How They Become Kaanchi? Episode 10


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Hey friends someone criticizes on my grammatical mistakes and poor vocabulary. So I want to tell them I believe that true friends or well-wisher are those who realizes your mistakes so I don’t mind at all and I will try to improve my grammatical mistakes I will try to use more vocabulary. May be this is plate form for me to increase my writing skills. So thank you so much for Valuable comments.

Ok without wasting of time let’s start the episode

………………………………………………………………………….Episode 10……………………………………………………………

Saanchi (angrily) Talks with you, it’s just waste of time. (She leaved).

Isha and Pragya also gone behind her

Pragya: Arrey Saanchi listen to us yaar………………..Saanchi.

Time skipped

It’s noon:

At Kabir’s cabin

Saanchi: knocks the door

Kabir: come in.

Saanchi: Sir… These are MRI reports of bad no 636 patient and sir….

Kabir’s phone was resonate phone was attended by Kabir. Kabir raised his hand for give sign her of patience.
Saanchi stopped and she was just looking towards him this was his mother kusum’s call she was only kusum with her Kabir was smiling and there Saanchi can easily seems a wide smile on Kabir’s face during talking with his mother .Saanchi was stunned to saw smile on his face she thought..

Saanchi: (in mind) Ohh, He is also know that how to smiles. He looking like as innocent normal person when he smiling (still looking to him).

Kabir: haan Maa I’m okay.

Kusum: Kabir Beta kuch bhool toh nhi raha hai na?

Suddenly Kabir was glared to Saanchi and asked

Kabir: Dr. Saanchi where were you lost again?

Kusum heard and shocked.

Saanchi: (suddenly) no anywhere sir.

Kusum: (smiled) Golu Saanchi is there? Can is talk with her.

Kabir: Yehaa Maa Saanchi is there. But why are you wanted to talk with her?

Saanchi heard this.

Kusum: Golu give her phone I want to talk with her. It’s an order.

Kabir: (smiled) Ok Maa apka order kabhi taala hai lije Maa baat kijey.

Kabir confer phone to her; Saanchi was smiled and takes phone and start talking with kusum.

Saanchi: Namaste aunty kaise hain aap?

Kusum: I’m not okay.

Saanchi: (worried) why aunty, are you not taking your medicines properly? (Looking to Kabir) Kabir sir aap ka khayaal toh rakhte hain na??

Kabir also looking towards her.

Kusum: No beta Kabir mera acche se khayal rakh raha hai. But I want to meet you; will you come to meet me?

Saanchi: a…………. aunty ……………..a……………

Kusum: samjh gayi you not want to meet me Boht tang kia hai na maine tumme that’s why you doing this I know.

Saanchi: no aunty ji not like that I will come to meet you jesa aap chahti hain wesa hi hoga.

Kusum: Ok beta you will come with golu

Saanchi: (smiled) Golu???

Kabir look to her, Saanchi also.

Saanchi: Ok aunty Namaste

Kusum: Ok beta, God bless.

Kabir: Ok Maa I talk with you later and you take care.

Kabir: Saanchi actually it’s my mom’s birthday so I’m confused what I gift her? Can you help me for bringing something for mom?

Saanchi: me sir??

Kabir: off-course I ask from you, Is anybody here?

Saanchi looked around herself and replied

Saanchi: no.

Kabir: Good.

Saanchi: ok my pleasure. If I help you to bring something for aunty.

Kabir: Great, ok 4: pm I think its good time for shopping

Saanchi: ok sir.

At hostel room:

It was around 3: 45pm

Kabir called Saanchi.

Saanchi picked the call

Saanchi; Hello sir

Isha and Pragya gave smiles to each other

Kabir: Saanchi are you ready for go?

Saanchi: Yes sir I’m ready.

Kabir: ok good so I’m free I will pick you from hostel ok be ready.

Saanchi ok sir.

Call cut

Pragya: (coughed) Toh Maharani Why you are going with Dr. Kabir ?
Nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hume akela kese chod sakti ho hum bhi challenge tumare saath.
Saanchi: yeh kiya nautanki kar rahi ho Pragya?

Isha: yes pragya why are you behaving like this? Hume toh iss se ziada karna chahiya (isha smiled)

Saanchi: Isha n Pragya you both I will never leave you.

Isha and Pragya: ok, ok now it’s up Kabir sir is waiting for you go and fun. Isha we should have to go hospital.

Saanchi: thanks guys.

Pragya: ohh sirf thanks? Abe o Bhul ki bemari humara rule in friendship no sorry no thankuu.

Saanchi: so sorry yup I mean ahm what I say I don’t understand let me hug.

Saanchi and Kabir sat in the car they both were reached abc shopping mall where they stepped out from the car they entered in shopping mall.

Kabir: Saanchi I don’t decipher what I buy for Maa?

Saanchi: Sir what likes aunty ji?

Kabir: (thinking) ahmm…What mom likes? What mom likes? He remembered when he with his mom went for shopping then his mom always bought toys.

Kabir: Saanchi mom likes toys.

Saanchi: (laughs) sir aunty ji likes toys? Are you serious?

Kabir: toh iss main hassne ki kia bat hai? Hmm

Saanchi tried to control herself but she failed, on that time smiled was appeared Saanchi’s face was so adorable, Kabir was mesmerized he was busy to see her smile. He was just starring to her lovingly. Then Saanchi noticed Kabir’s glances she quite suddenly.

Saanchi: Sir what are you looking?

Kabir: no nothing

Saanchi: sir I think you should give a beautiful sari to aunty ji.

Kabir: yaa that’s great ok now let we see.

Saanchi: ok let’s go.

Saanchi and Kabir were looking s so many saaries on different stalls finally Saanchi choose one sari.

Saanchi: (exciting) Kabir sir yeh aunty ji par achi lagegi.

Kabir mesmerize on Saanchi’s choice then said.

Kabir: it’s beautiful Maa ko zaroor padand aayegi?

Saanchi: hmm

Kabir bought that sari and asked to Saanchi let’s see something more for Maa.

Saanchi: ok sir.

Saanchi: Let’s go jewelry shop.

Kabir: okay

Both reached jewelry shop where Saanchi saw a pendent which was very beautiful. Saanchi saw price tag then turned and leaved that. But Kabir noticed that and asked.

Kabir: Saanchi do you like that?

Saanchi: (frankly) no sir I don’t like that.

Kabir: But I like that.

Saanchi: (turned towards him) what???

Kabir: yes. I said I like it Can you please try to wear it one time?

Saanchi: (shocked) me sir?

Kabir: is anybody here with me?

Saanchi: (nodded) No sir.

Kabir: good, so obviously I said to you Kabir kept out the pendent from box and gave to Saanchi for try.

Saanchi: Ok sir.

Saanchi turned towards mirror and trying to wore pendent but she unable to lock it Where Kabir came he saw Saanchi’s face in the mirror Saanchi still trying to lock the pendent in her neck Kabir raised hand then slowly, slowly kept her hair in front of her she also saw him in the mirror both were looking to each other eyes and got an eye lock Kabir’s lock the pendent this was so romantic scene.
Ek dusre ki ankhoon main khojana.

Suddenly someone taped Kabir’s shoulder they came in senses he turned back and saw. …And shocked.

Precap: More Romantic moments amid Kaanchi……

Kabir and Saanchi invited for marriage by someone….

Kabir gifts her mom to ………………….

So guys for today is enough I leave it with the suspense.

Anybody guess who will be taped Kabir?

Please guys leave your comments that are really meaningful for me.

I’m eagerly waiting for your comments.

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  1. Muje lagta hae kusum ji hae.story is just awesome,amazing.i can’t wait for next.plese update sooon????

  2. Abhilasha

    Awesomeee…… And that pendent scene was wowww!!!
    Excited for next!!

    1. Anee

      Thanks abhi dear.

  3. its sooooo fun
    well done anee

    1. Anee

      Thanks hema

  4. Fabulous amazing superb

    1. Anee

      Thanks ashnita

  5. Niyaaa

    Really amaz n i think so kabir ka koi friend jo usse shadi me invite krega yaa phr kusum aunty sayad ho skti h well dont know update nxt asap just want to see more kanchi scene

    1. Anee

      Thanks niyaaa

  6. Richa1496

    Awesome anee… Loved it…. Don’t worry about grammatical mistakes…. It’s ok….It happens because this is your first ff….. So don’t worry about it and coming back to ff it was superb…. Kanchi moments were fabulous….Eagerly wating for next one ?

    1. Richa1496

      I think it’s kabir mom… Who tapped him… Or his friend…. I guess….

    2. Anee

      Yaa may be. And Thankuu so much

    3. Anee

      Thanks dear

  7. It is amazing anee nd that pendant scene was just suprb I guess it must some friend of kabir. Plzz post nxt episode asap.

    1. Anee

      Thanks dear.

  8. Trisha139

    Loved it awesome fab anee ????????????????

    1. Anee

      Thanks trishuu

  9. Moonlight25

    Anee, don’t worry about the grammatical mistakes, it happens, the episode is amazing, I guess the one who tapped him is his friend or his mom just my guess and the rest is up to You! Post your next part soon

    1. Anee

      Thanks moonlight glad to get appreciation from you.

  10. omg Anee dear………..episode was super osm…………i think it will be either kusum or his frnd (imagine, agar kusum hogi then it would be so hilarious one to see how they’ll hide the reason for going to the shop………haha……….kabir beta, tu toh gaya types……….)
    btw dear u need not worry for the grammatical mistakes……it absolutely fine……..dheere dheere thik ho jayega…………so don’t worry………….

    1. Anee

      riya thankuu so much Riya for appretiating me.

  11. Awesome fabulous fantastic lovely

    1. Anee

      Thanks Divya

  12. wow anee it was so nice and awesome…
    i am excited to see next one

    1. Anee

      Thanx Sundari

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