A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (teaser 1!!!)

Teaser 1

Sanskar is shown sleep on his bed with again Restlessness clearly seen on his face. He is clutching his bed sheet tightly watching some flashes with blur faces in his dream.

Flash 1: A boy is shown teary eyed talking to a lady but later gets shocks watching the lady trying to seduce him.

Flash 2: A girl and boy are shown playing prank on another girl who makes a cute angry face.

Flash 3: A boy shown numb watching a man who got shot in front of him.

Flash 4: A Lady beating a boy badly.

Flash 5: 3 kids are shown playing in garden and a man is cheering them while holding a cute baby girl in his hand.

Flash 6: A boy and girl are romancing with each other.

Flash 7: A boy is shown shooting everywhere.

Flash 8: A boy pleading a girl but the girl just smirks and goes away leaving the boy heartbroken.

Flash 9: A boy is shown beating man.

Flash 10: A boy is shown all numb watching a girl hanging herself but fan. Soon he gets back his senses and shouts her name………

Sanskar wakes up from his sleep tensedly and starts shouting someone’s name.

Sanskar (cryingly?): Kavita…… Kavita…… Kavita……

Other side Parineeta is shown listening his screams and weeping silently clutching her pillow.

Pari (crying?): God please!! Please I can’t see him in more pain. Please do something I beg u.

Saying this she clutches her pillow tightly. After sometimes she realized that he had stopped shouting. She gets up and goes to his room. She peeps in his room and watch him looking at an album. Tear fell from both of their eyes. After sometimes he gets up and took a high dose of sleeping pills and starts working on his Lappy. While working he gets asleep. Pari came in room and makes him lie on bed fully and then took the album which he was holding before. Glancing him for the last time she goes from there.

@ Parineeta’s room

She cried a lot while watching the album. She was creasing someone’s face and starts talking.

Pari (crying?): Why you left us Kavita?? We missed you so much?? Sanskar may not show but he missed you like hell?? But at the same time he’s even angry on you and he should be!! Why did you took such a big step?? Haven’t you thought once about us?? You were never any burden on us!! You were our Princess!! You always said na that Sanskar loves me more but no that’s not the truth!! The truth is he loves you the most in all of us!! We missed you so much. You are watching us na so please ask God to send someone to heal his pains!!!

Saying this she breaks down and after sometimes she gets asleep.

Combine scene of Parish and SM Mansion

Sanskar is shown working on Laptop sitting on Couch while Parineeta is tensedly sitting in front of him on Bed.

Pari (tensedly?): Sanskar!!

Sanskar (without looking): Say Pari!!!

Pari: Actually…… I….. I wanna say something!!

Sanskar: So say!! Why are you stammering??

Pari: I wanna say that as me and Adharsh had to go so a guest is staying at our home. If we will go so where will the guest will stay. We can’t leave a guest alone at our home na.

Sanskar: Pari come to the point! I don’t have much time to sort out your riddles.

Pari (sights?): OK so I’m coming to the point. The problem is me and Adharsh had to go to America due to some deals and one of our relative is living with us and couldn’t go back so as we are leaving you should look after it.

Sanskar (stops working and looks towards her): What the hell?? Pari I can’t look after your husband’s relatives. I’ve much more work rather than being host.

Pari (scared?): I know but Sanskar you know this deal is really important and we have to go there. If it wouldn’t be so important i would have stayed here.

Sanskar (sights): Fine!! Who is that guest of yours??

Adharsh (Tensedly?): Shona I need to talk to you!!

Swara: Say Bhai!!

Adharsh: Shona as you know that I’ve promised Dad that I won’t leave you alone but situation is that I had to go and it’s really important.

Swara: It’s alright Bhai I can understand you go and I will be here only.

Adharsh: Shona actually I can’t leave you all alone here and even servants will be on leave so I can’t leave you alone.

Swara (confused?): I didn’t get you Bhai. Please don’t give riddles and say clearly.

Adharsh (sights?): OK so what I’m saying is that I don’t want you to stay alone so I’m leaving you on one of my friend’s house and he’s also Pari’s relative.

Swara: But what’s the need of it?? I can stay alone.

Adharsh: Swara for my relief you had to!!!

Swara (sights?): Fine!! I will stay wherever you say!! By the way who is that friend of yours???

Parish (closed their eyes): Swara/Sanskar!!

Swasan (Shocks and Shouts): Noooooooo!!!??????

So what are those flashes which Sanskar saw in his dream?? Those it have any connection with his past?? Who is Kavita?? What relation does she have with Sanskar and Pari?? Why Parish were scared to talk to Swasan?? Why Swasan were shocked and denied?? Do they know each other already?? If Yes then how they met and why they react like that?? Stay tuned to know more!!!

Guys I will post till here only… Will post further parts some other day!!!?????

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