want to give surprise to that’s why I’m here to buy something for her.

Kabir: so what you purchase for her.

Vivak: abhi tak to kuch bhi nahi. But I’m looking forward to buy something she likes lenhenga .

Saanchi: lehenga?

Vivak: yes; Saanchi, she likes so much .so I think need to buy for her what say guys.

Kabir: ahm ok as you wish.

Vivak: Saanchi will you help me? For purchasing lehenga coz you are girl I don’t even about lehenga and all that.

Saanchi: me?

Kabir: yes Saanchi please help him.

Saanchi: okk sir.

Then trio were busy to buying lehenga.

Saanchi: Vivak I think this is perfect for your neha.

This was really so beautiful lehenga chosen by Saanchi.

In Pink color blouse over golden embroiders light purple net dupatta so beautiful.

Vivak: wow really so beautiful, neha will also like that, saanchi can you please trying this once

Saanchi: main kese(how I?)

Vivak: Kabir pleases say to her?

Kabir: please Saanchi it’s a request.

Saanchi; ok sir ….

Saanchi went for trying lehenga then Vivak told to Kabir.

Vivak: Kabir do you like her?

Kabir: what are you saying vivak?

Vivak: I’ am serious, give me answer ok, listen she is really so beautiful and also sanskari I am sure anti also likes her henna?

Kabir: (smile) what are you saying I don’t understand?

Vivak: Kabir jan kar anjaan mat ban mere bhai. Zandgi ko zindgi bar bar nahi milti pyar nahi milta samjhey?

Then Saanchi comes out from changing room Kabir and Vivak both moves and looking to her Saanchi wears lehenga she is looking so gorgeous Kabir starring to her, his eyes Pause on Saanchi. Saanchi also start starring to him from distance but they shares deep an eye lock. Vivak notice it and smiles then suddenly someone pushes Saanchi she is going to fall but Kabir runs and holds her from waist. Saanchi’s dupatta comes on his face then slowly falls down from eyes, Saanchi hair slowly fly in air Kabir’s hair too.

This is deeply romantic scene I have no words to describe it because this is imagination of my mind.

Vivak: Kabir

On the spur of the moment they glare to Vivak and realized that they are very close to each other Saanchi is in his arm Kabir also held her from waist they looking to each other then instantly move away from each other rated Saanchi feels embarrasses tries to set her lehenga Kabir also embarrasses and jerk his cloths.

Vivak: wow Saanchi you looking so beautiful and gorgeous.

Saanchi give him smile

Vivak: Kabir tuje kuchh nhi kehna?

Kabir moves toward her and watch Saanchi is also glaring to him then he says.

Kabir: (whispers) really so pretty, beautiful.

Vivak: What?? Kabir Speak Loudly.

Kabir give angry look to him.

Vivak: (laughs) ok ok baba not glare me like that

Saanchi: I ’m going to change.

Vivak: ji bhabhi ji, ohh sorry I’ mean Saanchi ji ok Saanchi go.

Kabir: tu kabhi nahi sudhrega pata nahi neha ne tujh main dekha

Vivak: leaves to naha you tell me what’s in your heart about her

Kabir: you start again yaar, as you thinking not like that she is nice girl I know but…..

Vivak: but what?

Kabir: leave it yaar.

Then Saanchi comes there they both quite.

Vivak bought lehenga he hugs Kabir he handshakes with Saanchi and says

Vivak: ok guys nice to meet you, you both are coming in my wedding and I will not hear any excuses I will call you Kabir about weeding venue ok you must bring Saanchi with you, and Saanchi first tries to refuses but he couldn’t understand ok.

Vivak leaves from there after then both sit in the car it’s approximately night

Saanchi: sir drop me hostel

Kabir: ok…

Kabir gets call from kusum

Kabir: hello Maa?

Kusum: beta where are you? When you will come?

Saanchi says Kabir sir seat belt… kusum hears Saanchi voice smiles and says

Kusum: Kabir Saanchi hai kia tera saath?

Kabir: haan maa woh…

Kusum : usse lekar aa na yahan

Kabir: it’s too late I will drop her in the hostel I promise you I will bring her tomorrow kusum. But I want to meet her now.

Kabir: Maa

Kusum: ok as you wish .but can I talk with her?

Kabir: ok Kabir confer phone to Saanchi

Saanchi: hello auntyi ji how you are?

Kusum I’m fine beta how are you?

Saanchi: I’m fine and happy birth day yup… (She bites her tongh)

Kusum: you know that?

Saanchi: yes anti ji Kabir sir told me.

Kusum: oh so sweet, but I’m not accept only wishes I want meet you.

Saanchi: yaa aunty ji I will obviously meet you.

Kabir nods negatively.

Saanchi: aunty ji we will meet you tomorrow tonight is too late I have to reach hostel first I hope you understand aunty ji.

Kusum: ok but tomorrow pakka promise?

Saanchi: (smile) ok aunty jii pakka promise

Kusum: That like my Saanchi ok god blesses you beta

Saanchi: ok aunty ji good bye take care.

Kabir: drops Saanchi to hostel than he leaves to home.

In the hostel room:

Saanchi come in side to her room she is smiling to thinking about Kabir.

Isha Pragya notices that they both pinch each other and smiles.

Pragya: abe o maharani I think you enjoyed a lot Dr.Kabir Company you not need of us

Saanchi what?????What are you saying yaar

Isha: saanchi tell us why are you smiling?

What happened there hurry up can’t wait for listen yaar

Saanchi: nothing yaar.

Pragya yaar isha forget it, get back to sleep kuch bhi milga nahi sunne ko

Saanchi: guys why are you angry with me?

Isha: so tell us what was happened there and why are you smiling?

Precap: Kabir reaches home he gift her mom……………..

Kabir and Saanchi reaches Kabir’s home……..

Kabir’s past going to unveil in front of Saanchi.

So how was that? I hope my readers like it? Am I right?

Drop your comments below. That is really means a lot for me?

I’m eagerly waiting for your comments.

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