A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (part 5)

Episode 5

Recap: ” Pari’s hatred for Swara and burst out on Adarsh, Sanhil (Sanskar & Sahil) talk, Swasan POV about life. ”

One fine day @ S.M Mansion

Both Parineeta and Sanskar both were sitting in Sanskar’s and we’re talking random things.

Sanskar: So how’s my Angel?? I’m missing her badly!!!
Pari: How can she be?? Just enjoying her summer camps with friends and late night talks, hardly talks to us.
Sanskar: Let her enjoy Pari!!! That’s good she will be away from all the stuff happening around us. We have suffered so hard to be high to get this standard, why to do the same with kids at least she will get the freedom which we haven’t got.

He said all this unknowingly in his thoughts and Pari noticed it. She placed her on his shoulder to make him feel secure while Sanskar came back in sense by her touch and gave her a fake smile assuring he’s not weak. So to change the topic Pari ask something for which Sanskar smirks.

Pari: Leave all this!! Tell me why you killed that Chotala???
Sanskar (smirks): You really wanna know why I killed him!!??
Pari: Yes!! I want to why you killed him cause you never kill anyone without any rough reason. Even if Chotala betrayed you, you had proofs to arrest him then why you killed him by yourself.

Sanskar smiles at her question and sits on a side chair attached with his bar corner where there was every type of drinks.

Sanskar: Think once again Pari or else your blood will start boiling just like me.

He said all this while taking a sip of his drink.

Pari: I’m sure I want to know!!! Now tell me why you killed him???
Sanskar (smirks): Then listen my dear sis!!! Cause he’s the cousin brother of that b****y Avinash Singh.

Hearing the word Avinash Singh Pari’s eyes turned red and she grips her glass so tightly that it broke down on which Sanskar smirks again and comes near her. He starts talking in his dangerous voice and takes her to bar corner.

Sanskar (smirkingly held her and took her to bar corner): Why to show your anger on this poor glass my dear sis?? If you really want then go ahead and enjoy like me. (bows his eyebrows) Keeping things in heart is really bad for health.
Pari (angrily): You very well knew that I will ask this question right??
Sanskar (smirks): Why not!!! If your stupid husband will keep on asking you each and every thing regarding my activities then why won’t he will split out this matter from you??

Sees Pari’s angry face.

Sanskar: OK!!! He do does many works of mine but thing is that he’s just a kid in all these stuff. He don’t know the real side of business.
Pari: But you haven’t killed that Chotala for business!!!
Sanskar: Yup that’s true for the first time I’ve killed a business associate for personal reasons.
Pari: But how come he’s the brother of that f*** Avinash Singh.
Sanskar: Whoa!!! Cool down and chill!!! Well even I also haven’t know that till the time the deal got finalize cause I was busy in other deals but later when I got time to talk about the deal with that Chotala. I felt something strange in his behavior and activities. So I started keeping an eye on him and see what I got to know.

Flashback shows

Sanskar: Sam I want each and every details about Mr. Chotala immediately and especially about his past life.
Sam: Yes Sir!!!

Saying this he goes from there. After an hour he came to the cabin and handover a file to him. Sanskar started reading the file and felt disgusting in his activities but later his blood boils reading the name Avinash Singh in the list, Sam noticed it.

Sam: Sir is there any problem??
Sanskar (angry): “No nothing just……..

He stops in between and think for a while and smiles evilly. Later he ordered Sam for his work which makes Sam shock.

Sanskar (smiles evilly): Sam!!! I want you to arrange a party for the success of finalizing deal with Mr Chotala and in that party my dear rival Sahil should also be present.
Sam (shock): Yes Sir!! But I know why are you allowing your rival to be on this party. He may create a scene to make you lose this deal.
Sanskar (unknowingly): That’s what I want!!!
Sam (confused): Sorry!!???
Sanskar: Sam I guess you should leave and do your work rather than wasting your time here which really don’t like.

He said firmly while Sam gulped and quickly leaves from there leaving Sanskar in his own thoughts.

Sanskar (in mind): Your time is over Chotala!!! Even you also had to go to that b***** Avinash Singh.

@ Party hall

Everyone was enjoying and celebrating but Sanskar was telling something to Mr Chotala which was heard by a pair of eyes.

Sanskar: Mr Chotala your order will reach you till today night only is OK with you!??
Mr Chotala: Why so hurry Mr S.M there’s lots of time in it??
Sanskar: Yes but I don’t like to left the work on tomorrow if it can be done today itself.
Mr Chotala: Well I like this thing about you. So the timing is till 9 o’clock.
Sanskar: Sure and have a nice day Mr Chotala. Now I would like to take your leave.
Mr Chotala: Yes sure!!

With this Sanskar leave and Sahil came there who was listening all their conversation.

Sahil: Hello Mr Chotala!!!
Mr Chotala: Mr Gupta?? What are you doing here??
Sahil: Well gradually I’m invited by the owner of this party.
Mr Chotala: Strange!? But anyways I should leave now!!
Sahil: What’s so hurry Mr Chotala?? Let’s wait for some time and have a chat!!!
Mr Chotala: Sure!!!

They sits near the bar corner while Sahil orders drinks for them.

Mr Chotala: So tell me Mr Gupta?? What work do you have with me cause I know being that being Mr SM’s rival you can’t talk to me so calmly.
Sahil (smiles): You got me Mr Chotala!!!
Mr Chotala: Then speak up!!!
Sahil: I am telling you Mr Chotala that if you will deal with with S.M so will just get the name of working but remember S.M will get 70% profit and you just 30%. So why to waste time in working this much on a deal that you will not get anything.
Mr Chotala: You are right Mr Gupta!!! I haven’t thought about that I thought I will get huge in society that I am working with S.M and didn’t thought about profit. But what can I do now I have signed the deal if I back off S.M will kill me.
Sahil (Smirk): Well in that I can help you!!! I have a perfect plan which gives the profit to you and me both.
Mr Chotala: Really!!! But how and why???
Sahil: You very well know that S.M and I are Rivals but he is always ahead of me that’s why I want him to be lose so I become number 1 and after ruining him you and I can become partners and can rule everywhere.
Mr Chotala: That’s great!!! But what I have to do???
Sahil (Smirk): Nothing much!!! You just have to stop the order of the product that will be coming to you then you will cancel the deal with S.M due to which he will have loss and his reputation will be destroyed and mine high. So tell me Mr Chotala are you ready to be my partner.

He forwards his hand to shake. Seeing this Mr Chotala also shakes hand. Later both leaves from there while a pair of eyes who was watching them was smirking and orders someone.

Sanskar (smirkingly): Have you recorded everything Sam??
Sam: Yes Sir!!!
Sanskar: Bravo!!! Now finalize meeting with Mr Chotala tomorrow in any isolated place. No one should know about it.
Sam: Yes Sir!!!

Saying this he goes away while Sanskar just sat there on bar counter enjoying his victory and talking to himself.

Sanskar: I would have forgotten about your deeds Chotala. I kept this party only to see your honesty and see I was right. You betrayed me with my dear rival so you have to face the consequences of messing with me.

Thinking this he smirks evilly and gulped his drink.

Flashback ends

Sanskar: So basically they were trapped in my plan not me!!!
Pari (while drinking): And then you gave him a treat to hell. Aren’t you??
Sanskar (smirkingly): Well yes!! But what to do that he wanted to stay there only!!
Pari: You are surely a Beast!!!
Sanskar: I know and I’m proud of it.
Pari: And I’m proud of you my Beast brother.

Saying this both cheers their drinks and smiles evilly.

@ Gadodia house

Swara came in room and was shocked & confused to see Shekhar packing his bag.

Swara: Baba!!! Why are you packing your bag??
Shekhar: I’m going to Jaipur for some work regarding the new case.
Swara: But Baba why so urgent??

Shekhar sights [Note: Shekhar is a lawyer] and makes Swara sit on bed while he sits besides her.

Shekhar: Beta!! It’s just really urgent. I can’t tell you the reason now but this case is really risky. Our lives depends on it.
Swara: What are you telling Baba?? Which case and what risk??
Shekhar: Beta it’s a new case!!! I can’t tell you any details now but I must say that the people against whom I’m fighting the case are really powerful. They can do anything and I have to go Jaipur for further discussion of case.
Swara: OK Baba but when you will return??
Shekhar: Almost 2-3 months!!!
Swara (shocks): 2-3 months??
Shekhar: Yes Beta I know you are shock by this!!! But it’s really urgent!!!
Swara: OK Baba!! I can understand. Till then I will stay here only or I will go to Papa’s house.

Shekhar who was listening her becomes tensed and Swara noticed it.

Swara: Baba what happened??
Shekhar: Beta!! You can’t stay here nor with Viren.
Swara (confused): Why Baba??Why I can’t stay here??
Shekhar: Beta they are really dangerous!!! They will try to find my weakness which is you. No one knows about Adharsh much nor anyone can harm him but I’m scared about you. Everyone knows that I don’t have anyone in my family and only Viren is there to support me. So they will target you.

Swara who was listening him was shocked and then again listened something which shocks her.

Shekhar: Beta that’s why you can’t live here nor at Viren’s house.
Swara (Shocks): Then where will I stay??
Shekhar: I’ve decided a lot and got only one solution that you will stay with your brother till I return and I will try to be in contact with you.
Swara: OK Baba as you say but please take care of yourself.
Shekhar (smiles): Yes I will!!!

Both smiles but we’re restless inside. Soon both were done with packing and then Shekhar leaves. Then even Swara met Viren for few minutes and left to Parish Mansion.

Night @ S.M Mansion

Sanskar was seen sleeping in his room but sleep was far away from him. He was continuesly murmuring something.

Sanskar (Sweating): No…. no…. Please don’t…. No…. Please….

He was continuously murmuring and some flashes were coming in front of his eyes being blurred. The suddenly he wakes up shouting a name.

Sanskar (shouting): Kavita….. Kavita….. Kavita…..

Parineeta who was sleeping in next room of Sanskar as she came to stay with him for few days heard his screams. She rushes to Sanskar’s room as was teary eyed to see his condition but composed herself and hugs him.

Pari (cryingly): Sanskar!!! Please calm down Sanskar….. Sanskar….
Sanskar (cryingly): Pari she left me…. They left us…. Plsssssss ask them to come back…. and especially I can’t live without her…. I can’t live without Kavita…. plsssssss ask her to come back…..

Saying this he breaks down while Pari was also weeping.

Pari (cupping his face): Sanskar please accept the fact…. Kavita is no more with us…. She left us Sanskar.
Sanskar (cryingly): No she can’t…. she can’t…. She promised not to leave us then why she did that…. please ask her to come back….

Both cried a lot for hours. After Sanskar got slept due to tiredness Pari makes him lye on bed comfortably then goes to his balcony after giving a good night kiss on his forehead.

Pari (in mind): Why God?? Why only my brother?? What sin he has done that you are torturing him this much?? He has beard this much in that age in which he has to enjoy his life!!! My sweet, innocent, naughty brother is more. He died that day itself when we lost kav…. I can’t even take her name…. Even she beard same as Sanskar…. She was our life especially Sanskar’s. Please God send someone to heal my my Beast brother’s life.

[Haye now what to tell cause I’m the God of this FF so I will decide what will happen in his destiny and Pari ji your request is accepted and I’ve already started working on it… Better wait And watch???]

Screen freezes on Pari’s weeping face, Sanskar’s sleeping face, Swara’s tensed face.

So what do you think is going to store in their lives?? Will Sanskar get someone to be healed?? Why was he so broken?? What is his past?? Who is Kavita?? And who is Avinash Singh?? Which case is Shekhar handling?? Will he get success in case?? Now Swara has started living with Adharsh so Is something store in her destiny also?? What reaction will Pari get when she will cz came to know that Swara is going to stay with them??

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