Beauty of heart (Episode 2)


Heyy… So sorry for the late update friends.. Well i had a exam.. Soo sooorrrryyyyyyyy♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️… Here is the next part…Asha saw Arv standing infront of her.. She was not able to understand the reason of these things.. Arv came to her and said so miss so beautiful how did u find my prank?? Asha was shocked.. She was not able to understand anything when she saw smita(a girl who was jealous of Asha’s beauty or u can say who consider Asha her enemy).. Then Arv said to her..
Arv: Look you had insulted my sis yesterday and i paid it back.. I knew you had much belief in friends.. Hahah.. So how r u feeling now( Arv mockingly asks Asha)?
Asha had tears in her eyes by then.. She tells Arv
Asha: I am glad i gotto knw ur reality today itself.. You r like your sister only.. Be happy with her..

Saying this Asha leaves from the class before it starts..
Asha was walking on the road crying.. She was thinking of some months before.. How her best friend tried to almost kill her beceause of a boy.. From then she had promised herself she will never let anyone break her heart again..
A girl named Roma was very close friend of Asha.. One day they were in a restaurant when Roma had mixed poison in her drink so that she dies.. Asha came to knw this when she heard her talking with his boyfriend..
Roma: i am sorry.. I knw you had asked me to kill her as she saw you taking drugs but give me one chance more..

Bf: nooo.. You are useless.. Get lost..
Roma: butttt..
B:fI said get lost..
Outside Roma was almost feeling like dying.. She had never thought her one mist close friend will do this with her.. She was broken..
Flashback ends..}
Roma was walking thinking all these.. She also remembered how her two more than own people Rubu and Adi..
siddenly someone pulls her.. She sees a long banner was going to fall on her.. She was not able to see or understand anything… She only saw somebody very handsome..She collapsed on the floor when she again felt those hands on her again.. She fainted..
In the college
Rubu was hell angry on Arv.. She was about to bash him when the professor enters.. She thought to teach him lesson after finishing class..
Otherside.. A handsome guy was seen carrying Asha on his arms to a beautiful room.. He made Asha lay on his bed and called the doctor.. He started to take care of her.. After sometime doctor comes and checks her..

He tells the guy she is unconsious because of much stress or any pressure and main reason is empty stomach.. She maybe last ate 24 hours before.. Don’t give her any stress and..Try to keep her happy..

Asha became conscious after sometime.. She saw a figure like she saw before she fainted… It wasss Samar…. Asha’s cousin who was her secret and only crush..He is 8 years elder than her..

Samar saw Asha awake and was about to burst on her for her carelessness.. When Asha hugged him tightly and started crying loudly.. She was not able to hold it anymore.. This is the first time asha hugged samar that too so tight.. Samar too hugger her tightly and started to caress her head in lovely manner.. Asha was crying uncontrollably crying.. When it was almost 20 minutes but Asha did not stopped crying..he held her face an removed her tears in a sweet wayy..he suddenly realized asha is having high fever… He huggs her again this time in a soothing wayy.. Asha calmed down after sometime… But samar was disturbed.. He was thinking many things when he saw asha touching her head..

Is Samar a good person?? Will Asha tell Samar the reason of her health or……
Thank u all for reading this update.. I hope i have pleased u all.. Please do comment how u all find my story and where i need to improve♥️♥️♥️♥️… Love you all…

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  10. Heyy wveryone.. Well i am confused whom shall i make pair with Asha.. Please help.. I feel Samar is more caring and honest than Arv but i wanna knw your wishes.. I will count next ten comments wish and then make my main leads… Only after that i will be able to continue my ff… ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ Love u all

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