Chapter#11-PAST REVEALS..



~~~ 10 days later ~~~

A black dark room was shown….clock  tick-tick sound could be heard…there was a pin-drop silent….a beautiful muscular figure could be seen…the door get some light in the the door opened..a bottle dropped from the musc mans hand…it rolls n stopped at the men’s feet who opened the door…
He bent down..n took the whisky bottle..
N he was revealed to be kabir..
Kabir went towards the man who was sitting…the room whih was pitch dark sometime before was now…filled with light..
N the man was not other than our dev das babu..that is sidhant bhaiya..(aap sab ke?)

“Sidhantt…! U again started..?”kabir carress his back..knowing in whih condition was he….

“To kya karu kabir…u only say..wat should i do…?”his red swollen eyes again filled with tears..
“Kabir,i cant live without her…m trying my best..see…it jz getting worse..i had been addicted to her..i need her…i love her man..! N i want her…?”he hugged him..while kabir was numb..

“Calm down…shh…take a breath man..!”
“i cant..i feel safocated without her…i need her..!”

“Sidhant..u have to keep ur heart strong..”

“I dont have heart..!”
“Its with jas…n i want her… i cant live without her..this 10 days feel like years to me…i cant..pls..i want to go to her..plsss…plss..i beg u..”

(Pyaar me duba mr.gupta?…ey..haso mat…he is ur brother guysss..bhai kaa saath do..?)

“Sh…shh..first calm down…n u have to be strong..u cant jz go to her..u know she is pregnant..n i came to know fom adi dat her pregnancy is complicated..we need to be away from her..she needs no stress..”
Kabir said..but before that sidhant left….

He was life less..those 10 days were like years to him..he left the house..lifelessly walkin on the cold streets of new york…
When a car came…n
Sidhant slept in the pool of blood..

Screen get dark..the backgroung music stopped…while kabir was seen running towards him..n sidhant lipping…’jasmin’..


The otherside nothig was different with jas..she was missing him badly..
The dialogue sidhant spoke..she spoke..
The dialogue kabir said aditi said..
Aditi was against her go back to sidhant.. Acc to aditi he will never  stop his devilness..n she shouldnt go there…but jasmin heart said something different…opposite to what she said..
The 10 days were centuries..she was used to sleep beside sidhant..cuddling him..unwantedly or watever..but that was her favourite thing..she was missing of his lavender scent…his minty breaths..his love or can say lust…his kisses…love bites..
Her body was lacking the marks..which mad her beautiful which gave pleasure n pain both..
She missed alll…

Lifelessly,she was going for check up…though she dont want to..but have to…
She need to take care of her child oops THEIR CHILD….
They couldnt be SidMin FOREVER..but there is a symbol of there love or can say hatred..the child will be their child..
Something which could be only THEIRS…

Getting checked up she was leaving with aditi when she saw kabir drenched in blood..his hands bl**dy  red..his face n tees all..
As a good girl she went to get the buggest shock of he life..
He told her everything…as he was not in his  sense..his best friend was in  icu…hanging btwn death n life..
He told his craving..his love..while jas looked at aditi who was filled with guilty..
N finaalllly after lot of efforts kabir spoke out the truth…THE PAST…

(Before past..let me tell u …dont hate aditi at all..for keepig jas away..furst put urself at aditi place..n think wat would u do if ur chldhood best friend..would have been raped by her own husband..pls dont hate her…her character is very fair…n i love that..pls dont..)

“Kabir..!”jasmin gasped…as she tried to ask about his past..
He looked up..

“Whats his past…!?”
His expression was now shocked..
“Jas”he mumbled..knowing it would hurt her…

“Just tell me…? How long he will ignore me…? Just for the bl**dy past…how long will it haunt him….how long he will keep himself away f**king girl…just say HOW LONG…i jz wanna know wats dat thing..just speak the beans out man”she lost her tenper n broke down…..

He take a sigh..
“Ok..but do wipl hurt you..listen with calmnesss…n dont take stress at all..!”

She nodded..
“Its all about higher studies time…his parents being a millionere dint pay attention to him…when he need them..they were jz busy in there vusiness and money…we were childhood frnds..except me he had no1 to support him..amira..his sister who came in his life few years back…was also away…his parents gave her(amira) more happiness more love according to she was small..she lived with them..n he was alone…then came maya…
Sidhant was very nice boy…u can  call him nerd too..he was very much dedicated to studies… look at girls was nevwe in his hobbies…but that sl*t…make out to trap him..the young hormones..made him fall for her..they were soon in relation…just in 2 months..she trapped him…..n…”
Kabir stopped…his voice choked and trembled..jasmin n aditi gave a curious look..


“And..they….(he stopped..n taking a sigh he continued) and they had s*x too…(tear rolled down her cheeks…) Evrything was normal…till…
Till the farewell…the night of darkness..the night of the new sidhant..while there making out session…they  hadnot use protection..n maya declared her pregnancy..”
Jasmin looked at  him shocked…she was already crying..

“That was not the main.sidhant was very excited..he was very happy n fun loving…he was proud to be one..he was ..he was evrythng which could be bcm a father was his dream..n he had loved maya heartedly…but evrythng was opposite with that daayan…she abort the very next day..she killed that sidhant with his baby..she snatchex his happiness..n that is why sidhant hate girls..n think them as a player..he use them from then…n made dem suffer…”

Jas was hoorroorreed…n..


That was it…
Thank u for the lovely cmnts…
N anu hope u like it…

No more bakbak..let me take a leave..

Precap- few more to reveal…and lets have some sidmin romance…!??..

Want hot or cold.? Do letme know..?


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  1. Main…..mar gayi…..I am dead…. literally….Express….this was a terrific Episode ????…….I got semi goosebumps….??….What a Solid Twist…..And I think it’s quite justified why
    he became a devil..?post soon[ Jo karogi nahi?) ??

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    Nd I wanna see hot romance????

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  3. Sameera

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    Felt really really really really really bad for sidhant bechara how much he suffered just coz of that b*t*h Maya …?????????????….
    Now I know th reason …
    And yeah why will we hate ADI as shedid what ….as a best friend would do …
    Chalo emotional baate side me rakhte hai……and haan Kya kaaha tune …
    Bhai hoga tera ….sidhant samjhi ??????????….
    Badi aayi Bhai banane …
    Chal bye love it ..
    Love you too ..
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  4. Purvi128

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    I m just crying nd crying ???? Sidhan’t condition … huhh..
    I can’t stop my tears.. ??? His past…
    Yrrr that broke me… Hate this blo*dy Maya. ?????
    Huhh.. just can’t get over his past….????
    So heart breaking… it left me shattered…
    Huh.. he is in icu.. ohh goshhh.. ????
    I can’t digest it…!!
    The first part was very awesome… I just loved that…!! His craveness for her… uffff… I m hell excited for next…!!!
    Some romance…. thank god….!!! Arrryyy hot nhi….
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    Try to give the next update asap… i can’t wait…
    Or haaan…..!! Ek baat… koi sidhant bhaiyya.. nhi aesa munh todun gi na jo uski taraf dekha bhiii.. ankehin noch lungiiiii.. samjhiii… ??????????????????
    Sorry yrr for not commenting on prev ones….. I m really sorry…
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  5. It was amazing and emotional. ??

    Sidhant is not my brother but yours ??

    Anyways I must say your style of writing is soo good

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    Take care

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    Amazing. Post soon❤️❤️❤️

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    to isliye bechara siddhnat devil bna?

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  14. Ayesha51

    amazing episode

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    u nailed it dear

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  15. Ayesha51

    sorry it is not alisha

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