How They Become Kaanchi? Episode 1

Hi Guys, this is Anee
Thank you so much for your reviews, comments, and appreciations.
So now without wasting of time let’s Start the story.
Guys I would like to start the story from Serials’ on going track.
Where, Saanchi starts dreaming about veer. She is imagining veer everywhere. Because she thoughts veer is done so much for her. Veer is some naughty but not bad guy.
Saanchi with Isha and Pragya the trio are walking and talking.

Pragya: Abe yaar Saanchi are you knows where is naliak veer?
Saanchi: How I know about him.
Isha: yaar Saanchi don’t be lie we know what is cooking between you?
Saanchi: what! What are you talking about? I, I don’t understand.
Isha: Really Saanchi??
Saanchi: Yeahaa, off-course
Pragya: (Interrupt) Ok guys let’s go to classroom. If Dr. Kabir saw us then he will not leave us without punishment.
Saanchi: Ok let’s go

In the Classroom:

All interns sit on their seats then Dr. enters in the classroom.
They all are stands and greets him.
All Interns: Good morning sir

Kabir: Good morning all of you.
Kabir: Now, I am going to announce very important thing. In the upcoming three days which intern perform well in his/her duties then he/she will assist me in a very important surgery. So hope you understand. Am I right?
All Interns: Yes sir.
Riya: (In mind) Woo, Surgery with Dr. Kabir Riya, you don’t have to miss the chance to assist dr. Kabir.

Pragya: Saanchi it’s a good chance to assist Dr. Kabir and prove yourself that you are the best.
Isha: yes Saanchi you must have to prove him that you are best from all of us.
Saanchi: I wish.
Veer: Hi miss golgappa do you miss me Na?
Saanchi: veer what are you talking? Why I miss you? (She moves)
Veer: (comes in front for her) that’s not fair Miss Golgappa.

Isha and Pragya give smiles to each other.
Saanchi: Just shut up! Veer I have lots of work to do so leave me and do your work. And by the way you also have to do hard work. (She leaves)
Veer: (put hands on isha and pragya’s shoulders and tells) How so rude she is with me? both of you are the witness of this ok.

Isha: hey bechara Romeo.
In the Kabir’s cabin:
Saanchi: (Knocked the door) may I come in sir?
Kabir: Yes come in.
Saanchi: Sir this is the bed no.203 patient’s file.
Kabir: Ok now you may leave.
Saanchi: Ok sir (She moved)

In general ward:
Saanchi is busy to checking the patient’s then veer comes there.
Veer: Dr. Saanchi, I want to talk with you.
Saanchi: what happened veer? You are not seeing I am busy now?
Veer: Saanchi why you don’t listen to me?

Saanchi: No veer not just like that. You think over?
Veer: No Saanchi I am not thinking over but you don’t think about me. (He leaves)
When veer leaves. Saanchi thinks she has done badly with him that’s not fair he is just trying to cheer up her.

In the cafeteria:
Saanchi is upset. Both isha and Pragya are getting tensed to see her.
Pragya: Abe yaar Saanchi what happen with you? Tell me naliak veer told you something?
Saanchi: No guys he has not said me anything. But I’m confused.
Isha: Confused! But for what?
Saanchi: You know what guys veer is so much naughty but very sweet by heart. I like to spend time with him but also I am getting distract from my duty, my passion and my dreams.
Pragya: Look Saanchi if you have some feelings towards him. That’s not bad because you are able to handle both of them ok.
Saanchi 🙁 nodded)…

Isha: Yes Saanchi I think Pragya Is right.
In the lift:
Saanchi and veer both are in lift.
Veer: (come close to Saanchi) now Miss Golgappa you and me are alone in the lift .Waaooo my goodness.
Saanchi: (Glares to veer)
Veer: Ok now Miss Golgappa gives me answers of my questions. Why you help me? When you know very well that what I did with you in the past.
Just then lift is open and Dr.Kabir enters in lift. Both veer and Saanchi are in shocked.
Kabir: Are you guys ok?
Veer: (Nodded and smiles) yes ok.

Veer: (In mind) Dr. Kabir, what’s the wrong timing?
Saanchi: (Looking towards veer and smiled).
Two days are finished and Dr. Saanchi performs well as usual.
It’s a beginning of third day:
In the hostel room:
The trio is ready to go hospital.
Saanchi: Guys let’s go otherwise we will get late and this is the last day so I don’t want to be late.
Isha and Pragya: Ok let’s go.

They are reach hospital at the same time Riya is also enters in the hospital and Collide with Saanchi. Saanchi is going to slip then veer holds her they share a cute eye lock. Kabir comes from stairs and sees both of them and gets little shock.
Kabir: what’s all of you doing here?
Saanchi and veer comes in senses and leave each other.
Riya: (POV) Ohh, look at them Dr. Kabir How cute they looks together.
Kabir: (Glares to Riya) Dr. Riya I think you have other work to do instead of this discussion that who looks well together or not.

Precap: Veer challenges to Saanchi to confess her feelings of love to him in front of Dr. Kabir.
Dear Friends I’m trying to write my best but According to my story there are some initials episodes which will make you little bored but you don’t worry there will always be some twist in the tale.

So Guys please wait for next episodes and if you have any suggestion then please mention in comment box. Thanks.

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  1. Hope you get kan children together fast…..
    Can’t wait to see them together…
    Loved ur ff a lot plz keep updating fast

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    Loved this ff continue soon anne

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  3. Amazing

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  4. Anee dear, the episode was good…. just a bit irritated with veer, i mean why has he come to sdch, to become a Doctor or anything else….i think sanchi shouldn’t pay any heed to veer & just focus on her goal…

    1. Anee

      Yes Riya u are right Saanchi is also focus on her goal. But its love triangle.

  5. Eagerly waiting for ur next update asap dear?

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      Thnx I will try update very soon.

  6. Ya wait 4 ur twist lov it waiting 4 nxt part lov kanchi

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  7. Keep writing the ff, it’s was good starting
    I hope you write something interesting
    Pls update next soon

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      ya sure and thanx

  8. Nice episode.
    Loved it.

  9. Richa1496

    Nice ff.. Loved it.. Upload next ff soon.. ?

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      Thnx for commnt I’ll try to update soon.

  10. wo nice plot…
    waiting for kanchi pair so soon
    update upcoming fast

  11. Loved it…

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  12. It is so nice. Loved it.

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  14. superbbbbbbb!!!!!!!!!! yar
    i think u should be a writer of the show (SDCAH)……

    1. Anee

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  15. hey anee.. it is so boring to see sanveer together.. and i could not find any triangle here coz sachi and kabir sences are so lest and not so effective 🙁

    1. Anee

      Ok dear just wait for third one and thnx for comment I’ll try to satisfy you.

      1. it’s okay… tnx..

  16. Nice one

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