She became the reason for my survival……part 1


Hi everyone, this is sanya here….
I am very much inspired by the fictions on this page and yup many more stories online coz I just love reading…..soo I thought to give myself a try….hope u all like it……

It had been almost a year since the brutal murder of his sister.
The police had no evidence for any potential leads.sanskar knew who killed his sister but since he didn’t have proof nobody believed him.
For the past year he watched the killer live his life as though nothing had happened. As if her sister naina, had never existed.
Everyday sanskar became more and more furious at himself for not being there for naina, when she needed him the most.
Sanskar’s mother, Annapurna was completely shattered by this and she passed away in her sleep from depression and grief just after a week of her daughter’s death……
Losing the two people who meant the most to him, he swore he would get revenge by killing the person who killed her sister….
He planned everything and waited until the right moment…..
Sanskar was following the killer since many days… day,as the day turned into night, sanskar went through the woods and made his way to the night club…..
Where that bl**dy killer, Rakesh sharma would be…..showing the bouncer his ID he walked into the club and found a table almost hidden in the shadows from where he had a clear view of his target who was dancing with a couple of drunken girls…….
Minute by minute sanskar was becoming more and more furious…..
Sanskar was too focused on rakesh that he didn’t noticed that he was being watched himself……

To be continued…….

Credit to: sanya

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