Beauty of love!

There was an essay competition in the school.My friends has given my name without my permission.Friends pleaded to participate so i thought to write something.I was in a classroom for the competition.There were so many students around me.Teacher has told the the title which is “beauty of love”.I didnt get anything to write.The students around me started to write like it was some exam.I pick my pen n started to thing n i got it.I started to write……

In my family dad,mom,me n my elder sister-divya.My dad n mom used to love divya di more than me.Dad used to buy chocolates after coming from the work.N he used to give more chocolates to divya di.When i got a new doll divya di started to fight with me to give that doll to her.When i screamed mom came n asked wat happened?.I said that di want my doll.Mom said to me to give that doll to her.Mom took doll from me n gave to di.I was very sad and cried alot.Later that night mom n dad came near me.I asked why u loved her more than me.They told me to love her more n give her everything.I was very angry to hear that.But later i understand why my parents loved her more than me.My divys di was a sick patient…doctor has said that she dont hav that much time to live.One night when we r sleeping together i caressed her hair for many hours.I didnt done like this before.I did not sleep that night.I was staring her full night.

That time i remembered one moment….My mother said to buy some sugar from the shop.I buyed sugar n i got balance 1 nbyed 1 sweet n give the sugar to mom n ran from there becoz if mom knows about the sweet she wud say to give that to divya.I climbed one tree n sat on a branch.That time divya di came there,i hid my sweet.She sat near me n with a smile she handed me a doll which is made by her.I was happy by seeing that n i gave her my sweet.She took that sweet n made it half n gave me.It was a small thing but it was a beautifull happiness to me.After a year i was sleeping alone.But for me she was cherished in my heart.After finishing my simple essay i leaved

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  1. Angel_pari

    awwwww that was most cute thng i hv ever read…… Loved it…….

  2. Inu

    sweet and sad story.really its the beauty of love.

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