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Recap-torture all night…back to newyork..sid making out with a girl in plane…jas ran to d washroom n cried bitterly…


Jasmin ran to the washroom n cried bitterly..she remembered last nights torture n cried more..
“How can he do dis..? Last night without my permission he satisfied his need..than also i accepted as he is my husband now..but that doesnt mean he can do watever he want to with another girl..”she thought n cried more…
While all tym sidhant kept banging on the door..but she was in no mood..
He had felt very bad..his heart pierced wen she ran crying…donno why..but he was getting attracted towards her..for the first tym with any girl n he knew…he donno y he felt like dat..but it had n he cant help with it..
After much tym..she open the door..her eyes swelled..her kohl smeared near her eyes..her cute chubby cheeks which was red as a cherry it was now also red but swollen with crying…she dint saw his face too lowered her gaze n left….he came behind her…
“Listen jasmin…!” He said for the first tym her always he cakled her as a ‘SLAVE’..
Jasmin stopped..she turned towards him..but dont see him…not only his face..she dint saw his shadow…her gaze on her foot..
“First: dont u dare to take my name from ur dirty mouth…  N second:y r u cming after ur ‘SLAVE’…u r my owner mr.gupta…u dont have to cm after me..”
She said stuntly
“Look..jasmin…i m..i…i..m actually..i m  really…i m ugghh..i cant do it”
“The man who had never said sorry to any1 cant make out to speak..leave it..i dont need ur dirty sorry”n
She goes n sat at her place…
Sidhant came n sat beside her..she lookes evrywhere but he..?
He comes slowly towards her..she tries to go back..while sittin only…her back pinned to her seat..he moves closer to her face…near her ear..
“I m sorry..”h kissed her ear..she closed her eyes..a lone tear made its way to her cheek…
He sucks the tear n kissed at the corner of her lips..
“I’ll not do dis…again”he said unknown why he said can he just stop f*cking girls… As he is badly addicted to it…he cant sleep without it..n also he made decision dat he’ll not f*ck jasmin…on hearing her shout n pain..he cant bear it…
“N how can i trust u AGAIN..??” She now looking in his eyes directly…both’s face were closed to eo…..
“Did u trust me earlier…?”he asked seriously…
“Wat u thought..?”
“I asked first…!”
“If i had not dan now u had not broke my trust..i trusted u dan only i gave myself to dignity to u…but u’ll not understand…u just want girls for this..they r not born for this tortures…but leave…u will not understand now…when ur own girl will b in sm1 others arms…wen she will bear dis pain den u’ll know..”she said while tears gushed down her eyes..
“I will killll d one who will touch my girl..!”
“N who is dat..?”
He looks boggled..
“Oofc..ofcourse my sister..”his heart wanted to say her name but her brain was adamant at d tym..
“U’ll kill d one who will touch ur girl..but wat others do when u take der daughters respect…dignity only for ur greed..need n lust…?”
“They r not girls..dey r sl*ts”
“Sl*ts r also a girl once..just society treat them like dat…dat doesnt mean dey r not human…dey have heart too..n dey feel pain too..!”today she was not ready to stop n not at all scared of all dis..
He was dumb..speechless wat to say..!
“U know wat..just for few YOU…girls r not allowed to study..not live der life accordingly how they want..they hav to b like a cage bird…just for the peoples like YOU…dey r not safe in any country…YOU R NOT HUMAN..YOU R A DEVIL..WHO JUST DONNO D MEANING OF ‘RESPECT WOMENS’..DEY JUST WANT DEM..DER RESPECT N ERYTHING..JUST FOR THERE OWN NEED..! N i hate those type of persons..”
His heart ached as indirectly she said that she hated him…
“I’ll not..”he was now interpreted…again
“U cant stop urself mr.gupta…bcoz u r addicted…n u’ll not b able to stop urself doing all this…u cant take n touch any girl like that…”
“I will not touch any girl ..or see her wuth bad eyes..i bet..n about addiction i know i cant stop myself n for that i have my girl”he smirked..
“W..wh..who..?”now fear engulfed again..
“My wife..! My slave..! You..mrs.sidhant”he smirked…
“U cant do this sidhant…u cant touch any girl without having her permission”
“I’ll not let u do”she said softly btwn her sob..
“Okay..den..i will continue wat i m doing…i will satisfy myself with any girl i get…”
“U cant..!”
“Y..? I cant.. N if u dont want any other girl to repent..give urself to me.. WHENEVER..WHEREVER I WANT U..!!!”
She sobbed hard..but he was back in his devil avtar..
After thinking alot..
“I..i m ready?????…i cant risk many girls respect just to save myself..!”she said..
“Dats like my girl..!then deal..?”he said
“!”she said putting a stone on her heart…n bfore she could see or say…her lips was on his…getting bite n chewed with his sharp teeth..
She just cant help except crying..
He took her hands n put it on his hair…n sign to rub it..he carresses her face..
“U donno! I hav to teach u evrythin in romance.. A to Z…coz i love wen my wife responds..”he wink…n get back to his seat…
“N yaa..sleep baby..n dont gettured sitting if u want u can sleep on my lap..!”her eyea wide opend with his sentence…
He took her in his lap..
“Are..! I m saying coz i dont want to b sleepy in our making out session..n haa from now daily u’ll sleep after in nights u’ll not b able to..n i dont want any dark circle or wrinkle on ur face n get sm s*xy dress too for urself….n..”she interpreted..
“Okay..but pls letme sleep..i m already tired of ur torture late night..n i cant bear today’s one without sleep”she said lone tear made his way..n soon she was in a deep n peaceful slumber in his lap..
His back ached..but he dint move..soon der journey ended to land dem at newyork…both leave tothere was already night 10’o clock
“Welcm to my villa..mrs.gupta”he said side hugging her…
She just cant help but smile as she was confused wth his behaviour…
“Are b comfortable n dat is our room on the left side..n dis is our kitchen where u’ll make my food…”he said n all d servants came there to welcm dem..
“Meet here’s servants.. Ina aunty..tina aunty both sisters n ramu kaka n shyaamu kaa both brothers n care takers of d house..n meet my wife mrs.gupta”
After taking a sigh..n let them greet eo..
“U two(both ladies) r transferred to rohan’s house as a caretaker there..n u(both man) as a watchman to my v both need some privacy here..i dont want to let my wife feel uncomfortable”he said moving his hand inside her top
“Which u r already doing..!”she whispers..
“So u may leave now..!”he said n all left…
“Go to our room der is smthnd for u..!”he winked…n she left…
The room was beautiful in blue n black combination having a window n back door to a pool area…n d room contained few pictures of sidhants childhood pucs n also hus handsome teenage pictures too
On reaching the room she saw while room with shopping bags..with two girls standing…
“Dont ask question..dis is all urs night dress which u hav to wear at night DAILY n for ME….they will make u ready tonight n teach u too n accordingly u hav to evryday”he came said n left…
She sobbed but cant help…
The two gurls shows her the dress..which was all exposing n which is hate by her from the bottom of her heart….they gave her a red short one piece..which was ofcourse a sl*ty dress…it was a shining black..deep neck n a backless one till her thighs..she silently nodded n slippes into it…
Den dey apply a smoky make up which was light on her insist..her hairs in a messy bun n lips red…
Dey leave…she looked outside the window to inhale some fresh air..
Wen some1 came n back hugges her…n she was very well known to this disgusting touch though she always felt butterfly in her stomach wen he is around….
He kissed her neck..putting wet kisses there ascended towards her jawline…
“Looking s*xy…my sweet little chick”he whisper…which made her a slight blush…
In no tym she was in his arms…he kissed her lips..n continuing it walk towards the pool having her in a bridal style..
He made her stand n wrapping his hands around her backless waist…he freed her hair…today he was smooth not that much rough…jasmin waa enjoying his touch but trying her best to not reciprocate which she failed miserably..whike he was kissin more n more on her face..her blush was getting hard to hide…she wasnt stopping him or crying tonight as she knew it was of no use..n today she was feeling a bit secure..?
She dont know…
He after his kissing session went towards her dress zip…
“Pls not here..!”she mumbled as dey were in a pool whole wet till now..
She hugged him not wanting him to go ahead right there… He,not wanting to stop.was confused btwn his brain n hearts fight..where his ego was dont want to stop but his heart wnted to not continue there…but again his ego dat is brain won..he tear her dress right anger n confusiong…she was standing er dumbstruch as she thought he will not do that..but how cn she forget his ego being her bestfriend dont leave..him…
She lowered her gaze in shame as she was standing der whole naked in 2 minutes..n he was whiole dressed..soon he was same as her..he did evry possible think to hurt her as he dont wanna get attracted towards her as it would surely lead him to fall for her..his roughness n dilness was back
After half an hour of exhaustion in d pool…he again took her in his arms…while she was crying with a fresh scars n also yesterday night m’s red scars on her whole body…she felt disgusted…soon he was on a small couch which was a cosy n small one..der only at d pool…n he upon her…both were naked …sidhant looked at her she was sobbing softly.. Covering her body with her small n thin hand…not wanting to do anything right there..but he was not yet finished..he bite her cleavage which was already bitten many tyms…she groaned n moaned in apin..but it was like a background music to him..he now made his wayto enter her…rub her thighs to make her let him enter…she looked at him..both had a small eyelock n he entered in her..she closed her eyes in pain..but soon opened when she saw him out yes,he was out of 20-30 scnds…n having no blanket…he took a small cloth which was may b a bed shit or smthng..he dint mind wat it was..he cover both of them..n sleep upon her couch was a small one..n he was not in mood to move to bed..

How was it..?
Sorry for d delay..
But as i said i m at my farnhouse..n here i m not allowed to use my phone dis much…n hav to enjoy..dan also gave my 3 hourse..
Hope it worth d wait..

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