A Beauty Came To Heal Beast’s Life With Her Love (part 3)

Recap: “Swara’s engagement, Parish entry with Shekhar being angry on them, Swara’s promise.”

Episode 3

Next Morning @ Kolkata

A name plate “S.M Mansion” is shown on a wall and besides it there’s a Big gate is shown with 2 cameras in each corner of it and an intercom with security guard. After entering the gate there are two gardens in both right side & left side where there are seven comfortable couches are there and at the center the way goes to the main door of a Big Palace like Mansion is shown which is designed like an Christian Church. Besides the main gate of the Mansion there are six cars of Red Ferrari, Yellow Linguini, Grey Mercedes Benz, White BMW, Blue Jaguar XE and the most ravishing Black Audi 2016 design. The Mansion is coloured in Royal Blue & Cream colour which shows the Royalty and taste of the Owner of the Mansion. The Mansion is surrounded by guards all over with their guns. Inside the Mansion there’s a big hall and besides every corner of the the hall shows the way to every room. Every corner of the wall has big pillars of white & black embroidery. The floor of the hall is made of wood and same goes to the stairs which is attached to hall in two parts looking marvelous.
Now there’s a big room is shown and a man of late 20’s is shown sleeping on bed but not peacefully as some flashes of past always disturbs his sleep. Then his alarm rings to make him come out of his nightmares. The man wakes up and goes to get ready for office. After sometimes he comes out of his room by wearing formal brown suit. He does his breakfast then came out of Mansion surrounded by guards and sits in back seat of his Grey Mercedes Benz and the driver took him to office.

Man: Miss Kate it’s 8 o’clock why my breakfast is not ready yet. What am I paying you all for can’t you do any work on time. Miss Kate you are the caretaker of this house and working here since so long then how can you be irresponsible.
Miss Kate (scared): Sorry Sir actually……. (cut by Man)
Man: I don’t have any time for your excuses so just go and bring my breakfast. Hurry!!!

Miss Kate hurriedly goes and brings his breakfast and after eating breakfast he goes and sits in his car.

Man: Let’s go driver and yes be there only maybe I will need you.
Driver: Yes sir!!!

Saying this driver drives to office.
Scene shifts to XYZ college

Swara is shown having fun with her friends in the canteen looking beautiful in White churidar dress with red, green and black lase work on it.

Nikita: Hahaha!!! Ohhh God!!! It was really fun having a boyfriend like Neil yaar. He’s so cute and innocent. Poor boy because of me he got scolded by Teacher.
Aradhya: Poor boy yaar!!! But I must say Nikki(Nikita’s Nick name) he truly loves you why don’t you just accept his proposal for marriage and don’t try to hide we all know that even you love him the way he does as he was your first crush from day one.
Nikita (shocked): How you know……(stops and realized what she said)
Uttara: Aha!!! Now you yourself accept it no need to lie.
Swara: We can see that in your eyes Nikki that how much you love him and besides these 2 devils read your diary when you were practicing for dance competition….(stops and realized what she said and look towards Uttara and Aradhya who were her “I will kill you” expression)
Nikita (Angry ): You devils!!! Moron!!! Stupid idiots!!! How dare you to touch my diary that too my personal diary which I never show to anyone.
Aradhya: Whoa!!! Hold on!!! Hold on dear!!! Why are you shouting wild cat I mean Nikki we just wanted to confirm that you are interested in Neil or not that’s it. We didn’t read anything else.
Uttara (scared): Yeah!!! We haven’t read anything especially not that paper stick on teacher’s back which you pasted and everyone laughs at him.
Nikita: What!!!!
Uttara (bites her tongue realising what she said): “Uttara you are gone today!!!” – She murmured.
Nikita: Now I will not leave you both.

Saying she starts coming towards them and both the girls looks pleadingly towards Swara who watching the whole scene silently and was laughing in mind. She quickly stops Nikita and managed the situation.

Swara: Whoa!!! Whoa!!! Nikku just calm down take a deep.
Nikita (Angry): No Shona!!! I will not leave these two devils. Today they cross limits.
Swara: OK!!! OK!!! But first listen to me!!!
Nikita (frustrated): What!!!
Swara: First sit down and drink this water…(Giving her water bottle)

Nikita took the bottle angrily and drink it all in one sip leaving everyone shock but relief because they know this is the way she take off her frustration.

Swara (sitting in front of her): Nikki you know na that whatever we are saying is only for you. Then why are you running from your feelings???
Nikita: I know yaar!!! But I’m not ready for all this. I’m the most popular girl in college moreover I want to be something, I wanna enjoy, I wanna live my life, I wanna make my carrier. If I will get in this marriage and all so I will not be able to live my life wholeheartedly, I have to give time to my in-laws, handle house work, and no job. I don’t want this life.
Swara (sights): Did you once tried to ask about it with Neil???
Nikita (pouts): No!!!
Swara (smiles): Then how you know his point of view bcz if he truly loves you then he would have know about your lifestyle and thinking and if he knows about it then why he would have even fall for you. Cause right now you are just be you, the way you are, and he falls for you the way you are so what if he would accept you the way you want to be.
Nikita (Shock): No!!! I never thought like that maybe he will accept me the way I want to be (scared) but if he don’t.
Swara (funnily): Simple!!! Leave him.

Nikita fake angrily slaps her then both laugh and hugs each other.

Nikita (breaks the hug): I will talk to him soon but right now I won’t leave these 2 devils. ( To both) How dare you to touch my diary!!!

Uttara & Aradhya’s smile vanished and both tried to calm her down.

Aradhya: Arey!!! Nikku calm down yaar. OK sorry na we will never do it again pakka promise.
Uttara: Yeah Nikki!!! Please forgive us we will never do it again and will do whatever you say.
Nikita (calms): OK fine so you have to give me a treat in my favorite restaurant and you both will pay the bill.
Uttara and Aradhya (UNISON): Done!!!

All laughs for sometimes then they started sharing their views with each other.

Nikita: Hahaha!!! Well leave all that but I must say boys should be just like Neil. Sweet, cute and caring.
Aradhya: No!!! They should be hot, handsome and dashing.
Uttara: Uffff!!! Not again but boys be very practicular about their work and also give time to family.
Aradhya: Uffff!!! You’re so boring Uttru (Uttara’s Nick name).
Nikita: Yeah right!!! Hey Shona you didn’t tell about yourself.
Swara: Me!!! Well in my point of view a boy should be………..
Scene shifts on a big office

The same Grey Mercedes came and stops there. The same Man came out of car and goes towards the building. One of the Employee saw him from a quarter and runs to the main point where all employees are working.

Employee (shouts to all): Boss came!!! Now hurry up maintain everything.

Everyone get tensed picks up their thing and put it on their place. After sometimes the man came and all stands up and wishes him but he prayed no attention to them and moves to his cabin so all took a sight of relief but soon they become tensed after hearing the Manager of the company.

Manager: Look everyone Boss send me here and today he looks really angry so don’t do any mistake.
1 Employee: Means today we are gone!!! (with horrible expression)
2 Employee: And if Boss send you here means you are surely going to tell us something terrible right!!! (sweating)
3 Employee: What did he said sir???
Manager (horribly): Actually he is not at all happy with all of your response so he gave a very difficult to you all.
2 Employee (sweating): What task sir???
Manager: As you all know that we had 5 days to make the presentation on that Sinha industrials but now you all have to do this work today itself.
All (UNISON): What!!!???
4 Employee: But sir how is this possible??? How will we do it in one day itself???
5 Employee: Yes sir he’s right!!!
Manager: I know it’s not possible but it’s not even impossible perhaps you don’t have any other choice because……..
2 Employee: Because what sir???
Manager: Because if any one of you won’t do it today so you all are fired.
All: What!!!!
Manager: Yes and don’t take it just like that. This is really true if you don’t believe me here are all of your resignation letters.

He shows them the letter every person. Employees get shock watching it and hurriedly runs to their respective works within a second. Manager smiles and thumbs up watching towards a camera. The man was watching all these and got curve on his lips.
Scene shows of college and office both.

Swara: Me!!! Well in my point of view a boy should be Polite……
Man (Harsh): What is this Mrs. Grover I asked you to bring my tea within seven minutes but you are coming after fifteen minutes. What am I paying you for??? Huh!!!

Mrs. Grover tried to say something but the man stops her.

Man: Now I don’t want any excuse just go from here and yes send Samarath here immediately.

Mrs. Grover nodes and hurriedly leaves the cabin.

Swara: He should be respectful….

Samarath (Manager) comes in cabin and greets him.

Sam: Yes sir!!! Any work else???
Man: What’s this Samarath??? I gave you an work long ago!!! Why it’s not done yet???
Sam: Sir even I was just going to tell you about it only and the work is done. Meeting is within five minutes at an deserted area so no will be there to disturb us.
Man (Smirks): Well done Sam!!! So now let’s begin the show.

Saying this both leaves the office and comes on a deserted area and started his meeting with another business man but when the other man proudly denied to deal with him. The man shows him something which makes the other man shocks and scared while the first one smirk.

Man 2: Sorry Mr SM but I can’t deal with you as I am not interesting in it. The order which I asked from you didn’t reach on time moreover the quality of product was also not well. I have much more clients who whom I can make better nice deals than you.
Man 1(Smirk): Ohhh is it??? Okay let me guess who can make a really nice deal with you…. Ummmmm Sahil Gupta!!! Am I right Mr Chotala???

Mr Chotala gets shock and fumble.

Mr Chotala: N…. No…. What are you saying? Why will he deal with me and moreover what benefit will I get with him???
S.M: Ohhh is it?? Well then let me show you something extremely excited to watch Mr Chotala!!! Sam!!!

Samarath came show Mr Chotala a video in which he is with Sahil (S.M’s business Rival) and planning against SM.


Sahil: I am telling you Mr Chotala that if you will deal with with S.M so will just get the name of working but remember S.M will get 70% profit and you just 30%. So why to waste time in working this much on a deal that you will not get anything.
Mr Chotala: You are right Mr Gupta!!! I haven’t thought about that I thought I will get huge in society that I am working with S.M and didn’t thought about profit. But what can I do now I have signed the deal if I back off S.M will kill me.
Sahil (Smirk): Well in that I can help you!!! I have a perfect plan which gives the profit to you and me both.
Mr Chotala: Really!!! But how and why???
Sahil: You very well know that S.M and I are Rivals but he is always ahead of me that’s why I want him to be lose so I become number 1 and after ruining him you and I can become partners and can rule everywhere.
Mr Chotala: That’s great!!! But what I have to do???
Sahil (Smirk): Nothing much!!! You just have to stop the order of the product that will be coming to you then you will cancel the deal with S.M due to which he will have loss and his reputation will be destroyed and mine high. So tell me Mr Chotala are you ready to be my partner.

He forwards his hand to shake. Seeing this Mr Chotala also shakes hand.


S.M (taking gun in his hands): So Mr Chotala what should I do now as the whole world knows that I hate cheaters and even you are one of them.
Mr Chotala (joining hands): Mr S.M please forgive me I won’t ever do such things again please.
Swara: He should be Merciful….
S.M: What to do I don’t have mercy. Ahhh it’s been many days I have killed someone now I will surely enjoy after so many days!!!
Mr Chotala: No please I will do anything please don’t kill me.
S.M: Ok fine now whatever I’m saying you have to do that and then I promise I will release you.
Mr Chotala: Yes I will do anything.
S.M: Sam!!!
Nikita: Ok! Ok! Swara we understand that you want the most pious boy of the world.
Right guys!!!
Aradhya: Absolutely but Swara what if our jiju won’t be like this. I mean not your type of guy then??
Uttara: So what even if he won’t be like this na then surely our Shona will change him with her sweetness. Right Shona!! (winks)
Swara: You guys are too much OK bye I have to go now. See you all later.

All friends bids bye to Swara and leaves.

Samarath who was feeling pity on the man knew what is going to happen but he can’t do anything so hesitantly gave S.M something. After few minutes of work he releases Mr Chotala as he said but not in good attention as Mr Chotala was happily going the next second death came in front of him.

S.M: Well done Mr Chotala and as I promised I will release you so you are free to go.
Mr Chotala: Thank you sir!!!

Saying this he started going towards his car. Sam who was watching him going knew what is going to happen so he tightly closed his eyes and next second BOOM!!! Mr Chotala was lying on ground in pool of blood.

S.M (coming towards dead body): See Mr Chotala i told you I release you but not from here from this world. Now you are free to go to HELL!!! So have a nice journey Mr Chotala!!!

He gets up and saw Samarath who was shivering while and moves towards him and tries to make him back in senses.

S.M (calmly): Sam!!!
Sam: ……………
S.M (jerks): Sam!!!
Sam (opens his eyes): Ye… Yeah…. Yes sir.
S.M: What are you doing??? It’s not new for you!!!
Sam: Y…Ye…Yes sir it’s not knew for me.
S.M: Then why the hell are you standing here like coward go and do your work. I’m going back to office and then put another conference cause now this b****y Chotala is of no use of us so we need to settle our company with someone else.
Sir(sweating): Y…Yes Sir.

He started going but stops in middle hearing S.M. He turns and got scared watching S.M coming near him and bents his head down.

S.M(pats his shoulder and whispers): And Yes Sam this time makes the conference with trustworthy persons and if not so next time you will be on the place of Chotala. Understand!!!

S.M gave a death glare while Sam become more shock and scared so he quickly nodes in YES. SM Smirks at this and starts walking but stops in middle and says something which makes Sam numb at his place while he goes away from his side.

S.M: “I really mean whatever I said Sam and you very well know that Sanskar Maheshwari always stick to his words.” Saying this he walks away.
Sam (in mind): “Today after so many years I’ve heard your name once again Sanskar. I wish I would have never met you and even does I shouldn’t have drag you on the same path where I was going even knowing that once you came in this path you will be lost and can never get back. Your anger will never let you come out of that dreadful past. Time passes and I understand my mistake so rectified them but I couldn’t change you. You become a Beast from a kind loving person it’s all bcz of me. I’m sorry my friend I can’t do anything for you but God you are watching all this na please send someone to make him out of this darkness.” Thinking all this he wipes his tears and moves to Chotala’s dead body.

Screen freezes on Swara’s happy face, Sanskar’s deadly face and Sam’s sad face.


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