Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 7

Sorry for the late update and hope this one is better.

The story starts…

It’s evening. The beast and Bulbul who went out came back to the castle. He had told Bulbul about their departure and when they entered there was only darkness and complete silence. They came to a conclusion that they had left. Without a word they parted and left to their respective rooms. They reminisced the day and their happy moments. Bulbul left to her room sadly.

Bulbul: i can see bhai’s love for Pragya di. He can’t even dream of letting her go.

In Bulbul’s room…
When she entered, the lights (torches that were made of a stick, cloth and fuel which were burnt to give light) came and she was surprised. Her room was fully decorated with colourful flowers that gave a sweet fragrance and something more was in queue. Yeah, it was Purab. He came in front, went on his knees and proposed her. Bulbul was happy…very happy. She felt her eyes going wet and realised she was shedding tears…happy tears

Purab: “I don’t even want to see happy tears in your eyes” (wiped them off) “i will always be there for you. If you don’t love me i will leave from this place immediately, coz your happiness is the only thing i want.”

Bulbul: (with a stern face) then leave the place immediately.

Purab became upset. His face became like a fused bulb. He had mistaken Bulbul’s tears as happy tears…he thought. He turned and started walking away. But just then he felt a thud at his back. Two tender arms encircled his waist. He could feel his shirt going wet. Even his eyes became moist. He was also shedding tears. Slowly, the arms raised and were hugging him from the back. He too held bulbul’s arms with his hands. They stood in the same way for some time.

Bulbul: who said idiot…I LOVE YOU TOO

They both hugged each other.

In the master’s room…

He entered and slammed the door…it shut. It was dark and that is what he wanted.
Beast: the great ABHISHEK RATHORE VARMA is gonna cry his heart out today. All my pains, they have become unbearable. I am dying in this hell. Oh god why did you curse me like this.

I am losing all my loved ones. I did not weep all these days…but now when she is going away from me it hurts. I saw something in her. I thought she will be with me. But i got those signs, that told me i am not meant to do this, i had to do something else with her…I had to kill her. But i cannot do so. Thats why i said her to leave. I can bear none of this anymore.

Please mom and dad, take me out from here. Bulbul is grown up and she is capable of ruling the kingdom. I will happily give her the responsibility and end my life peacefully. I want to rest in the lap that was once my home, play in the arms that was once my shelter and live with the ones who were my universe. If not in this birth, at least in the next. For that i want to end my life. Please god, show me some way. I can’t even kill myself. Please, show me some way.

His hairy cheeks became wet. He wanted to end his life at any cost but struggled without a way.

Just then he heard something…

Voice: why do you want to search for a lap when someone is longing to have you there?

Abhi was stunned. The lights came and it was none other than our Pragya.

She was standing, crying. Her eyes shed tears, which he never wanted to see. But Abhi felt sth strange happening within him. Anger struck him. He was about to eat her, but controlled himself (very hard task for him). Finally, Abhi grew mad and insane.

“I said i want you both to leave. I don’t even want to see your faces and what the hell were you doing in my room. I think you are taking advantage of my goodness. Run before i kill you and make you my meal.” He was struggling hard to control himself, his anger. He just shouted at her again.

“What are you thinking about yourself. I should have killed you the day u came. Idiot. I don’t want to see your face at all.” He ran out saying this.

Pragya was hell shocked. She cried for long. Just then Purab and bulbul came smiling but when they saw Pragya’s state they were freaked out. They both ran to her immediately.

Purab: what happened di? Why are you crying? Did he harm you?

Bulbul: I thought that bhai too loves u. Coz i have seen it in his eyes and felt it in his talks. That’s why… i didn’t interrupt, i am sorry for what my brother had done. What happened Pragya di? Where is bhai now? Tell me please. Your silence and sobs make me frightened. Nothing happened to you na, di?

After seeing them Pragya wiped her tears. She said “you both leave”. They didn’t budge.
“I SAID LEAVE” she shouted.

They left the castle leaving Pragya to be alone for some time.
They walked for a long time. Bulbul placed her head over Purab’s shoulder, and sobbed slowly. Purab slowly caressed her hair, he let her weep coz he too was feeling the same as she was.

After sometime, Purab cupped Bulbul’s face and said “i said i don’t want to see even happy tears, but now you are shedding sad tears. Very bad yaar. It makes me feel bad too. Wont to obey your to be husband?”

Bulbul was still sobbing.

“I, Purab Satyadev Roy, order you to stop crying”

She smiled a little…very little, just for his satisfaction.

“Don’t worry Bulbul, we will surely do something.”

Behind the castle…
Abhi was running to the garden behind the castle madly. Whenever he gets angry, he would run to this place to get peace. And now he was determined to find a solution for his problem and not just a relief. He roared and fell on his knees. After sometime, he got up and sat in a bench near, and reminisced everything that happened in his life till now.

In castle…

When Pragya was in the room, she found a lot of things related to Abhi there. Just then she saw a mirror. As soon as Pragya’s sight fell on it, the mirror came to life. Pragya was first afraid but then she and the mirror spoke for a while. Pragya immediately started running but the mirror shouted “I want to tell you more… this is what you have to listen to” But Pragya paid no attention. She ran and reached the garden just to see Abhi sitting there on a bench.

She started talking to him

OMG…what is she going to tell…what did the mirror tell her…what did she miss…what will be Abhi’s reaction… lot of questions…just wait 🙂 😀 And guys by Abhi, i only mean the beast form of him.
And thanks rithu, prathi di, surbhi di, haritha sis, shreeya, di, Ashika and Mukund anna. Also thanks for the silent readers too. Do open up once in a while 😀 😀
Do comment guys, coz fewer cmnts make me upset.

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