Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 9

Hi guys, time to make a time travel. Flying back to previous birth…hold on to your seats.

A fine morning in some forest…a girl is running, a boy is running behind her.

Oh no vision blurs…travel interrupted…

Abhi gets up from his seat “i am leaving.” Pragya is seeing him. He goes sadly. Pragya wants to go to him but Bulbul is not leaving her.

Bulbul says “maybe Bhai wants to arrange sth for Pragya di…no bhabhi (she giggles) it is ok di you continue.” Pragya starts again.

Travel again…

The boy catches the girl and both fall down laughing.
“I love you” “i love you too”
“But i am afraid, we can’t unite.”
“Shut up Mithra (Pragya). How much hard it was for me to make you realise your love? Again you are getting to the beginning.”
“But prince…sorry, Indra (Abhi) how can a maid marry the future king?”
“See, if you start again, i will not know what i will do”
“What will you do?”
“I will…” he touches her lips. And comes closer.
“you can’t do anything Indra”
“Coz…” she got up pushing him “I am gonna run away” she ran away, laughing.

Indradev went back to castle and as usual gave his excuse of being in rounds, in disguise.
It became night. Indra was in his room. He saw the moon and thought about Mithra. He thought of their meeting…

It was also a night time. The moon glowed bright. It was full. It was also drizzling. Indra and his father were in rounds.
He saw sth strange. A girl who had covered her face with veil was sitting in the rain with the umbrella (made of cloth, supported by stick) next to her.
He felt weird. Why is this girl sitting in rain, placing her umbrella next to her? He thought.
Just when he took a close look, he noticed two small birds, taking shelter from the umbrella. He got attracted to her at that second itself.

“Girl, it’s enough come in.”
“Yes mother”
Just when she got up, the veil fell from her face. It was none other than our Mithra (Pragya).
She carefully closed the umbrella leaving a small gap and left in.

His thoughts were broken by Abhirab, his brother.
“Dreaming of bhabhi, right?”
“Shut up.”
“Dont worry, tmrw bhabhi will come to our palace”
“what, how come it is possible?”
“Bhai, papa announced in the morning, right? That Pratyanka bhabhi and her parent are coming for the festive week and after that, i mean next week, your marriage will take place.”
“Oh my god, i forget it in the thoughts of Mithra”
“What did you say bhai?”
“nothing, i have to go out now”
“at this time?…ok i am also coming”
“i want to go alone.” Before Abhirab could say anything, Indra left the place.

“Mithra…Mithra…come out”
“Oh Indra, what are you doing here at this time, if anyone sees…”
“See, next week they decided to marry me to Pratyanka lekha of vidaanpur”
“What?… I know Indra it would end only in this. Better you marry her.”

Tears started rolling down her cheeks. He too started crying. They both hugged each other.

A: “Never, i can’t let this happen. You are always mine and i am always yours. Whatever might happen, i will always be yours”

Claps are heard.
They turn and it’s none other than abhirab
“wow, this is what i expected. I am happy for you bhai. Don’t worry we can do something . i will always be there to support you.”
Indra hugged Abhirab.

“And good to see you bhabhi. I’ll catch up with you later. Now its time to go indra.” Saying this he dragged indra with him. Mithra went in thinking about what will happen in the future.

In palace…
“What is this bhai, why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“see abhirab i will tell you everything.” He tells when he saw her first. “Then, i saw her in the fair. I came to know that she is working as a maid. She hasn’t enjoyed anything in her life, Abhirab. She has been living in sorrow and just now she started to laugh. I want to see only this and i will do anything to keep her smiling always. Just then slowly i realised that i didn’t like her…but i love her. I persuaded her a lot. First she didn’t accept, but i made her realise my love for her and her love for me. Do you remember, once my hand was broken and i was roaming with a broken leg?”
“yaa, you said while racing with your friends, you fell from the horse and hit a hard rock”
“no, i fell from the cliff to prove my love for her. Fortunately, i didn’t fall fully as my robe got stuck in a tree branch. She single handedly saved me and confessed her love for me.”
“this much happened but you never told anything to any of us.”
“i thought not to risk her life abhirab”
“ok. Now sleep,… lets talk tmrw”

They slept. The next day, festive week started. Pratya’s family arrived. Pratya loved indra alot and she was ready to do anything for him.
The week flew just like a minute and abhirab and indra didn’t know what to do.
A day before marriage…
abhirab spoke with the king personally.
“papa, i want to tell you sth.”
“tell me Abhirab. I am very busy. I have so many works.”
“cancel this marriage, papa”
“what are you saying abhirab? Why should we cancel this marriage?”
“i will tell you papa” Indran came front “i am in love with a girl.”

He narrates everything. The king (Vikrama Raja Varma) slaps him hard.

“What are you thinking indradev? Is this how we brought you up?
“No father, there is no fault in you. Fault is mine and punishment will also be mine. I am ready to accept any punishment but don’t separate my Mithra from me.” He fell on his knees crying.
“get up my son. I will see if anything can be done for this.”

The king postponed the marriage for 4 months saying indra’s stars are not in proper place. Pratya was not happy so she requested her parents and so, they stayed there till the marriage took place.
Indran thanked his father a lot and went to meet Mithra. He said everything and assured her that would soon be together. Pratya who followed Indran always, came to know about this.
She was heartbroken. But somehow, she came out of that shock and became determined with sth in her mind.

One day indran went to meet Mithra with abhirab as usual. But he came to know that a few soldiers came and dragged Mithra with them. Abhirab went back to the castle saying they will be doubted. Indradev searched for Mithra everywhere. He rode his horse as soon as he can and at last found her.
Mithra was tied to a pole with fire surrounding her. Abhi freed her and hugged her tightly.
“i am not afraid of dying indra. I’m just afraid of losing you”

Something had to be done he thought. He took Pragya and safely made her stay in some other place until he finds who did this.
In the palace, the soldiers’ chief tells someone “i am sorry. She was about to die but lord Indran freed her.”

“look, don’t leave any chance to kill her. Always keep looking for her and kill her immediately if found. Remember, this should be very secret and no one should know this.”

OMG. What is gonna happen nxt? Will devra unite? Who is that someone?????
Now time to thank my dear friends. Hari sis, priyanka, rithu, dhiya di (di) achu dear, reji chellam, riya dear, mukund anna, minu, sonika, astra dear and prathi akka. It’s is all coz of you that i still cntnu to write. Thanks for supporting me. And i also thank the silent readers.
Love you all. See u in the nxt epi. Do comment friends, coz its only your comments that makes me write.

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