Beauty with brains Raglak Ch-1



We can see a girl running at the entrance of an airport. The airport’s name is Ronal Reagen. We cannot see the girl face, just her back. She wears a beautiful blue dress. Her hair is open, it’s not short but in the middle of her back.

Girl- I’m late, Oh God she will kill me.
We can see the girl watching at the check table and search for some landing plane.

Girl- Oh God, a lot of plane land up from England. I’m dead now
She continuously watching her watch.

Voice- You are late, like always. What is your excuse today?
The girl turn back and we can clearly see her face. It’s Swara.

Swara- OMG Rag’s, I see you after a long time, please don’t scold me. You know the traffic jam etc…

Ragini- Traffic jam my foot

Swara bit her tongue and said- I’m here no, so why are you angry?

Ragini- I don’t know how you can be a superstar, and be always late?

Swara smile- Don’t know, but I know something, you will always be by side to remind me that I’m late.

Swaragini hug each other and then Swara said- So how was your trip? Did you enjoy a little with English men?

Ragini- Trip? If you call my training as a trip. Yes, I saw so many men who were extremely hot, but nothing happened.

Swara- Nothing happened because there was nothing, or you didn’t want?

Someone follow them since fives minutes, Ragini notice this, drop her suitcase and turn around. She come face to face with a man who were taller than her and ask- Why are you following us?

Man- Routine control
The man tries to take her hand but Ragini escape and kick him in the crotch. The man falls down and others men come and surround Swaragini and point their gun at Ragini. She raises her hand in the air

Swara- It’s a misunderstanding
They take Ragini with them in a room. Just a table and chair were present.

Ragini- It’s hurt ( talking with the taller man) I’m sorry I kick you in front of your friends.

Man doesn’t say anything. He was testing RAgini’s patience now.

Ragini- Tell me why I’m here?

Man- Why do you have a gun with you?

Ragini- I’m Ragini Gagodia, criminologist and FBI agent. I return from England, where I have been training to analyze the comportment of psychopaths. They give me this gun to train me to shoot them, in case I’m in trouble. Maybe I should shoot at you? You will be my first time! ( She said teasingly)

Man- Where is the paper of this?

Ragini- You and Me are aware that in two minutes, someone will come and take me out of here, so please make me wait a long time, you will time with your lunch.

Man- Rules are rules, I cannot let you go away with a gun, that’s too a gun that’s not yours.

Ragini smile- Your wife divorce you? That’s why you are like that?

Man- How do you know that my wife divorces me?

Ragini- I can analyze the comportment of the psychopath, I can definitely tell you that you are married for a long time. When your wife left you-you start drinking alcohol. You have lost custody of your children because of your bad habits. After losing your case, you decide to not drinking. Am I right?

Man stunned- Yes you are right but how do you know?

Ragini- I’m the best agent I can guess anything. You still have the brand of your alliance on the left hand. Your suit is not well ironed, means you don’t have anyone to take care of you. You have an elastic on your right hand, and whenever you want to drink you just pull the elastic. And about your children, you left your wallet and I saw your family picture. And yes please tell the agent behind the door to come, I fed up with this unnecessary talk.

Just then a handsome man comes, and Ragini tells- See you were missing, I was wondering when you will do your entry

Handsome man- Please Ms. Gagodia your taunt don’t work with me. Come with me

Ragini- and you cannot order me, I know you are behind this, and you will pay for that, Mr. Laksh Maheswari.

Laksh- Oh don’t threaten me

Ragini- Whatever! Mr. Richards ( turning to the man) , can you give me my gun back?

Laksh- No, you don’t have the license to carry weapons.

Ragini- You are wrong, I have see
She take out her license and show it at Laksh

Laksh ( in mind)- Oh no without gun she is dangerous, I cannot imagine her with a gun

Ragini- So don’t imagine, I can have my gun now?

The man gives her- her gun and Raglak come out.

Ragini- Where is my friend, Swara?

Laksh- She waits for you at your home

Ragini- Ok drop me at my home

Laksh- No darling, you have to come with me, we have a murderer to catch up.


Hey guys, I want to be clear in this story, every episode I will treat a different case. At the start Ragini and Laksh wil not bond good, but don’t worry after some cases they will be close to each other.
And yes in this story neither Swara or Ragini is traditionnal, so don’t be shocked if I put some “hot” scene.

Credit to: Lovely

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