Because I Love You??OS

Hi guyz…how are you???hope you are all enjoying your holidays..I am here with an OS on AdNi

AdNi: OS : Because I Love You


Advay is in confusion why she didn’t say anything about last night..

Advay thinks about last night


Advay and chandni went for dinner

In the restaurant, when they were enjoying their dinner, a girl came towards them..

Advay was in shock. Yes she is sasha…she was his ex girl friend who left him just because for her new rich boy friend

She showed her invitation to him..

And said

Sasha: thank god advay..i broke my relationship with you..or else ..oh god i couldn’t even imagine that..

Sasha was saying everything about her new boyfriend to advay

Chandni was just watching her..

Advay didn’t listen anything but he saw chandni..

He was in confusion what she would say..

Aaj tak apna past ke baare mein voh chandni se kuch nahi that he was in tension..what she will say

Sasha went from there..

Advay began to say something but chandni asked him to eat

(FlashBack ends here)


Advay decides to say everything and want to put full stop for this.

He searches chandni and found her in the kitchen

Advay: kya tume zara sa bhi gussa nahi hai mujme

He asked to chandni who is cooking.
She turned to him and asks

Chandni: For what??

Advay: Come on chandni, you should be..after all you came to know that i was in the relationship with someone else

Chandni: Point..

A: what??

C: you was in the relationship with someone else in the past..and not now

A: Really???you don’t wanna know anything about it.

C: yes dear, i don’t wanna know anything about it…and i knew u loves me now…and you will love me forever…i don’t have any doubt on that..

Advay still isn’t satisfied with her reason

C: oh ho…kya hua??? …Baby do you want me to get angry on you???

A: aisa nahi…but u could ask me about that ryt??

C: but why?? Jab mujhe batha hai ki ab tu mujhe bohut pyar kar raha hai..toh mein past ke baare mein kyun poochu???

Chandni goes towards advay, holds his cheeks and said

C: see Mr.Rowdy professor, you loved someone else in the past….ab nahi…aur voh tujhe chod kar gayi..hai na??

A: haan..par kyun…

Chandni stops him before he could say anything and said

C: Because I Love You Advay??

Advay smiles at her

C: aur haan…listen carefully… i won’t leave you like her…you should bear my torture for all ur life..

She said with a teasing smile

Ajay: with pleasure darling☺☺☺

Ajay kissed in her forehead ????and hugs her


Hello frnz…Short update..i just wanna say don’t worry if you didn’t get succeed in your love..maybe dey are not the one whom you are looking….Love you Guyzzz..please hit the like ? button if you like this…you could even hit the dislike ? button..????

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