Beauty and the Vampire – Introduction

Beauty and the Vampire…

Introduction –

You must be knowing the story of Beauty who falls in love with a Beast… What if the Beast was a Vampire !? You can’t imagine !? Then I’ll make you imagine…?

♡Shona Gadodia. (Belle)
She is the youngest daughter of Shekhar Gadodia. She is the prettiest and cleverest of all sisters… She has a kind heart.

♡Sanskaar (Beast)
He is a vampire who lives in palace which is in woods.

Once upon a time, in a far-off country, there lived a merchant (Shekhar Gadodia) who had been so fortunate in all his undertakings that he was enormously rich. As he had six daughters, however, who were accustomed to having everything they fancied, he did not find he had a penny too much. But misfortunes befell them. One day their house caught fire and speedily burned to the ground, with all the splendid furniture, books, pictures, gold, silver, and precious goods it contained. The father suddenly lost every ship he had upon the sea, either by dint of pirates, shipwreck, or fire. Then he heardthat his clerks in distant countries, whom he had trusted entirely, had proved unfaithful. And at last from great wealth he fell into the direst poverty.
All that he had left was a little house in a desolate place at least a hundred leagues from the town, and to this he was forced to retreat. His children were in despair at the idea of leading such a different life. The daughters at first hoped their friends, who had been so numerous while they were rich, would insist on their staying in their houses, but they soon found they were left alone. Their former friends even attributed their misfortunes to their own extravagance and showed no intention of offering them any help.
So nothing was left for them but to take their departure to the cottage, which stood in the midst of a darkforest and seemed to be the most dismal place on the face of the earth. As they were too poor to have any servants, the girls had to work hard, and even cultivated the fields to earn their living. Roughly clothed and living in the simplest way, the girls regretted unceasingly the luxuries and amusements of their former life. Only the youngest daughter tried to be brave and cheerful. She was most pretty named Shona.

To be Continued…

*Guys I considered your requests about twilight diaries and I decided to write this vampire story. Guys just tell me if you want ss or os… ff is not possible as I write “The Curse” ff also… Shoot your comments if you want me to continue and as what (ss or os) Comment fast…

Recap – Depends on what you choose… (ss or os)

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  4. C’mön it’s very interesting why not ff huh? Try na

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