listening the worst..she has evr expected..jasmin broke down..
He has beared so much…
Had seen the worst of his life..
He has lost his baby…whom he expected to be his life..he was so excited but the b**tch killed it…killed sidhant…

N that was the reason he was like that..
Listening his fearful and scary past…aditi was melted too..she has not thought of this ever….
Tears rolled down her cheeks simultaneously when doctor came…
“ is my husband..?”
Jasmin asked tearfully..

“Calm down mrs.gupta..he is fine..hadnot get concious till now..but will get soon in next few hours..” Doctor said as they sighed a relief..

“What happened to maya..then..?”jasmin asked looking towards kabir…

“She has married another man….for money..but that man is same r**cal as her…he tortured her..n due to mental torchers she is in asylum now”
Jasmin felt bad for sidhant..but listening this she smiled..
Selfish she could be…but MAYA DESERVED THAT..!

“And…..and….”kabir stuttered..

“Will u leave him again..?”he said as she looked on shock.
She really dont want him to suffer more..n she cant see him..but no relationship could work with trust n love.. was there now..but Love..?
What about that bug n most beautiful feeling..
Acc to her..he dont loves her..

“No relationship could work without love kabir..!”

“And who saud he dont love you..?”
He said as she looked at him confused…
He told his craving for her..n love for her…
Jasmin cried…???..
When nurse came n told he has regained concious..
Kabir signed her to go while they both went for cofee (aditi n kabir..)

Jasmin entered the room…
Listening footsteps..sidhant’s gaze fall on the footstep owner..
Jasmin entered tears rolling down her cheeks..

looking at her…sidhant tries to call her near through his hand gesture..jamsin smiled n goes near him..
“I am soo sorry..i…i hurted u soo much”sidhant joined his hand…
Jas immediately hold his hand..and kissed it…

“I m sorry sidhant…ka..kabir told me evrything..that wasnt ur mistake it was mine…just mine..!”

“Not urs…mine..if i would have handeled myself than no one would have suffered this much…i was wrong..!”

“Situation was wrong sidhant..!but i promise you.. This time i would give birth to ur child..OUR CHILD…”
Sidhant looked at her tearfully..

“I..i .i lo– love ..y- you..!”he stuttered but he cant help he had to..he will gain her trust n loveghis time..

“I know..!”
“What what..?”
“U know den atleast you should have answered..??”
“I dont want to..!”
“What does that mean..?”
“About what ..?”
“About my confession..!”
” which type of confession..?you acted srk…i…i..i l–love..y– you… original mr.gupta..!”.
And the next moment sidhant pulled her roughly but lovingly..towards him..n pasted his lips with hers…
He moved his spared hand which was bandaged on her back..whike she was shocked..but reciprocate..
That was a sweet yet passionate one..
Sidhant parted..still there lips inch apart..

“I love you mrs.gupta..and dare you say no..coz i know u do too..!”he said smiling..
“And how do u know..?”
“If u wouldnt be..den you would be pushing me…n not sleeping on me like would be irked..”

Jasmin looked around..
She was sleeping on him..his hand around her waist..n other was bandaged..
She smiled..

“–“kabir entered and turned..
“Ohhh sorry sorry..”
“Are you planning to have triple babies guys..?”aditi spatted
Jasmin stood up..
“Shut up..!”she spat as she composed herself..

In two days sidhant was perfectly discharged..(sidhant parents had left already before jasmin’s pregnancy no one knows about there fight n apart things)

The day sidhant was discharged..went on leisurely coz jasmin busy with her bestie gossiping about anything n evrything..being the jasus..

About what.??
About kabir and aditi..who were getting engaged soon….(sohi,yes u were right..i was goint to set this both)
Yes,they love each whole day jasmin dint pay heed to mr.gupta…
At night kabir n aditi had went for a now jasmin after making her ready went to there room..where sidhant wasnt present..

She called but no1 der..


Moving towards the pool area..she saw sidhant in the pool..
His body in pool…n he was resting on the wall side his eyes closed…

“Sidhant..what u are doing..come out..!”
“Oh so finally u remembered me..??”
“Sorry”she muttered n again continued..”you come out na..lets go..i m sleepy…!”
She said fixing her top..
Which was a half sleeved crop top n jeans…she moved towards him…
While he smirked mischeviously…
He come out of the water n moved towards her..
“What..?”she asked confused…

“No sidhant..pls..! I cant bear that..any more..!”she said remembering the torture at pool side totally by mistake..
Sid who holds in her arms..dropped her n she landed in water…
Caring nothing about that..jasmin lipped sorry..
“I m sorry..i cant come close to u..until u r ok with me..i m sorry..n how can i forget my torture..i m really sorry”
He said and was about to leave when jasmin pulled his legs..n he too fall in water..
He was naked from upside..just had a boxers at the bottom..
He was shocked..

“You have full rights on me..!”she whispered in his ears….a sweet smile on his face..
Jasmin moved her hand on his s*xy wet body..makin him lost his sense..
She moved close to me..

“You owe me sidhant…i m nothing without u..!”
N smashed his lips..
This was it to turn him on…
He clutched her hairs…n put it aside…
Kissing her wet neck..he descended find the cloth on..
He was about to tear..

When..somethig rung in his head..
“Pls dont do this..pls dont here..!”her words he pleaded to not expose here just like that..
Not wasting a moment..he hold her in his harm..while she wrapped around hie neck..n kisses der putting few hickeys out there too..
Putting her on the cosy bed..
He jumped on her carelessly..
Jasmin moaned as he bited her collar bone…het hand on his back..digging her nails..
He moved his hand under her top…n careeses her b**bs n cupp it..
She opened her get lost in his brown orbs….
He ripped her top…
Leaving her naked from.upside…

Gazing at her bre*st ..she was breathing heavily..
Making him go crazy…he cupped one..n licked another…
She moaned in pleasure..n clutched his hairs tightly..
Doing same with another…he placed kisses n bites on her stomach….n descended to find her jeans on..
Angrily he took it out…
Jasmin was whole naked now..while he was heaving jeans..
“Badtameez sharm ni aati..?”

And he pushed herself on him…n took out his jeans too…
It was her turn to take revenge n she took well..putting red marks on his body…same as he made on their first night…
Getting exhausted she slept beside him…

When he moves closer to her…
“I m tired now..pls..i m sleepy..!”she said breathig heavily..covering herself in the blanket..
But sidhant came upon her..n descended downstair…
He reached her tummy..n kissed there..
“Goodnight kiss to our baby”he smiled n then hugged her carressing her back..both slept entangled into eo’s arms..
(preganant hai wo..yaaro..dont expect much wild)

First for late..
Second for dis much bakwas..
It was a bad one i know..
Really i dint like it..though it was wasnt good..
Sorry for that..but here evry1 is watchng movie..n mumma isnt allowin me to move..i have to write with disturbance whicg i hate..

Hope den also u all like it..

N sorry for not replying ur cmnts..

N MSMAHI..! Hehe..i know i m always late..sorry yaar…but i m really busy..hope u liked this one..reading ur cmnt i sniled..hehe..thank u..
N love ya


Love u all loads..

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