Chapter#4- changed..??

Jasmin’s pov-
It is 2weeks now.! Uhh..! I had not seen him 14 days….m missing him badly..n truly….
Ah.! Wait..!?
U r confused right,.?
Wo..actually…sidhant had left to uk the same day..from office only..for sm important work..he dint bother to even call me…i came to know from pia…
Wat would he b doing right now..??
Wat if he would b with any other girl.???
Coz i know he is really so  much addicted sleeping with gurls…
No..! God…! Pls dont let dis happen..
This is d only thing..which is going on in my mind past few days…m missing him…badly….
As i though tears again made its way to my cheeks…
—–end of pov—–

Jasmin,distracting herself..again continued her household work…
Wen she went to the kitchen to prepare herself a dinner..she noticed no groccery…as servants were not there…n she had not been out a single tym ..but today..she hav to go…
She tip-toed here n there for some idea but none came..atlast grabbing her purse.she stepped out of the palace..for the first tym..after she entered….
A car was as sidhant was not there…driver was also on his leave…so jasmin thought to walk only…
After walking of 10-15 minutes…n checkin in her mobile about d malll…she reached…..
She was lost in her phone..wen she bumped into a her mid 40’s..
“Ah..!! Mrs.gupta..??”d lady asked gladly…
“Yeah…b..but how do u”jasmin asked confusingly..
“Hey,who donno the hottest business man’s wifey…well u n mr.gupta were in ‘newyork times’ 2 weeks back…so v know..”jasmin js gave a tight lipped smile..
“But u here…alone…n without ur bodyguard…? Dont u know its not safe at this tym..?”she again continued in a caring tone..
“Oh yeah..! Wo actually(she think smthng) ah..! Sidhant was busy so i thought to cm by myself…n i love to walk…so”d lady was convinced…
“Well myself  emily…i work here tym if u want anythng..take my card..u can call me..i’ll give home delivery..”she said handing a card…
She was a good lady…n a friendly one..whole shopping she accompanied her..n helped her..after a long tym jas felt great…she hadnot talked to any1 from few days except aditi…who onky badmouth about sidhant n as she coukdnt listen she dont talk much…

“So bahbye..! U r great..i enjoyed ur company…nice to meet uh..”jasmin said hugging her..
She replied back…wen jas was bout to leave..
“sidhant sir had nice choice..u r not less though…must say..he loves u very much”she said holding her chuckle..jas looks confused wen d lady points on her neck…she got it now…der was a mosquito bite..oh..! Wait SIDHANT BITE..whih was very much red but  now its light…
Jas bluch taking a leave..again she was in sidhant’s world..again she was missing him…
She walk through d road in her own world till her hand got a hold of sm1…
She look at her see dat hand which was of a men…wen she loooks….she was engulfed in a fear…
She was surrounded by 5 goons(haha..who thought dat its sidhant.?? Huh..??)
“Hey s*xy chick”one man said cming closer to her…n moving his hand through her face sensously..
“Le…le..leave”her voice choked n she stuttered..
“We will leave u baby..but not dis night…”other man said cming closer to her…
She moved back until she was stopped by the tree…
She closed her one man came closer to her..n another all surrround both…
“U r hot..!” N d men moves to met her lips through his .
“But u will b cold..!!!”a s*xy voice spoke up…making jas to open her eyes…her eyes met the hooty’s eyes..wen she realized it was sidhant..she pushed d man..running towards him…hugging him tightly…
Sidhant was shocked to see dat its jas…as he was unaware of that…he was back n passing..wen he saw..n came to rescue..but he had not in his wildest dream thought dat it was jas..
Jas hide herself behind him…n sid went to fight only after wrapping his hoodie around her…
He beat them black n blue…untik jas stopped him..
He coldly hold her in his arms..n make her seat in d car…whike jas was shocked-happy-n most of all scared…
Wat will happen now..??
“Si..sidhant..??”she said breaking d silence after dey reached home
He make her seat on d bed..ignoring her question he went to d bathroom..
“Wh..why arent u sp..speaking….?”fear was all in her..
She was still intrauma wat jz happen few tym back…
“Y did u go out..??”he asked coldly..
“Woh..woh..actu..”sid interpreted her…
“Straight Answer..!”
“Groccery was not der…”
“Did…di..did..”he stutter..sitting beside her..holfing her hand…n looking into her confused eyes..he continued..
“Did dey do any…”he was stoppped looking at jas..whose eyes again leaked..n fressh tears made its way..
She cried bitterly dat how can he jz think about dis situation..?????…sidhant thought of all negative answers …..
“Re..reply me…!!pls.???”he said taking her in a hug..
“Shhhh..stop crying…”he consoled her..
After few minutes..
She nodded in no..n breaking d hug..
His face lit up…n satisfies…while she just shooed him away…
“What happen..???”
“U r not changed..not a bit..??”
“????”he was cnfused..
“U still cared for my body..lusty man..!!! Which typ of husband r u..?? Who just cared of his wife physical things..chi…!!!! No..u r not wrong..wrong is only me..!!!who thought u coukd b a man…but no..? U r jz tooo stubborn…u dint asked me how did i felt..wen those mans where touching n there…those lusty eyes were exploring my body…but der was no difference u r not less dan dem….u r also same as dem…lusty..!!!!!nothing would b diff if dey had did smthng…..u n they r same…STRANGERs…!!!!”she was still crying…
Before she could breath after giving a long lecture…her lips was inhis….
‘Ohhh..!! How badly she wanted to taste his pulpy lips…’ She was just  too much engrossed in dat wen she noticed dat..he had just given her a light peck to stop her…
“R u okay..??”his voice carried concern…while she was boggled….
He was trying to say smthng more..but cant….
He left d roooom in alll sweaty face..thinking about smthng…while she was in shock….
Affter smtym..jasmin stood up…n widout noticing dat door is not locked…she started to change…(u all know wat is coming up…but dont think smthng mature now..,!)
She was about to slip into night suit..wen door flew open n der coms mr.gupta….
He quickly turned…”sorry..i ..i wasnt mean to…”he said n she quicjly wore her dress..
“What happned to him…he dont left any chance to cm close to me..n now asking forgiveness..???”she thought…
While he turned….
She was in her short night dress…having a t-shirt n short till her thighs only bottom…
She cursed herself for wearing it..but wat she can do..she was in her allll lazy mood to find smthng decent…
Jasmin passes by him…while walking..sidhant hands touched hers..making both to look at eo…
Now,again she could sense devil rising..his eyes explored her body…n next moment…she was wrapped around his strong arms…his hands were on her hip…making her sit on d table beside..he looked at her soft petal lips..which was him a signal to protest..widout even thinking..his lips met hers..which turned to b wilder…as d devil sidhnat was alive now…
While his hands…move under her t-shirt..n her hhands in his floppy hairs…
Dis is what she missed..n even he too…may be.????..
She had spent only 2 nights with him..but was addicted to him..she craved for him 13 nights n 14 days…..
But wen he was der..she was again scares..not wanting him to protest..
But soon she was naked from upside .as her t-shirt was on d floor…he kissed her neck..descending to her shoulders
“Sidhant pls..!!”she murmured knowing he would not stop but he did…he quickly made her wear..n den picked in d bridal style..n made her sleep on bed….
N sleep beside her….
It was 1-1/2 half hour..none of dem was sleeping..jasmin badly want him to hug her..but her feminie ego stopoed her…but den she thought he had slept already…she hugged her from behing n slept…sidhant who want same..was in all uis happy moods..he turned after smtym n hide her under d chest..


The next day passes by..sidhant made all arrangements for her..driver,bodyguard,car n alll…she was now allowed to go outside but not without security..
Jas was shocked of d change…

“Ting tong”the bell rang n jasmin went to open d door..
There enters d gupta family…
Jasmin touched parents-in-laws feets while hugged amira…
“ here..?”sidhant asked a bit sadly…
“Ya..ur dad has a meeting…so v thohvht to meet u both..”
“Let our luggage drop to our rooom pls”amira said..
“Ya..! Gimme..!”jasmin move ahead….
“Y u..? Where is d servant..?”
“Sidhant fired …!!”jasmin spoke n regretted wen she realized….
“What????..???u were doing all dus works..of house..???”
Jas nods whike sidhant was scared..

At tym..!! Yay!!! I know..i had told u of 25 date..but posted…before so thank me..huh..
N dis is half promo only..? Sorry the fun will began…
But i cant write anymore..its already big..m tired now..
So bahbye..
Thanx for the cmnt n support..!!
N sm of few told me my writing skills had been changed n now it wonderdul ..thanks to dem…thank u..
N love u all…
Here u go with precap..? .but before…
WAT HAPPENED TO SIDHANT…?? Y HE IS CHANGED..??? HUH..?? QUESTION.??? DEN PROMO WILL B UPDATED SOON ABOUT THE UPCOMING STORM..!!…n yaa u all r expecting much more from me.!!pls dont..dis ff is till 10-15 chappy’s only..pls dont expect more..but i promise der is a surprise for u all after i end…

PRECAP-SID KI KAGI WATTT…!!!?-punishment..-which..??read for that..- n ye aaya jasmin par call…after nikli ye ghar se…n uske after aaya sid pr call..n he left imidiately.. N n..n shockkkkkk..!!!

N yaa dis is enjoy?????..
N remember aamu loves u alll..!!!

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    1. Aamu

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