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Chapter 12


The night which was full of love and passion..
The night which change many things…
The night which was filled with love…
The nighy when sidhant n jasmin got together
Came to an end…
And sun took a charge for the day..
Jasmin smooched herself in his chest…hiding from the rays which was disturbing her sleep…
Sidhant,due to the movement..opened his eyes to find his life lying beside him..
A smile appeared on his lips..
After whole 12 days..they were  together..
Whatever was there before situation but they use to sleep together…but they were not sleeping together from few days and that seem ages to him…

The wife,whom he never treated like that..had BECAME HIS LIFE…
And he was very much happy with it…?

Waking up both got ready…

(U greeedy ppls…hamesha romance k liye excite rehte ho..! Dont expect tooo much..n read further..coz i know u r excited for the dubai trip)

While breakfast..they were busy in chattering as kabir n aditi had joined tooo..

“Wo..umm..i need to talk to u..!”
“Nope with jiju too..! I mean we both want to talk to u both..!”
“ that about ur relationship..?”.
“☺☺☺☺☺☺”kabir n aditi blush n den kabir spoke..

“Umm yes..!”

“Wow..guys i m soo happy for u both”jasmin shouted and jumped on aditi inorder go hug her…to which sidhant immediately stood up..n hold her hand..n pulled her..

“Are..! Cant u take care…mrs.gupta u are pregnant..u cant jumo like babies will say that her/his mumma is a monkey..!”

“Oww..! I m pregnant n u r having mood swings…one moment u r cute n caring ..n second irritating…?”

“Achcha..! U mean to say is i m pregnant.?”

“May be?”

“What do u mean..?”

“Are u brainless..!”


“First u ask me that if u r pregnant..! N then u ask me wat do i mean…argghhh..!! U r such a jabila..!”

“Now wat is jabila.?”

“U wil not understand..!”

“I have brain mrs.gupta..! N i can underatand very well..!”

“Huh..! U’ll not..! Coz ur brain is pregannt??”


“Nothing…now let me eat…! Mr.jabila,.!”

Sidhant was just clueless standing like ‘what-the-hell-is-happening-man’

“Dont wrry..its ur wife’s mood swings..!”aditi laughed at there comedy talks…

“Iske moodari ham pe bhaari?”sidhant gave a poor look..

“Wat is moodari..?”jasmin asked

“U’ll not understand..!”


“Coz ur brain is pregnant tooo..we both r couple na.! Evrythng happen same-same..!”

“Huh..! Jabila..!”


Both gave eachother angry glare..n started eating..but curiousness..that flowed inghere veins…was dusturbing about ‘jabila’ and ‘moodari’ repectively..

“Achcha i will tell u about jabila/moodari..u will tell me about urs..!”both said at the same timr and den burst out laughing..

“Okay..! Jabila/moodari is aamu’s style of saying..!☺”

“What..? U know her too.??”

“She is my sis yaar..!” Sidhant said..
“N my bestie..!” Jasmin continued..

(Those who think i m mistaken..that sidhant is my bro..then u r wrong…coz we all are his sis..buri nazar aat daalo..? samje..he is my bro..!n about jabila/moodari..? its mh way of pakpak..??..u know na..i m unique.?)..

Jst then sidhant phone rang..

“Yes mummma..!”

“Sidhant..?”her mother voice choked listening ‘mumma’ from his mouth after years


“Umm..where is jasmin..?”

“Its her magic only..u guessed right..!” Sidhant smiled n passsed the phone to jas..

“Good morning mom..!”

“Good morning beta..! Thank u soo much..u changed him..!”.
She smiled…

After a small talk…
“I forgot to tell u both main thing..! Put the phone on speaker..!”


“U both guys are coming dubai..! That to tonight..our jet will pick u up..all u need is to pack ur bags..n reach airport..!no ifs n but…my daughter in law is preganant..i need to treat her well…n for a month she will be here only..! Byeee..see u tomorrow morning..!”

Both looked at eo…n smiled…
“Okay mom..!”


The rest day went in blur..with jasmin ordering and sidhant obeying her..n packing bags..

At night both left for dubai from there private jet..n also aditi n kabir had left for tell aditi’s parents der relationship…

The next day,
They reach there..with jasmin showered by their love n sidhant felt like alone bechara bachcha..!!

The day paased by..
Next morning on breakfast table..

“So u all going to keep me in this high five palace..! Or going to take me smwhere..!”

“Yes,bhabhi was going to ask u these oldies willl.never take us..!”

“ where u wanna go..? But that would be safe place..!”..

“What about desert safari..?”

“Wow..that will be awesome..!”jasmin shouted…

“No that would be hot..will u be fine with it jasmin..!”sid mom asked..

“Umm..yes..m fine..lets jz go…!”she hesitated but then cover up…

Having checked all security..
They left for there..

“So first camel ride,???..”amira shouted..

“Yo..!” Jasmin jumped but inmid..sidhant hold her..n without saying he put her on the ground..

“Mr.possesive…!”amira muttered n jasmin smiled at her cute hubby..

Then all of them..went for the camels…for camel ride..

Sid mom’s n dad sat on one..
Amira sat on one..!”

N on the other..sidhant sat..
Jasmin was about to climb back to him..
But he hold her..

“Wait u will sit in front..!”
She dint hesitate..n sat..

“Bhabhi do u know..why he said that..?”amira laughed..!


“Amu shut up..!”

“No i will not..!”amira took out her toungue n cntinued….

“Bhabhi,u know..he fell from backside when we were small..???..he got a back pain..!”

“Jagga jassooos..!”

Sidhant gave a scarstic look..n the ride started…

Sidhant hold her n wrapped his hands around her stomach..n got close to order to hug her from back..

“Uhuhuhuhu”amira..the kabab me haddi coughed from.beside..

“I was jz holding her so that she cant fall..!”

“When did i ask..!”
Amira replied..when jasmin puke it out…sidhant immediately stopped the camel..
N make her climb down…
She again puke it..
Puking was normal in pregnancy but she was having blood in that which scared evry1…

“Is this first time..!”sidhant ask possesively

“Yup..!”she looked otherside..

“Hiding something..??”


“Dont lie..!”

“Umm..i ..i m having..vaginal bleeding from morning..!”
She replied which shocked evry1

I know this chappy was nice?

Sidmin wala..
But it ended giving a shock?
What u guys think..???

Well cmnt decreased..too much..
Only 16 i got..
If i will not get today then after 2 weeks u will get instead of 1..
So cmnt..
If u want as soon as possible..
I will give u on wednesday..!
But for that i want cmnt..

PRECAP- kya is khushiyon ko lag jaayegi nazar..? Kya ban jaayegi sidhant or jasmin k beech dooriyan..?? Yaaa hoga kuch or..??????

*expect the unexpected?*

Love u all..


n yaa junoon wala ishq will start after this end…i m not able to make out time..

N yea..remember i love sad ending?..!

N how is the new cover..! Suits the storylin..see carefully

Love u all

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Awesome interesting suspense full

    1. SidMin_ROCKS

      Thanx pur

  2. Brilliant episode aamu ❤️❤️?????
    Speechless ?
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    Sidhant pregnant ? ? ? brain se ?????
    Ay aamu ?tu hi sid ki sis hai hum to nhi us ki sister ????????❤️
    Me to bilkul bhi nhi tujahey sidhant ko
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    ❤️??BYE ?? SID Ki SIS Aamu?

    1. Aamu

      Sid mera to bhai hi hai..
      And aap sab kaa aap jaano…
      N lets seee..what is in my head..n how it comes out..?..
      But remember I LOVE SAD ENDINGS??
      Love u shah…

  3. Sameera

    What’s this ?????….Jasmin Kya hoga yaar don’t tell me …???what I am thinking is right no no no ….aisa nahi hosakta …
    LOVE YOU ?????????

    1. Aamu

      Hahah…thank u for ur mazeedaaar wala cmnt..
      Bu me maut…chindiya..sab ka matlab bhul gayi???..
      Haa but itna yaad hai..that amazing aisa kuch hai..
      Well thank u for the hydu cmnt…
      Love u tooo??

  4. Sohi



    Just loved sid’s possessiveness for jasmin
    Waiting for the next shocking update
    Do continue

    1. Aamu

      Hehe..thank u affu…
      Haa…continue to karenge hi..
      Milte hai jld next chapter ke saath?

      1. Sohi

        Hey Ammu I have a request plz don’t call me affu, I just hate that name so plz
        Instead u can call me Aafi, sohu or sohi
        But don’t call me affu ?

    2. Aamu

      Achcha ok..ok..
      Will call u aafi

  5. SidMin23

    Nice but the last part was scary hope everything will be fine between sidmin

    1. Aamu

      Thank u soo much arti di..
      Will tryto post soon

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    sweet nd cute but last mai kya hua…
    plz kuch bhi bura mat krna
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    1. Aamu

      Thanx presha..
      N lets see what my pyaara dimag has in store??…
      Love yaa?

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