CHAPTER#4- i love him

Jasmin’s pov:-
I opened my eyes as sunrays  fall on me…having slept all night i felt tired…n clumsy..wen i realized that my devil husband had slept upon me whole night..
Disgusting husband….one could ever think…
I felt disgusted about me…!! Being a phsychytrist i couldnt  help myself…i help ppl to overcm dis problems..but now i m only twisted in it….huh…thinking about it feels like ….huh…leave it…
“Ah”i chirped…as i felt his lips upon mine..biting mines badly…
Not again..!
Devil is awake..! Huh…
After fulfilling his desire through the kisses he stand up..n leave to the room..leaving me here only..
I sat on the couch…looking upward to the sky..i cried…
On my FATE..!! It had made me wat not..?? But the worse is now…i thought as i gave a look to my body under d blanket…
My whole body in a red marks…lips swelled…
Donno till wen dis will continue…
I cant bear this evry NIGHT…making me feel disgusted…cant bear making him love to me DAILY…! Noooo..!
Oh..! Wait..!
Yesterday..!?? He….he had stopped..? Yaa he had.?
But y..???
I donno…
Would b some for his benefit only..!??…!

I stood wrapping myself in the bedsheet…went to the room as v were at pool side…
I entered to find sidhant already in washrooom..thankgod..!!
“Jasmin..??”he shouted..
Err…yaa again scared took over me..
“Give me the towel”
Huffff…! Thankgod..,!!!!
I quickly grabbed the towel n went towards d washroom..he opened d door n pulled me in..with his strong arms wrapping mine…
Ohhhh god..! So that was a prank…
He is smirking…!!????..wat he is going to do now…??
“Sid…ssi..sidhant..p.pls lea..leave  me…”
“Y”he asked huskily
“U will b late for the office..”
“N i i would leave u n den bath den u would b late for household works so lets save tym”saying so…he tear d bedsheet covering me..
I closed my eyes…in embarasment or can say….hufff…
Not again..!
——— end of pov——–
Jasmin’s eyes was closed wen sidhant’s eyes was exploring her s*xy body…
His hands were moving all over her body…
He turned on the shower..making both of them drenched but he was busy exploring her body with his lips now…his hands were pinned to her on the wall from either side…jasming eyes was lowered in embarassment…
She couldnt help just standing n bearing…
His eyes captured her cl*vage ..the next moment it was btwn his sharp milky teeths…
“Ahh..!pls…l..le..leave me”she finally said as it was not bearable..the earlier scars were not healed till..n he was making new…
Feeling unknown pain..he leave her…
Both of them finally look into eo’s eyes…drowning in browny sea…sidhant move closer as he fuse himself with her…
She came to sense…finding him into her..
Tears finally rolled down her eyes…but it was stopped again this tym he was out of her within 30 seconds or so..
“F*cking amazing..little doe.”
He said as he parted…
As he had already bath..he left wrapping himself in d towel..
Jasmin stand there as a statue..trying to recollect war js happen..
“Seriously..!??? He call dis amazing…giving others pain…f*cking his OWN wife…without permission..he thinks amazing…wow…n that to standing..?? Seriously…! My life had bcom a total mess”jasmin thought as she sat down crying vigorously…

After sometym getting bath..she wore a pinkish top having full sleave..n legging..
She left to make sm breakfast for herself as sidhant had already left…
Being lazy n fragile with his torcher..she manages herself a toast n coffee for herself…then she had a small nap..which she thought would b perfect for she had to catchup with the household work from her mister hubbby had fired all servants…..
Till the evening she was done with cleaning n washing…skipped her lunch too…
Jasmin could do nothing n was bored as she cant go out without sidhant’s permission…so she took a novel n started to read…
This was all she could do to paaas her tym…
The day paases by n sun uncle slept while moon uncle woke now…her tension..her fear..was again back about wat is going to happen now…..
Wat she could do..?????
So aftrr the dinner as told before night…she got ready in a pinkish netted one-piece which can b called as bikni set dat was only it…other parts were just netted…
She looked herself in d mirrorr while tear rushed down her cheeks…
Jasmin waited for him…in d hall…covering herself in a long buttoned up shrug…her body was fully covered TILL

NOW…after he came…she too donno wat will b her she was already very much tired…why cant she..???
She had been having s*x n torcher for 2 nights…dat to without break…or can say RAPED…from heR OWN HUSBAND….
Her thoughts were break with a call..her fce lit up n tears stopped…she quickly answered..
“Itli…!!!”she said as she waited..
“Mitli..!!”d answer came..
“Ud gayi titli…nunnununu..”both said together…
Jas chuckle..
“So y u remembered me today..after 3days.!”she asked..
“Come’on..ri(jas’s pet name)how can i forgot my soul sister…my….”she was interpreted..
“Yes..yes urs only…”jasmin said sadly remembering sidhant…
“No..not whole of mine..ofcourse jiju’s tooo”she said teasing…
She was speechless…how should she react..?? Her tears became uncontrollable..
“Ri,u crying..??”
“No…y should i..?”
“Lier…tell me now..”
Jasmin could not hide anything from her bestie…..
Oh! I forgot to introduce her..
She is aditi..aditi sharma…daughter of himanshu n priya sharma..childhood bestie of jasmin…her parents treat jasmin’s as ders 2 child…actually wen jas was 14..her uncle n aunty had throw her out of d house..being a loyal frnd..aditi had take care of her..n dis was only the reason…during that 6 urs..she studied with her…n was a famous phsychytrist…her uncle n aunty only hated her..n always used before the marriage..probably 2 months earlier..dey bring her back home..saying that they r sorry for their behaviour dis yrs…and jasmin having soft heart..go with dem to enter in dis hell….aditi had warn her..but of no use…
Aditi was a modern ..crazy..insane…best example of a best frnd..always helpd jas in her bad tyms..her parents were no less dey had golden heart….dey had given her shelter wen she dint have..n dey hav make her study…hiding from her uncle n aunty as dey couldnt see anything good of her…dey r such a lowered claass ppl..dat living in her(jas) own parents house..dey throw her out..but dat tym dey couldnt take action as she was not 18 till…n smwhere she dont want to do all dis…n alll….(back to prsnt guys..)
As aditi asked jasmin couldnt stop her tears..n started crying miserably…
Den she told her evrything about her SO-CALLED-HAPPY-LIFE..
“Wat d hell…!!! That bl**dy b* can he js do it…!? He hav no right to physically harass u…i hate him..”
“But I DONT..!”jasmin said making her dumb
“I have FALLED FOR MY HUSBAND…adi..! I FREAKY LOVE HIM..i donno i do..from d very first day i met him..”
“Ohhhh god…ri..!!”listening her sobs she calmed herself down n said…
“Calm down…n dont worry i think he is mentally down..! U should treat him…dont think him as a husband..but as a patient..! N try find out d reason behin his addictivity…n about his deed till nnow.. DONT WORRY ADITI IS STILL ALIVE..I WILL TAKE DAT RESPONSIBILITY..??

Listening the last words jas eyes popped..
“ no..u r not…??”but d line was disconnected already..
“God..! Calm adi down..or else i also donno wat will happen to him”…
As d clock striked 12…jasmin was now pacing here n there for him to cm…atlast thought to call in his office..she grabbed one file…n call…but it wasnt answered..obviously d office would b closed…n she dint have his number….
After a lot finding she got his PA’s number…pia…she called her n wat she listened made her shock n rock…n cry n laugh…n happy n sad…

Keep thinking wat is it..!???…
Btw how was it..?
If yes…den dil thaam kar baitho…from next the realfun will begin..n d torcher left behind…no more torcher now…
N let me telll u..! Dis ff is not at all about physically harassing..its a different n mysterious as i said before…
Hope the mystery(little)is solved about her studies….
N many more have to come..DONT HATE SIDHANT…he isnt the culprit..!!..
N excited for fun to begin.?? Den fill my stomach as a comment box with ur tasty dishes as ur cmnt…so will b waiting..
U know m very much excited for the next chappy’s so…..
I will write soon if i ger sm support n encouragement..till now very much overwhelmed wid  cmnts…
N yaaa now its tym to pay…(for sidhant) to pay for his deeed…so ready..???
If not..!
Get ready..!!
For dat u will get next chappy sooon…

Precap chahiye..???
Ok take it..

PRECAP:missing(who..?u think)-happiness-the fun begin-the sadness dead-helping nature-bond…..n many more….
Hope it was enough…so..think..think n think…?..


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  1. SidMin23

    Superb but hope soon sid change and stop touring her. Do post soon exited for more part

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    Yarŕr.. my twin.. kya bolun.. episode.. tho ??????? emotional rollercoaster ride… haayeee… bechari jasmin… she loves him nd don’t hate him after what he did… feeling so sad for her… jas ki condition pe ek song yaad aaraha..!
    Seriously it suits her… she loves him???
    Can’t wait for the next…. suspense me kyun chodaa…???
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  3. awesome ff please do continue and please post the next episode as soon as possible pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    awesome epi and happy to see many twinj ff writers r back in tu

    1. Purvi128

      He is Sidhant not Kunj..!
      Nd I m also happy that many writers r back.. thank god..
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      1. yes yes I was in a hurry iss liye Meine dhyan nehi kiya waise bhi kya farak padatha hai mere liye kunj is always sidhant 😉 😀

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    Everything describing was uffff Lajawab,,????????????
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