The Beauty In Our Stars (Part 2)


Hello dearies. Sorry I could not reply to your comments. Okay now clearing the confusion , The lead pairs are Dhruv and Natasha. And Abeer and Tara. The story is also about friendship of Dhruv Tara. Please do respond and let me know if you are liking this story or not and comment ( as its the only way to respond ) .


The guys wake up and their heart beats start growing faster followed the sudden adrenaline rush in their bodies. They could see a beautiful girl with her pony who was in rainbow colours.

Dhruv fumbles as he asks her ” Who are you?”

Tara does not reply. Dhruv and Raj decide to run away but Tara makes an innocent face ? which melts their kind heart.

Dhruv “Okay come with us! ” Raj does not believe how could a girl look so beautiful he pinches himself and then taps Tara’s head. “Dude she’s indeed real!” Says he to his friend who was driving. Tara was getting confused as to what they were speaking.

Dhruv says ” I have to hide her from my parents too.”

Raj tells him ” Don’t worry. Tell them she’s my cousin” to which Dhruv replies ” Okay bro.”

They reach Dhruv’s home which was no less than a mansion.

And he gets welcome with taunts ” So finally the king has arrived ” says his father who is startled to see a beautiful girl with his loser son. ” who is she.” Asks his father “My cousin” replies Raj immediately. Both rush to their room.

They try to talk to her. ” I think she is deaf and dumb.” They make a conclusion. They make her sleep on the bed and sleep adjacent to her with Dhruv seeing her.

The next morning they are shocked to see Tara already awake.
” Hi! I m Tara. Dhruv and Raj thank you so much for your help and letting me stay in your home!”

“So you are not dumb and neither deaf. Who are you ! Tell us .” Asks Dhruv.

” I m Tara from Fairyland. I am a fairy. I came here to search my love as I couldn’t find it there.”

Dhruv gets touched seeing her efforts for searching for love. ” My efforts are nothing before her” he thinks. He continues his questions “How you learned speaking our language”

“Its simple I scanned your body like this” she said as she kept her hands on his head.

” I scanned you from top to bottom. ” says Tara. Hearing this Raj starts laughing. Dhruv stops him . ” but I could not find love.” Continues Tara .

“Because its not easy to find love. You have to do a lot of homework Tara. ”

“I m ready for anything.” Saying this she removes her wand and asks it who is the most loved person in the world. And she gets an answer “Adam Levine” A picture of Adam Levine comes on the screen.

Tara stares the picture. “I m in love !! Yay mission successful!”

“No way he’s not the guy you are looking for. He is already in love with someone else. Try for someone in India. ” says Raj.

She again asks her wand ” the most loved person in India.” this time she gets the answer. “Abeer”

Raj and Dhruv react seeing Abeer’s picture.

“He’s actually hot! Ummaah ” she gives him a flying kiss. ” What do you think.? You know him right.?”

“Yes both answered in chorus. But its not easy to woo him!”

“Don’t worry. I love him a lot and that’s enough!” she says with an innocent smile.

“Okay first of all you need to change. You cant go wearing these clothes. So we will go for shopping first.!”

“Alright Dhruv!” Replied Tara. She hugs him tightly and both go to the Inorbit Mall and Tara tries on different clothing which the boys rejected until she came wearing an elegant Little White dress. Dhruv tells her ” you are looking beautiful like a fairy”

I’m already one. Tell me something new!” Replies Tara annoyingly.

“Okay you are looking hot s*xy marvellous beautiful fantastic fabulous.” Says Raj in one breath . Dhruv pats him on back giving him support and telling him to take a long breathe. Tara laughs at them and runs away. The boys follow her.

Sorry for disappointing Abeer fans that not a mention about him. But don’t worry the next part is about Abeer and Tara’s first meeting and trust me it is going to be MAGICAL. ?

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  1. Wowwww awesome episode, loved their convo…raj n dhruv are very innocent guys, n tarana is very beautiful fairy… waiting for the next part..abeer n tara magical meeting. …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  2. Sorry it’s tara,

  3. it is awesome. …..plz update soon

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