A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (part 4)

Recap: ” Sanskar’s dangerous entry, Swara’s POV about boys”

Episode 4

Next day Evening @ Parish Mansion

Swara and Parineeta were sitting and chit chatting in the lawn while drinking coffee.

Swara (Laughing): Hahaha!!! Bhabhi you should be there it was so fun. I missed you and Bhai a lot.
Parineeta: Yeah I know!!! We missed you too Shona but what to do you know about your brother na. He have so much work. One side his own company and other side he had to help Sanskar.

Swara listening Sanskar’s name feels irked and starts bad mouthing about him making Parineeta angry but control herself.

Swara: Bhabi why Bhai is working with that Mr. Akru Maheshwari?? Don’t know how Bhai tolerate him?? He’s so khuddus?? I wish I could kill him!!! Such egoistic man he is!!! Doesn’t care about anyone!!! I Hate him!!! I never understand how he’s your brother!!??

Pari who was clenching her fist tightly to control her anger was about to say something but at that time Adharsh came. Swara watching her Bhai become happy so quickly ran and hugs him.

Swara (breaking the hug): Bhai I’m really angry with you. Even on Sunday you have gone on work other than spending some time with your sister. You don’t love me. (pouts)
Adharsh: Hahaha!!! No my dear little sissy actually I’ve got an urgent meeting that’s why I was gone to attend it or otherwise you know na your Bhai never breaks his promise.
Swara: Yeah!! Yeah!! I know but I’m still angry on you.
Adharsh: OK so what I have to do to get your forgiveness.
Swara (excited): Chocolate!!!! Lots of yummy yummy chocolates…..
Adharsh (Laugh): OK my dear sissy you will get two big boxes of chocolate tomorrow.
Swara (hugs): Thank you soooooo much Bhai and yes Shona forgive you and also I love you.
Adharsh (hugs back): I know and I love you too.

They all chit chat for hours then Swara was gone to her house. After she left, Parineeta burst out her anger on Adharsh.

Parineeta: Why the hell you even call her at my house?? Do you even know how much she bad mouthing about my brother!!?? How dare she?? She doesn’t know anything about him then how can she do that??
Adharsh: Exactly Pari!!! She doesn’t know anything about Sanskar that’s why she said all this or else she will never bad mouth about anyone.
Parineeta: Ohhh please!! Now don’t start giving views about your sister. I very well know what type of girl she is. She always keeps you away from me!! I don’t like her and please if you ever call her again then be here only cause now onwards I don’t want to see her again especially if she again bad mouth about my brother. I will never tolerate anything against Sanskar. For me He’s the best brother in the world. It is this world what makes him rude.
Adharsh (frustrated): Ohhh really!!! Is that why he killed Mr Chotala!!??
Parineeta (Shock): What??
Adharsh: Yes!! Mr Chotala is died that too by your beloved brother cause he was playing double game with your brother with Sahil Gupta. If your brother is really that much nice which you says then just for Rivalry why he killed him, He could have given the video footage to police na, why to kill him and before death he even made him sign fake Suicide note and property papers.
Parineeta: So what?? That Chotala deserves this!!! Why the he was double crossing?? Sanskar did right thing!!! I’m proud of him.
Adharsh (angry): Ohhh really!! You are proud of him!! You are proud of a murderer!!!
Parineeta (point finger): Don’t you dare Adharsh Gadodia to say anything against my brother!!! He’s not any murderer!!! What ever he do is for a purpose!!!
Adharsh: Yeah Right!!! Purpose!!! What purpose??? Purpose of getting huge amount of property!!!
Parineeta: Just shut up!!! Adharsh you don’t have any rights to bad mouth about my brother in front of me.
Adharsh: Just like that even you don’t have any rights to bad mouth about my sister in front of me.

Saying this he goes to his room making Parineeta sad & angry at the same time.

Parineeta (sit and starts crying): No Adharsh!!! Even you are one of them who believes what they are watching but no. My Sanskar is not like what he shows!!! He is really good but this world makes him bitter and a Beast. Everyone is cruel in this world, they only know how to get advantage of weak people and nothing else. That’s why my Sanskar is like this.

Saying this she cries a lot but suddenly stops and becomes angry.

Parineeta (angry): This is all cause of you Swara!!! You always fills Adharsh’s ears against me. You never let me be happy in my house now see even I will also not let you have a happy and nice house.

Saying this she wipes her tears and goes to sleep.
@ S.M Mansion

Sanskar is working on his laptop when he gets a call. Seeing the caller ID he Smirks evilly and picks up the call while laying on bed.

Sanskar (On Call): Wow!!! What a pleasant surprise!!! The Great Mr Gupta himself calls me.
Sahil (angry): How dare you S.M to blackmail me???
Sanskar: Really!!! Did I blackmail you?? I didn’t know that!!!
Sahil: Ohhh shut up!!! Why the hell you send me that clip??
Sanskar: Which clip?? I don’t remember any clip!!!
Sahil: Just shut up!!! Don’t act smart!!! You very well know which clip I’m talking about same clip in which it is shown that I’m planning against you with the help of that idiot Chotala!!!
Sanskar: Ohhh now I got it. But!!! (Stands up while smirking) Why you think that I’m blackmailing you. That clip is just to show you that I’ve got to knew your move so I’ve played my move.
Sahil: Come to the point!!!
Sanskar: Fine I am blackmailing you. Now coming to the point let’s have a deal.
Sahil: What deal!!!???
Sanskar: Hmmm!!! You have to handover me 25% of your shares from company and property.
Sahil (shock): What??? Are you out of your mind!!??? 25% shares that too both company and property??
Sanskar: Why?? Are they less?? Don’t worry if you want I’ll get more.
Sahil: I will not even give 25 dollars to you!!!
Sanskar: Well I don’t even want them and I don’t care you want to give me the amount or not but you had to give me or else you know the condition that Chotala died yesterday only after canceling the deal with me.
Sahil: So???
Sanskar: Well you very well know about the clip right!!!
Sahil (Laughs like mad): Yup but it doesn’t mean you can prove me the culprit. It’s just showing me having deal with that Chotala. For that I will hardly be in jail for few days only and the police will think you culprit as you were the one who was getting loss.
Sanskar (Smirks): What do you think Mr Gupta that I’m Chotala who will not think about his future before doing anything. Just see the fake letter by that Chotala which I made him sign before dying.

Sahil who listened him quickly takes out the letter sent by Sanskar while still keeping phone on his ear and gets shock and numb reading it.

“I Dharmindar Chotala agree that I was cheating my business associate S.M but now I’m regretting so I decided that I will confront Mr Gupta and will end up this matter here and if I didn’t come back then just get it that I’m no more in this world!!!!”

sign:- CHOTALA
Sanskar who waiting for his answer understand his condition and smirks. He starts talking making Sahil comes back in senses and fumes.

Sanskar: What happened Mr Gupta??? Are you there or even you have booked your tickets to go to Chotala???
Sahil (comes in senses): How dare you S.M to do this??? But don’t worry I will tear this letter now only.
Sanskar: What do you think Mr Gupta that I will really give you the real letter?? If that then you are wrong cause the real letter is with me and the letter which is in your hand is just a copy!!!
Sahil: But how the hell you get this letter???

Listening his question Sanskar Smirks evilly and thinks of the flashback that how this letter was made.

Flashback shows:-

Mr Chotala: No please I will do anything please don’t kill me.
Sanskar: OK fine now whatever I’m going to say you have to do that and I promise that I will release you.
Mr Chotala: Yes I will do anything!!
Sanskar: Sam!!!

Samarath came and gave him a piece of paper and pen making Chotala confused while Sanskar Smirks.

Chotala: What I will do of this paper??
Sanskar: Nothing much!!! Just you have to accept that you did try to defame me with Mr Gupta and now you are ashamed so you will talk to him and if something happens to you then responsible will be Mr Gupta only. So now write this letter and even sign at the end or else you know what I can do!!!

Saying this shows him the Gun in his hand. Watching the Gun Mr Chotala immediately writes the letter and handover to Sanskar.

S.M: Well done Mr Chotala and as I promised I will release you so you are free to go.
Mr Chotala: Thank you sir!!!

Saying this he started going towards his car. Sam who was watching him going knew what is going to happen so he tightly closed his eyes and next second BOOM!!! Mr Chotala was lying on ground in pool of blood.

S.M (coming towards dead body): See Mr Chotala i told you I release you but not from here from this world. Now you are free to go to HELL!!! So have a nice journey Mr Chotala!!!

Flashback ends

Sanskar (came back in senses): Well leave that Gupta!!! Non of your business!!! You just tell me whether you are ready to give me shares or not. Or you want me to send the letter to the police and lose everything which you have. Your property, your company, your facilities, Everything.
Sahil (frustrated): You will pay for it SM.
Sanskar (Smirks): I’ll be waiting Mr Gupta.

Saying this he cuts the call and goes to the balcony which is decorated very nicely with different types of flowers.

@ both G.M house and S.M Mansion

Swara came to her balcony in her the same night dress and stared at Moon smiling. Other side even Sanskar after taking a deep breath looks at Moon.

Sanskar: 1 more day passed in this world, which looks so beautiful from outside just like……..
Swara: Wow 1 more day passed in this sweet world of yours God!!!! It’s so beautiful just like…..

Saying this she looks at the Rose flower and picks it up but got a cut through it but smiles. Other side even Sanskar picks up the Rose flower from pot.

Sanskar: Just like this Flower but in real it’s the most s**k flowers ever cause we can get mesmerized by it’s Beauty but if we touch it. It will damage our our hands.

Saying this he starts pressing his hand on it and as result his hand starts bleeding.

Swara (smiles): Just like this Rose so what if it’s sharp and cuts our hand. It’s the law of world. Life is not one way, we will always get such cuts, we just need to know to pick it up from right place. Then nothing to worry.

Saying this she smiles widely.

Screen freezes on Swara’s smiling and Sanskar’s face watching the flower with blood shot eyes.

Why Swara was irked listening Sanskar’s name??? Why Parineeta was saying that the world changed her brother??? Why Sanskar is so cruel?? Why was he thinking so negative?? Will his negativity ever change?? Who will change his thinking?? Stay tuned to know more!!!

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