She became the reason for my survival……part 2


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Recap: sanskar swored to get revenge by killing the person who killed her sister…..

Part 2:
Sanskar was too focused on rakesh that he didn’t noticed that he was being watched himself…..
A girl, in her mid twenties walked over him..
He watched her approach him…there was something about the girl that made him stay where he was….
“Hi my name is swara” she smiled at him….
He lost the sight of everyone else in the club as he looked at her hazel eyes….
I am sanskar he replied holding out his hand…. She shook it and sat on a chair ..near him…
Sanskar: you don’t seem the night club kind… Why exactly are u here??
Swara: you are right I’m not the night club type even you don’t seem to be so….
Sanskar: ya, if I told you, you probably wouldn’t believe me…
” try me ” she replied in an amenable manner,her eyes assured him that she can be trustworthy…..
Sanskar: I’m here because my sisters murderer is here and I want revenge….
” so you are taking revenge tonight’s? ” she asked.
Sanskar; that’s what the plan is…..

She became appalled knowing this…
There was a complete silence between them for few minutes….
” don’t fall for her you are here for a reason” a voice nagged at the back of his mind…
Sanskar ignored it completely and studied swara for few minutes…..
Her smile was dazzling and her eyes were bright she was wearing black cowgirl boots, blue jeans and a purple tank top…
To sanskar she seemed like the type of girl who didn’t care what anyone thought of her….
Well why don’t you wait another night so u can walk me home? She asked in amicable manner…..
Sanskar glanced towards rakesh and said
Why not I’ve already been waiting a year one more night won’t kill me…..
She chuckled and they made their way out of the club…..
Walking with her,he had a strange feeling to protect her….
Finally they reached her house…
It was a tiny brick cottage, everything about this little house amazed him and he thought for a while and then headed inside…
Once inside he found swara in the kitchen opening refrigerator and taking some chocolates….
Want some?? She asked without turning around….
One dark chocolate is enough for me,he replied…
She handed him a dark chocolate and they wandered into the living room and sat on a couch….
There were pictures of her family hanging on walls….
One in particular held his interest the most, it was a single shot of swara in the woods next to a creek…
Her genuine smile and her sparkling eyes attracted him…

He could not help but smiled…..

To be continued…..
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Credit to: sanya

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