Because of HIM shot 1

Because of HIM

Shot 1

Is she okay doctor ? My Ragini is fine na kuch nahi hua na use?

She is perfectly fine Mrs Swara Maheshwari . The cut on her wrist was not deep . She is under observation . You can meet her after some hours

Thank you so much doctor

Mrs Maheshwari  i felt that her…i mean…she is physically okay….but i dont think she is mentally fine so i would suggest you to take her out..i mean..from this place

I understand you doctor and I’ll  make sure about that


Swara why i didnt die! I dont deserve anything….anything… (Ragini cried while hugging swara and sitting on the bed)

Ragini shh calm down…do you know how stupid you’re . I know its difficult for you but…you try….try to forget all this…you deserve everything in this world but he doesn’t deserve you ragini plss

Kaise Swara..he broke my trust he killed my soul he… (before she could complete dadi enters the room)

Ragini mere bacha why you did this (dadi cried while hugging ragini)

Dadi…this ragini is an idiot…i have told her many times not to play with blade and look her wrist got cut and…

Now onwards you will never touch a small needle too got that ragini (Ragini nodes while looking down)

After sometime dadi left


What happened ragini… (swara asked while coming near her)

Why did you lie to dadi…that i accidentally got hurt…i.. are my sister dadi’s grand daughter maa’s daughter papa’s daughter Liya’s Maasi . You’re  our everything means everything . We all love you . And i dont want to let them know that their daughter try to suicide when a boy whom she met before 3 years cheated  her . Got that . I was very much angry at you when you did this stupid act coz..without thinking about any of us you made this mistake…not mistake sin…but when i saw your face…i..i..dont know…i…only care about you..i dont want to be angry with you but i want you​ rectify your mistake

Im sorry swara….im sorry…sorry…sorry..sorryy..plss…forgive me…plss.. (ragini cried while hugging and swara too hugged her back)

               ○○○○○○○○○○○ not coming with you…pls..I’ll be a burden there..for you and Sanskar plss…swara.. (ragini said to swara who was busy in giving food for her daughter Liya)

Ragini…how dare you to say that my sister will be a burden for me..ha…I’ll kill you… (swara said to ragini while showing the spoon in her hand) You’re  coming with me and liya to Australia day after tomorrow  and thats it and ha do you want to do shopping (Ragini nodes no) (she gave food to liya)and ha about Sanskar he will not have any problem if his saali will stay in his stop disturbing me..look at me im doing the most difficult job in this whole food to my daughter (she looks at liya who was making faces while eating the food) don’t make such faces you only have to eat full your papa is not here to help you…like father like daughter (swara said to herself) and you know when this papa daughter are’ll dance upon my head

Ragini laughed seeing her sister and Liya..who were showing same facial expressions and Swara looks at Ragini and found her laughing  wholeheartedly she gets happy when she found her sister is trying to forget all the past and is moving forward…


How was your journey Liya? Sanskar asked to Liya while entering the hall of their house in Australia holding Liya in his Arms

Gooooooooooooooottt (good) she replied laughing

Ha ha good àlways irritating me.. swara said entering the hall along with Ragini

You’re always irritating my Liya..She is very gooooooooooooooottt girl…Right liya Ragini said laughing and Liya too replied laughing

Ragini..You got admission here..You’re late for classes for 2 months so you have to go to college tomorrow onwards…Sanskar said while giving her a file which was kept in the hall

But..Jiju..I’m going after 2 month..Then…

My dear sister you’re not going anywhere..After 2 months….

Hello!!!Swara..You said na while coming​ that I’ll be here for only for some months then..How..This..

Ha..Yes..I told you that you’ll be here for some months that means you’ll be here for hmm maybe 12 or 14 months ….. Swara said laughing

What this is not fair swara..Jiju… Pls

I’m sorry Ragini in this i can’t help you…Sanskar said

Ragini you’re gonna continue your classes here..And your books and everything is already set in your room..Okay..Lemme fresh up come Liya….Swara went taking Liya and Sanskar too left



Whole college was cheering HIS name coz a football match between their college St. Lawrence and their rival St.Teresa . And he was gonna kick a penalty . The score was 2 – 2 . He kicked the ball and its a goallllll . The whole college cheered for Aadi aka Aadit Zakaria .

Aadit Zakaria : a happy go Lucky college going guy of St. Lawrence . A famous footballer of the college. Australian Citizen but a half Indian . Only knows some words in hindi only talks English

Aadi…..You did it man…. We’re on final..Yayyy….

(His friends came and hugged him)

They all were talking and dancing happily when he notice a beautiful girl (Ragini) wearing a pink contrast Crochet gauze maxi dress

Looking here and there. He notice that she was not interested in looking the football match coz she was not cheering like all other girls are doing . She is different he thought. Suddenly all whole crowd came near him and he missed to see her.

Ragini was walking through the gallery along with new found friend Richa

Richa..Party…… Tomorrow……. A girl came near Richa and hugged her

Party..Wow.. Amazing..When is it ? Richa asked in excitement while Ragini looked at her with a smile

Tomorrow evening 7 you should be there the girl said

Ofcourse..Do you think I’ll miss some party Richa said laughing

Who’s this ? The girl asked when she notice Ragini

Ya I forgot to introduce you..This is Ragini from India and Ragini this is Natalia my friend

Hi Natalie

Hello Ragini..You’re new here right..(Ragini nodes) so I’ll make you introduce to everyone

No.. It’s fine Natalia I’ll…

Ragini you know today I’m very much happy cozz we beat our rival and entered to the finals and there also we have to beat another rival but that’s Okay…I know we are gonna win for sure..So I’m giving you a question and you have to answer . Question is are you ready to come with me ? The options are ‘yes’ or ‘ofcourse yes’ now answer it Natalia said laughing

Yes.Ragini said laughing

Then the trio moves from there . They reach the ground .

First of all I’m gonna make you meet the handsome hunk of this college Aadit Zakaria . Natalia said dragging Ragini to the ground while Richa came behind them

Aadiiii congratzz…… Natalia hugged Aadit

Thank you Talia…He hugged her back

Richa camE and congratulate him . He notice Ragini he was not believing is it true​ coz the beautiful girl he saw some minutes before him is actually standing in front of him

Congratulations..Ragini said to him without thinking anything he hugged her and replied a thank you . She was shocked and she immediately parted the hug .

Aadi meet Ragini new to our college and Ragini this is Aadi aka Aadit Zakaria the handsome hunk of our college…. Natalia introduced both of them

Hi….Sweetheart…He said while giving his hands for a handshake

She looked at him like she saw a ghost .

How was it guys..Firstime wrote something on Tejaswi and Karan Wahi . Do comment and vote if you like my work ?? & tell me a important thing do you like Ragini and Aadit – RagDit
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