Beauty of Love OS

Hi guys I am very much better now and will soon be back with a bang on episode of my ff till then here is another os Hope you like it and remember do comment

She woke up in morning… Nd as per her reminder she got to know it karwachauth… Her 2nd Karwachauth…
They were going to taking breakfast when Ramu kaka came nd asked Shravan to come in kitchen as suman bahu ji is calling 4r him… He smiled as well as blush becoz now he has a wife nd he can romance wid her in kitchen also…

Shravan- yes wifey…. (he said hugging her frm back)
Suman- Ye lo list pakdo….. Aj karwachauth hai sham me jaldi aana nd ye sab le k aana….
His romance went in water as she was in typical wife mood today….
Shravan- Ok fine…. (he pouted wid cute face nd took steps towards door)
Suman- Jaldi aana…. (she declared)
He worked whole day…. Nd now it was time for a husband to work…. He smiled nd took out that list nd went for shoppin….

He almost Shop everything but one thing he wasn’t able to find….
Shravan- Arey itna bada mall hai apka… Apke pass ekk channi nai hai…
Employee- Sorry Sir…
Shravan- Arey what sorry yaar tere sorry se main chand dekhunga raat me…?? Tujhe nai pta She is gonna kill me today…. (taking all his bags he came out frm mall)
He was going frm market’s side when finally He saw a hanging Chhanni in front of a shop…. He went nd buy it…
Kamini- arey Shravan puttar inna late…?? Jaldi jaa chat pe Suman tera kab se wait kr rahi hai…

He sprinted upstairs wid all bags nd found a beautyful Angel there….
In Orange flowral suit she was looking so beautyful… Ofcource she is Orange beauty….
Suman- jaldi aao jaldi jaldi jaldi… (he came behind her) wo Dekho…. (she showed towards sky)
Moon came out from Clouds…. It has some other beauty today but then he saw his Angel’s beauty…. In front of her He is nothing….
She put everything on place nd prepared a proper thal 4r him….
Suman- challo suru ho jao…. (she gave him the thal) Yaad hai naa previous baar kaise2 kiya tha maine??
He cutely nodded in no while she slapped her forhead….
Suman- ok pehle aarti…
He started rolling tat thali…
Suman- Arey buddhu diya to jalao… (she chuckled)
He bit his tongue nd lighten up the Diya nd started rolling the thali again…. After tat he fulfilled her head line… He saw towards the shinning moon from Chhanni nd then towards Suman….
One night ago…
Suman- kal karwachauth hai aur main fast rakhungi…
Shravan- nahi tm nai rakhogi… (his voice was firm)
Suman- par main tmse pyaar krti hun or ye pati ki lambi umra k liye hai aur tum mere pati ho…
Shravan- nd you are 8 months pregnent Sumo…. Zid mat kro… (he touchd her baby bump while she smiled)
Okay tmhare liye iss baar ka karwachuth mai rakhunga abb okay….
Suman- Double okay…. (she hugged him tightly)
She smiled nd drank him some water nd fed him a kaju ki barfi…
The rituals ended…
They sat together….

Suman- baby ko bhukh laga hai..?? (she smiled seeing him)
Shravan- Nahi pyaas laga hai water pass karo… (she gave him a bottle of water nd fed him one piece of apple)
Suman- Husbands always use to say I Love you… But when they prove it bahut acha lagta hai… (she said wid love holding his arm)
Shravan- Becoz I do love you My junior shravan or sumo’s would be Mom… (he kissed her cheek)

They went down stairs while the beauty of love nd moon shine there…..
So the end how was it please comment and thanks to everyone who consoled me and preet Di your ff made me really better so it’s your turn to make me happy by comments

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  1. Awwww
    so cute
    loved it
    and u ????

  2. Aww aww aww aww awww!!!!
    I loved it so much baby girl!
    You’re fab sweetie!
    Stupendously done!
    And the theme was unimaginably awesome!
    You’re really an angel sweetheart, but not ShraMan’s…everyone’s!
    Love ya!

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank you laddoo and another thanks for calling me angel

  3. Angel20

    That was so cute?? loved it…

  4. RANdomfANCreationz

    OMG loved this one shot so much ??? Wah Wah Kya Karwa chawt speacial hehe aww so cute shravu fast for sumo aww ?
    I m ur Jabra fan yaar too good lots of love from Jo ???

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks fata Di it really means alot

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwwwww ??????
    Amazing one dear ?✌

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Fatima di

  6. Hey..riya..bhaley..hi humey TV par shravu ka romance dekhney na mili ho..yaha pey tumey proof kar diya ki…hamarey shravu..kitna romantic hai…???seriously….such a romantic hubby..aawww?????????????

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Sona Di and yaa he is

  7. Prettypreeti

    Riyo jaan itni pyaari itni aachi itni cute os thi mai kya kahu.
    It was lovely.
    Really so nice.
    It was really short and sweet one.
    Loved it.
    Welcome sweetheart.
    Lots of luv.
    Keep posting

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank you preet di

  8. Hey Riya di!
    Loved the OS! It was sooooo sweet!
    The bond between Suman and Shravan was simply beautiful!
    And trust me, you always surprise me by these wonderful writings from your side!
    Hope to see more of ’em!
    Love ya!??????

  9. This was such a cute os. I loved it so much. ?
    So glad that you are back.
    Can’t wait for your ff now.
    Take care. Love you ?

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thank-you and luv you too???

  10. Amazing….. loved it

  11. Ariana

    Riya I’m so so so sooooooooooooooooooooooo SORRY for a late comment, plz don’t b angry. Now I would like to come to the os finishing all apologies. It was so cute!! Shravu just made me go awe. U really elaborate a relationship adorably. Just loved it from the core of my heart
    take care
    post ur ff sooooooooooooooooooooon
    love u aaaaaaaaaaalllllllooooooooootttttttttttt

    1. Sharmansangel

      Thanks Ariana and no need to apologize at least you commented some people have not even cared to see it but you are such a dear that you read this thanks

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