Beauty of heart (Episode 1)


Thank u all so much… I am glad u all like the intro.. I hope u all will like the update also.. Here is the update??

A girl is seen crying when someone hugs her tight from behind.. She wakes up suddenly and saw her sis Ash sleeping hugging her from behind.. ♥️ she thanks her sis in mind for saving her from this horror dream and sleeps hugging her..
Next morning Asha wakes up.. She was very upset from inside but tried to show she was fine.. She gets ready for her second day of college.. Her first day was not a good experience.. She was almost bullied severely until someone saved her ( guess guess).. She thought to forget it..she leaves planting a sweet kiss on her sis’s cheeks saying her bye..
At the college..

Asha was one of the beautiful girls of the college.. She believes love but her way.. Not by face but heart.. She wants someone who would love her very much, care for her, support her etc.. Aishwriya is elder sis of Asha.. She understands her very much..

Asha was standing on the gate of the college.. She came half an hour before today and the college was almost empty.. She was waiting for her friends..when she saw a small child walking infront of a full speed bike.. She thought to save the child but the bike was on full speed.. Before she could reach, another boy saved the child.. But the boy was injured and his leg was bleeding .. His face is shown.. He has a sweet face and a handsome body.. His eyes were beautiful.. Yup he is Arnav.. Asha runs toward them and picks the child and gives her to her mother who was beside the place.. Asha also helped Arnav to get up as his feet was hurt by a stone and its bleeding.. She takes him to a nearby bench..Asha ties her handkerchief to his feet..

Arnav: thank u..
Asha.. You r welcome.. And you are very brave..
Arnav: can u pls drop me to my classroom?? I am sorry as my friend is late as always..
Asha: sure..
She drops him to his classroom and was about to leave when she saw it was her classroom as well.. She laughed in her mind..
When she was standing still Arnav asked her..
Arnav: any problem?
Asha: noo.. Well i think i am ur classmate..
Arnav: ohh..its good.. I forgot to introduce myself.. I am Arnav.. My friends call me Arv..
Asha: hi.. I am Asha.. Nice to meet u Arnav..
Arnav: same here.. Pls call me Arv..
Asha: but i am not your friend..
Arv: so what.. Let’s be friends
Asha: sure..

When Asha saw her friends coming, she bids him bye and goes to her friends… She was happy as she made a new friend.. Her friends were her everything.. She loves them can’t say how much.. After sometime she saw everyone was looking at her and laughing.. She wasn’t able to understand anything when Arnav came there with a evil grin on his face..

So what was happening.. Why was arnav smiling like that.. Is he not a good person or what.. Why is everyone laughing on Asha.. Don’t knw?? Thanks friends and sorry for this long boring update..even if u don’t like do tell in through comment.. Byeee???

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  1. it was not at all Boring dear, it;s amazing// really loved it.. upd d next one soon plz..

    1. Thank u veryyy much Samira.. Your comment has inspired me lot…will update soon♥️♥️

  2. interesting story. pls update soon

    1. Thank u Ruth.. Will update soon

  3. It was good one. Give a bit long update nxt time if possible. Keep going..

    1. Heyy Ananya.. Thanks.. Will try to give long update next time??

  4. I think they r playing with her

    1. Heyy Hayathi.. Well u will come to knw aboit in the next chapter??

  5. Nice episode.

  6. Good strt

    1. Thank u Lahari♥️♥️

  7. Nice yaar

    1. Thank you Ruby??

  8. Ishrat I am eagerly waiting for ur next update, it is so interesting

    1. Thank u Sushmi.. I will try to update soon.. I am very happy u liked it??

  9. Ishrat not at all boring….I liked it….please update soon….nd a longer one 😉

    1. Thank u so much Kirti.. I will try to update soon and will compensate for the late update as well??

  10. It is nice ….pls update soon

  11. Awesome episode dear, loved it very much, asha is sooo sweeeeeet n arv looks nice but what is this suspense? …. plzzzz continue dear, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. You are very cute Roma♥️♥️ I will update the next part soon and promise a longer one.. Love you too sweetie??

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