The Beauty In Our Stars (Part 1)


First of all thanks a bunch for all your love and suggestions. I m really lucky to get friends like you . I hope I m one. Anyways. Ty it means a lot to me. I actually read all the comments many times not believing that someone could actually like my story. Not wasting your time

“Cut it ! Fabulous shot !” Says the director followed by an applause.
“Abeer you are so talented! We are very Lucky to get your dates.”

So this guy is Abeer. Totally a handsome hunk he was dressed in red shorts and white shirt with an equally smoking hot girl. All the girls on the sets get jealous of the girl. “Why is she standing so near to him!” ” Is she her girlfriend?” ” They are just good friends” ” They make an ugly pair” the girls gossiped.

The girl getting popular on the sets hoes to Abeer’s vanity without .

Abeer speaks aloud ” How dare you ! Do you have brains . How could you come to my vanity without any permission. Now cant an actor get his own space.” Actually Abeer was not so arrogant it was just that the same girl had tried to kiss him forcefully before and he never reported about that because he always respected girls but now it was going overboard.
“Cut the crap! Tell me Abeer you also love me Abeer. No one had ever refused me . So neither can you. Tell me Abeer. ” the girl moaned as she touched Abeer’s biceps . He thrashes her away and calls the director ” Come here right now !”

The director rushes inside his vanity. “What happened Abeer?”

“Get this girl out of the film. I don’t want to see her face again or else you know very well what will i do!” Said Abeer in anger.

“Vandana. You lost this film” says the director and leaves.

Vandana speaks out ” I will take my revenge . I will be back Abeer. !”

Director comes in and asks assistant Director “Raj. We need a new heroine. Get her soon or else I will fire you.”

Raj goes and meets his friend Dhruv a very shy guy. ” See what this director told me. Get a new heroine” he mimics him. Dhruv laughs and says to his best friend” Never try acting dude. You are really bad at it”

“Tell me what happened did she say yes”

“Ofcourse not. She rejected me” Dhruv says and gets sad.
“Okay don’t worry. There is always someone made for someone. You will meet your girl soon. And I hope I also meet my girl sooner than you . Okay so today in the mourning of yours in losing your wife we will have drinks and party. What say!”

” Bro you know na I don’t drink!”

“Okay at least give me company. When u get a hangover you help me out man . I hope you can do at least this much for me!” He says making a puppy face.

“Okay. Dramebaaz. Lets go!”
Both head in their car which had an open wind shield. They stop at a secluded place .

Meanwhile A girl is shown wearing clothes which definitely were out of this world. May be because she was also out of this world. She had shiny eyes fair complexion dark brown hair with red highlights and a beautiful charm bracelet of hearts with Love written on it.
The girls sees her bracelet with innocence and says ” I am looking for you Mr. Love. She was actually having a ride on her rainbow pony which looked magical. She lands on Earth with a sudden thud only to be noticed by two guys.

The two guys are shocked to see her and faint.


So I hope you can guess who the two guys are!
Lots of love.

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  1. hey dear awesome start

    1. hey dear i just had a doubt , isn’t your story similar to film jaane kahan se aayi hai of jackline , i guess as names of a certain characters are same , i just watched it yesterday but if it is so , i would be looking forward to something new and interesting in your story

  2. Awesome episode pari dearrrr, the story is very interesting…I agree with piya….keep it up…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…

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