The Beauty In Our Stars (Intro)


The Beauty of our Stars.

This is the beautiful starry love sort of five people who search for their love.

Tara : She is the pampered daughter of her father. She is very pure at heart and has everything except love.

Dhruv : He thinks he is a loser as he never got his true love. But he is a very sensible guy and has a best friend called Raj. He is an Assistant Director.

Abeer : He is the heart throb of all the girls. All girls fall for him at the instant they meet and being the Superstar he has that arrogance !

Natasha : She is Abeer’s sister. She is pretty and very soft at heart.

Raj : Dhruv’s best friend but very naughty and too obsessed with X rated videos. But he cares a lot about his friend and always helps him in the conquest of love.

The real catch in the story is that Tara is not a human but a fairy and has magical powers.

I never thought about a villain as I hate them badly ! Hope you like this story. It will only be continued if you want and love the story.

Who do you think will be Tara’s dream man ! A question for millions !

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  1. interesting

  2. Nice one waiting for next update…..

    1. Sure I will be posting it right away !

  3. hwy dear nice intro ,
    and i like dhruv’s character as tara’s dream man
    just a suggestion

    1. Ty so much dea. And you will get to know about the pairs very soon. Keep reading till then.

  4. Tara and abeer; dhruv and natasha… i hope these two pairs will look good together.. tara might change arrogant abeer to awesome lovable abeer.. whereas natasha may shower dhruv with love and be a supportive and ideal partner for his success…

    1. Ty ishu. Keep reading .

  5. Awesome head line …. Pari ….
    Continue …. It may b raj or abeer … Let me know ur story beginning and wil guess accurately……. Nice plz update regularly

  6. Ty dear ! And about ur guess lets see.

  7. Pari writing a Pari s story….
    Expecting a new story line…..

    1. Yes it is! Ty dea for reading .

  8. Posted the first part
    A Sudden Thud.

  9. I think a beer and Tara make a gud couple plzzzz try to make them as the. Couple

  10. I can only promise one thing. I ll try to make it as romantic as possible.

  11. Awesome intro pari, loved the plot..plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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