A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (part 9)

Episode 9

Recap: “Swasan shocks listening Parish and out burst on them respectively, Sari (Sanskar and Pari) emotional conversation in Flashback and Swasan first meeting in Flashbacks”

Flashback continues @ Parish Mansion

Sari came in Parish’s room, Sanskar sat on bed while Pari sits on couch in front of him while he starts letting out his frustration.

Sanskar?: How dare she to talk to me like that?? Does she even know who I am?? I’m Sanskar Maheshwari…. the biggest business tycoon of India!!! I swear I won’t leave her now.

Saying this he again gets up but Pari stops him.

Pari: Whoa!!! Sanskar!!! Why are you getting so much hipper cause of her…. leave it…. you just cool down.

Sanskar: How can I be calm Pari?? How dare she mess with me?? Now let me show her who I am.

Saying this he was again going but was yet again stopped by Pari.

Pari: Sanskar what the hell you think you’re doing!!??? Do you even know who she is?? She’s Adharsh’s sister!!! You can’t do anything to her…. at least not like this.

Sanskar: So what!!?? I don’t care who she is….. whether she is Adharsh’s sister or someone’s else. I will surely show her who Sanskar Maheshwari is.

Pari (shows hands): OK OK!!!! Do whatever you wish but not now. Please try to understand there are many people here, moreover it’s my Anniversary so don’t do any blunder here.

Saying this she folds her hands in pleasing. Listening her request and finally coming in senses he calms a bit.

Sanskar (sights?): Fine!!! But I don’t wanna see her again.

Pari: OK!!! I’ll definitely makes sure she doesn’t come in front of you. Happy Now!!!

She asked mockingly while he just nodes and leaves while just stands there murmuring something.

Pari (Murmuring): Such an unlucky I am!!! God has blessed me with 2 Devils on both side. One is my brother and another one is my dear SIL (sister in law) now what’ll I do?? How I’ll stop these two to meet each other??

Saying this she also moves outside and goes in hall.


Party was going on full swing when all of sudden again two devils splash with each other.

Sanskar: Waiter!!! Give that drink to me.

Swara: No Waiter!!! Give that drink to me, I’m really thirsty.

Sanskar: Miss!!! Is this your hobby to follow everything that I do.

Swara: Oh Hello Mister!!! I’m not dying to copy you. Instead it’s you who every time comes there where I am.

Sanskar: What do you mean by every time comes there?? Huh!!! You girls!!! Firstly intentionally bumps to a rich guy and then put the blame on him only.

Swara: Excuse me!!! Whatever problems you’re having, better don’t involve me in such girls. Huh!! You rich guys. If a girl mistakingly bumps to you and through the situation you starts taking advantage.

Sanskar (angry?): Better don’t involve me in those type of guys or else I swear I’ll kill you.

Swara: Huh!! Truth is bitter only MR!!!!

Sanskar: You………… (interrupted)

Pari who saw them fighting yet again comes on time and interrupted him in between.

Pari: Guys Guys!!!!! What are you both doing?? Party is going on and everyone is staring you both.

Sanskar: So what!!!??? Even though it’s all cause of this Bak Bak Machine!!!!

Swara: Excuse me!!!! Did you just insulted???

Sanskar: Any doubt???

Swara (started coming towards him): You………. (interrupted)

Pari (pushes Swasan away): Guys!!! Please!!! It’s my Anniversary party yaar not your result day that you’re fighting like a kid to get high marks.

Sanskar: Then keep your dear Sister In law away from me.

Swara: Who is dying to come close to you Langoor!!!!

Sanskar: And who is dying to come close to you dwarf.

Swara: Hawww!!!! Don’t you have manners that how to talk to a girl???

Sanskar: I’m lucky that I don’t.

Swara (mockingly): Ohhhh!!!! So sad!!!! Means you ever haven’t attack your classes. Poor your parents!!!

Sanskar (in rage points finger): Dare if you bring my parents in between??

Swara (comes close and points finger): Dare you to ever mess with me!!!??

Both were interrupted by a shout which was not only them but was heard by everyone present there.

Pari (shouts): Enough!!! Enough of you both. I’m tired of it, will you both stop.

With this turns towards the guests.

Pari: Sorry guys!!! Party is over, you all can leave. Thank you for your precious time.

With this she signals Adharsh and leaves while giving a glare to Swasan.

Swara (whispers): It’s all cause of you!!!

Sanskar (whispers): No!!! It’s all cause of you.

With this they glare each other and moves towards Parish room while Adharsh after leaving all guests comes in room.


@ Parish Room

Pari was sitting on bed on bed angrily while Swasan were standing in front of her still busy in silently blaming each other making her more angry.

Swara (murmurs): How much you speak?? See how you made her angry??

Sanskar (whispers): Seriously!!!?? It’s not me it’s you Miss Gadodia!!! Kabhi chup nahi reh Sakti na. (Mockingly) Miss Bak Bak Machine!!!

Swara (Angrily?): Dare you call me that?? I’m really sweet and well-mannered unlike you.

Sanskar: Look who’s talking!!?? Miss Bak Bak Machine who can’t shut her mouth for a minute in front of anyone is saying.

Swara (again points finger): You………. (intrrupted)

Pari: Stop it!!! Still you both are fighting like Tom and Jerry, messing my Anniversary party.

Swara (holds her ear): Sorry Bhabi!!! I won’t do it again. It was all his fault.

Sanskar: Right Pari!!!! Wait what!!??? You…….. (interrupted)

Pari: Not again Sanskar!!!!

Sanskar: But she just……. (interrupt)

Adharsh (coming in room): Leave it Sanskar!!! I guess it’s enough of you both so better apologies to each other and solve this problem.

Swasan looks at each other and then them.

Swasan: Hell No!!!

Pari: OK Fine!!!! But please don’t ever fight again.

Swara: Fine!!!

Sanskar: OK!!!

With this both looks at each other and give a glare.


After 2 hours

Swasan were chit chatting with their siblings and now it was time to leave.

Swara (hugs Adharsh): Baba has come so have to go Bhai. Take care of yourself and Bhabi.

Adharsh (breaks the hug): You too take care and of Dad’s also.

Sanskar: OK Pari!!! Will leave now as I’ve to go out of city tomorrow.

Pari: OK Bye and take care and yeah do take your medicines on time.

Sanskar: Sure!!!!

With this both Swasan comes on enterence and yet again ? each other.

Sanskar: Bye Miss Bak Bak Machine…. I wish to not meet you again.

Swara: Bye Mr Langoor and wish to you the same.

With this they again angrily glares ? other and leaves to their respective cars unaware that destiny is going to make them meet yet again.

Flashback Ends

Episode ends

Precap: “Present”
Sorry for late guys actually I was hell busy in my boards exams exams which are obviously my first one but thanks to all of your prayer it all gone great ???

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