Beauty and the Beast – a SS by Ani Episode 4


Thank you so much friends. Di, Raji, Rithu, MukundRaj, Haritha sis, Reshma and Asmithaa (will u mind if i call u…achu, dear, choti or chotu), Monesha and reji thank you all for ur cmnts.
And I will call u Mukund raj anna  itself. Guys pls do tell me, i think i will get a lot of dis, bhais and chotis here. I am 11th std.
And I am asking sorry in advance…sorry guys…OK, Story first…bak-baks next… u’ll know the reason for the sorry at the end.
The scene shows Pragya screaming which wakes up Purab. Within no time, Pragya took the small knife that she had and threatened what was there before her. She had the look of a brave warrior, ready to face anything. Her knife was raised high, ready to taste blood.
“Move away or i will kill you” she shouted. Purab also took his dagger and did the same.
Just then they both heard another girl shouting “stop you both”. They turned to see the princess of Pritampur standing with a knife. “If you do him any harm, i won’t spare you both”
Purab: Bulbul why are you trying to save a beast? It is good to kill it and what are you doing here at this time?
Bulbul: Shut up, u may be my friend (yeah, they were, since a long time…)
Small flash back… (Purab itself can’t remember when it was, he was nostalgic)
Purab and Bulbul meet for the first time. It’s a jungle. Bulbul is standing there with her eyes wide open :S :S . She was looking around. Seems she is lost somewhere. She is stunned looking at the tall trees around her and every minute a small rabbit would come from nowhere and reach nowhere. She followed it and got even more lost. She did not know the way out. She didn’t know what to do. Poor girl, she was so small, and innocent that she didn’t even know she had to weep 
(yes guys it a distant past and they were too small.)
She heard a voice.

Boy: how long do you plan to stand here?

Bulbul: who are you?

Boy: I am Purab Satyadev Roy. Who are you, what happened to you, why are you standing here?

Bulbul: “I am Bulbul. Bulbul Varma.” I think, I am, they used to say…aahh! I am lost.

Purab: WHAT???

Bulbul: Don’t shout, I am scared of noises. And what about u?

Purab: my parents are lost… don’t know where they are.

Bulbul: i will help u search your parents.

They walked for a long distance. They spoke many random things. But were still walking a long distance…long, long, so long, nobody knew how long.
Just then horses neighed? ?, birds flew flapping their wings? ?. Sounds came from two opposite directions. “Bulbul”… “Purab”. They ran in respective directions. But stopped. They came back to each other, running. They shared a tight hug and handshake, and ran away. (how cute ???)
After a long gap, when it was a marriage in Avanti kingdom, they met again as bulbul’s family went there. Pragya didn’t attend it as she was sick and Abhi was in schooling. Purab was also doing his schooling. But since Purab’s guru was the one who guided Avanti, along with his guru Purab also attended it.
They immediately recognised each other though it was a distant past and burst into laughter seeing each other. Then they spoke casually and Bulbul promised a letter, through dove, but Purab rejected saying his Guru wud not like it. After he finished his schooling, they used to speak everyday…for almost 3 yrs. But nowadays, not days for yrs…Bulbul hadn’t replied. She became too calm. His chirpy tweety bird was lost somewhere. Where, Why, and When , he didn’t knew and so he left the matter.
Flashback ends. (Purab, is this necessary now…both ur lives are in danger & Bulbul is standing in front of you with a knife. Now within a second almost ur life history flashed in front of u…great)
Bulbul continues… “But if you speak one word against him i will forget who you are. And he is not a beast, he is (she said all this in one breathe and was about to continue).”

Beast: Bulbul… (He screamed).

Bulbul stopped. The beast went on… “I am the owner of this castle and whoever visits this place they end up in my stomach if they don’t obey me.
And Bulbul run for your life as i release you from here. You have been more obedient, it’s enough and you can leave. If you dare to tell about me to anyone else, you know what will be the consequence.

Bulbul: But…yes my lord i will leave. She goes out thinking. “Bhai is doing all this against his will just because he is compelled to do as a result of the curse. I hope someday the curse breaks”…she runs out weeping.

Beast: You both from now are my slaves and if you don’t obey me, i will do as i said. Go on… start your works.

From that day, Pragya and Purab were continuously working with no rest. The beast tortures them. He made life no less than hell to them. He used to scold them and beat them for no reasons.
Once Purab and Pragya tried to elope but the beast caught them. Pragya put the blame on herself and ended up getting burns. Other day Pragya broke 3 glasses(dropped the tray) by mistake…this time Purab took the blame and was left to clean everything up with his hands which left cuts everywhere on his palm. He was not even able to hold a thing for weeks. These where just 2, of the many that happened to them.

Months passed. One day the beast was in complete silence. Pragya sensed his change and went to him. She took some cooked meat and a glass of grape vine in a tray with her.

Pragya: my lord… (She places the tray in front of him). The beast did not look at her. She held its chin and raised his face with much fear and hesitation but had a lot of concern. She saw him weeping.
His eyes were red and it clearly showed that he had been crying for long. There were tear marks in his hairy cheeks. She wiped them away and for a moment he thought that it was his mom and hugged her tightly. Pragya was taken aback but she too patted his back in a soothing way.

After a long time he came back to his senses and realised what he was doing. He shouted “get out you mad lady. Run before i eat you up.” Pragya left the place but was filled with thoughts. From that there was a change in her behaviour. She used to be happy while working. She did everything perfectly. Whenever the beast bet her she got them with pleasure. She never liked cooking non veg, but nowadays, she gave a list to Purab to “HUNT” for cooking. She cared for him (beast) as if he were family. Purab gets doubtful.
Purab starts his interrogation a day…

Purab: What happened di. You seem changed.

Pragya: we had mistaken him Purab. He is truly a good person. He is doing all this for some reason. I clearly saw his innocence the day he hugged me. All the while he was blabbering “Maa…why did you leave me… I am doing all this just for the sake of our kingdom… I can’t even die myself. I am waiting for the day when, I will come to you and papa…” and all. Just see him with love you will understand what I said.

Again days rolled. Often the beast used to sit alone writing something (he had did this even before, but Pragya noticed only now. Bulbul would also visit him often and they would share some time together in privacy. In all this time Pragya had just fell in love with him. What did I say…fall in love. Yaa…you heard it right. She fell in love with a beast…“A BEAST” ? ?and even hid it from Purab.
She didn’t know when it happened but it happened. For all the months of this 1 year, she had mixed feelings towards him…but now she only has love toward him. Every day they used to get a 2 hr break, which they used to sleep. But nowadays Pragya hides herself and just ogles her master. She never knew he was so sweet. At this time, he used to play with rabbits and birds. He would stand still like a statue, so that birds rest on his strong arms and shoulders. He even practised archery and Pragya would end up fainting (seeing his power, valour and strength).

One day…
Beast: It is almost a year, after you reached here. I am surprised you both still didn’t get space in my stomach. I have almost tasted 2 kings, 3 princesses, and several common men. But you both are different.
Purab: Lord, the reason is that we love you and u love us…see Bulbul also didn’t end up there, (points his stomach).

Beast: What???

Pragya: nothing my lord, Purab just shut.

Beast: I want you both to leave

Purab: Pragya this is the chance, let’s leave. We have to fight back i know you didn’t forget(too much hope).

Pragya: Purab, we have no place left to go, where will we go (she wants but doesn’t want to leave)

Pragya: why can’t we service u a little long, Master? Must we go, can’t we stay???

Beast: Hugh…Do you think that this is your relatives’ home and you can stay forever. Just leave you idiots. They left the room.
(To himself…I don’t want you both to leave, but if you don’t, my nature will overtake me and i will end up eating you. I know u really care for my as i can see it in your eyes…but i am afraid of this care. All those who came here worked under me just to save their lives, but u were the ones who truly cared for me next to my Bulbul and uncle (Raina). I will live with the memories of the days spent with you both. I know i hurt u both a lot. I am really sorry. But the truth is that you both are no less than a family to me, and i never wanted to hurt you both. Sorry.)

Sorry, please bare me for this episode, I think it was soo long and a little boring too. Actually i thought of giving you lengthier epi. as some of you asked, but it ended up too big. I know u might have felt like “what paa this is??” but sry. I didn’t want to cut it short coz i felt that the story is having a correct sequence and i don’t think that cutting it short would do good. So i left it as it is.
And I also tell you one thing, if you liked this much long ones, then i will give. It doesn’t seem to me that the story will end now coz, it is really a little big. Or if you want to suggest sth, feel free and please do comment coz your views are more important to me, i mean what i write, though not giving a gud feel, shud not be boring, right? So plz let me know…plz do cmnt friends…
Hope u guys didn’t get bored wid my story and this much bak-baks. OK see u in nxt epi. Bye… Bye. This is Ani signing off.

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  1. it’s very interesting yaaaaaa

    not at all boring

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    Waiting to know abt the curse which changed abhi into beast

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    No it was good I enjoyed it a lot!!!! Keep Writing Choti!!

    1. B_Ani

      thanks akka. i know u are from TN right. i hv read almost every writing piece of urs…really a big fan. i want to mention one if it here coz i was waiting for every shot of it for so long
      “THE KILLER” it was really a killing 4 shots. i never commented in it, thats why thought of sharing it. love u ? keep reading!!!!

  4. I love it. It’s not boring. And it not long epi

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  5. Mukundraj

    really nice episode

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  6. Nice episode….it’s not at all boring…we like long episodes…so no need of sorry….long episodes are always welcomed……waiting for the next update…

    1. B_Ani

      thanks. sure, if u liked i will try to post the same length episodes.

  7. Asmithaa

    Superb…. You can call me with any name Di… I am happy…

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    Hi Ani !..Actually me too very younger than u !..I am studying 8th only yaar !!..?????..You can call choti kutty or anything !!..Na my full name is Ragela ..

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      hope u remember my name…. and yaa thanks for commenting. keep reading.

  10. Super ani awesome episode pls give long ones beauty in love with the beast wow really interesting ya

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      thanks princess

  11. B_Ani

    thanks princess. sure i will give long ones

  12. B_Ani

    really friends, i was too worried. only after i saw the comments, i became relieved. actually this is the 1st longer one-really it is longer than the previous ones??. i was not much satisfied with what i wrote 🙁 thats why a little restless. if this this is not that long and boring, i will try to give the epi in this size itself. and pls do continue this support guys.

    and friends… i have a small note for you. there is a sudden change in schedule of exams.
    i think this will the last update for this week. i am taking a brake. i will be back on saturday. you will have ur epi by Saturday noon. i will continue the story after dat.

    wish me gud luck for my exams guys. miss u all?????

  13. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s Really Interestingggg!!!!!!!!& All the very Best for your Exams…………

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